Mythic Sisters

We killed our 4th mythic boss last night and unsurprisingly I was dead on the kill. This was seriously the worst boss I’ve come across in a long while. I honestly just sucked at the dodging the glaive mechanic that made up what seriously felt like 90% of the fight. To make it even worse the colours of this fight were just atrocious. When it was the dark phase the glaives blended into the floor and when it was the bright phase my entire screen felt like it was just blinding white and I couldn’t see anything.

Dark Phase

Light phase

I ended up turning on the different colorblind settings to see if I could tweak the colours of the floor a bit but it didn’t really make a huge difference. /sigh I’m just bad in general at this one.   This is one boss I am really glad is dead and if we weren’t 5 healing I would be the first to put my hand up to sit out.


5 thoughts on “Mythic Sisters

    • No one else seemed to have the colour issue so I’m not sure why I was finding it so difficult to see well. The light phase was the worst for me though.. I think this week I’ll try monitor brightness rather than in game adjustments and see if its better.

  1. Yes, I was going to say the same as wrathofkublakhan – when it’s difficult to actually see mechanics, it becomes so frustrating!

    Congratulations on the kill nonetheless – and what a nice new background you have here 🙂 Crystalsong Forest?

    • I’d complain about the colours being a mechanic issue but as I said to Wrath no one else seemed concerned so it’s a me thing I guess.
      It is crystalsong forest! Funny enough the colours remind me greatly of the sisters fight 🙂

      • Hm, right ok! Sometimes I find, that it helps to tune down the graphical options; I did that from time to time during the boss in Throne of Thunder…Can’t recall the name….Eyes..beams…something! It made it easier to see the stuff I had to avoid, at least for that encounter 🙂

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