Hoarding Marks of Honor

I have a small hording problem that’s recently come to light..


176 Marks of Honor! They were intended for my toons to buy PvP sets for transmog but I was absolutely paralyzed by the decision of who gets what set, so the marks kept mounting up as I refused to spend them. I decided in the end to just farm out the tokens to all 12 girls and let them pick up a new set each.








Death Knight

Demon Hunter




I also picked up a few appearance achievements as well.

I had the hardest time choosing which sets to get for each toon as some have absolutely gorgeous sets. I’ll need to keep doing all the world quests that give marks of honor as there’s still hundredsΒ  of tokens worth of sets and weapons to collect yet.



10 thoughts on “Hoarding Marks of Honor

  1. Woot! Grats on all the lovely new clothes!

    Thanks for the reminder that Marks of Honor are account bound! I’d been picking them up with my Mage using her insta-WQ class hall perk, and using them to get some of the Mage and any-clothie PvP gear from Warlords. I’d begun checking my other characters to see if any of them also have an insta-WQ perk (I seemed to remember that two or three other classes did, but not which ones) — but if the Marks are account bound, I can just keep picking them up with my Mage πŸ˜€

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