Being a crappy warlock

You know sometimes I wish logs didn’t exist. Logically I know that you could view them as helpful tools to measure your performance and given this game is one that involves a lot of people all trying to achieve a common goal, knowing if you’re performing as well or better can be a really good thing when it comes to assessing your ability and your worth to other groups. But you know, sometimes they just suck and really sap the fun from playing.

Since moving Z factions away from my friends, all my harder mythic pluses have been done in pugs and quite frankly being a healer in a pug mythic 15s is just something my personality doesn’t like. People being stupid and standing in stuff or not interrupting or just generally not really having a strong understanding of what they’re doing just makes healing miserable at times. So I’ve been avoiding my Druid outside of her single 15 for the week and raid and instead I’ve playing anything but Druid.

In the last few weeks I’ve come across just how much fun Lock is to play as dps and been spending a lot of time trying to learn not just a new class but a whole new role. Holy crap I’ve found I really must not ever really pay attention to dps mechanics because there’s so many new things to concentrate on in dgns that I’ve never paid attention to before, or I have to handle in a whole new way. Playing dps is sort of like being in a whole new game in a way.

Being a pretty blood elf with really gorgeous transmog and a pretty cool tanky pet all add up to her actually being way more fun to play around on especially if I compare to what it’s like when I go do stuff on my Druid as dps. Running through old content and even world quests is just a case of dotting everything in sight and draining their life and watching everything die in a purple swoosh is just so much fun. It hasn’t got old yet, and turning all my dead enemies into little purple balls just makes me laugh each time. Though I feel guilty when I see their ghostly shades standing around looking lost,  that is right up until they get popped into purple balls and fly through the air towards me lol.

So far I’ve managed to get my lock’s ilvl up to 905 so she does a better damage, compared to where she was a few weeks ago, mainly spamming as many mythic plus as I could cram her into and hoping for drops. The world bosses down on the broken shore have been really generous too, dropping around 4 900 ilvl pieces which bumped her up heaps. Over the weekend I took her into a friends normal ToS run and Normal and Heroic NHs and ToVs. I was feeling pretty happy with how she was going but then I  got linked her logs for ToS and holy crap I utterly suck at Lock. A couple of green parses on bosses  and the rest were Grey. Grey!

I could look at those logs as being motivational right.. time to study them and work out how I’m screwing up my rotation so much. As my friend said, if you’re pulling grey as an aff lock, you pretty much really don’t have a clue how to play it. And I really don’t apparently. So I should and could look at it as motivational right?  Study logs more, read guides more, get a better understanding of exactly what my rotation is, how my talents interact etc. But sometimes if I’m honest, logs are just downright de-motivating.  I guess that’s what single player games are for, where your performance doesn’t matter. /sigh.

How do you feel about logs?



8 thoughts on “Being a crappy warlock

  1. No logs 🙂

    I measure my spec skill at tough mobs that I meet in World Quests. If it dies quickly enough for my ilvl, I assume I’m doing everything fine and take the rotation to raids then. If it’s a turtle crawl compared to my other specs, I assume I miss something vital, so I go learn.

    For Affliction, just try to spam Unstable Affliction DoT as long as you have soul shards 🙂 You can apply 5 at a time. Actually you barely have enough time to cast Drain Life. The spec’s powerful, but the style is less enjoyable than in Draenor to me 🙂

    • I think the shards is my issue, I really seem to be lacking them for so much of the fight. I’ll be sitting and waiting for them to build up so I can cast 2-3 UA’s at once and heaps of times I don’t have them.
      I guess I’m not doing something right to get them building up regularly. I really love the spec, every time I play my lock for enough time I remember how much I love the class. Maybe one day I’ll actually play it enough to be good on it.

  2. I wish logs didn’t exist or that they were better designed.
    Even Warcraft logs which has a ton of stuff to look at: I can’t find Mastery:Harmony anywhere so I can’t tell if I am consistently stacking HoTs.
    If I am near the top of the charts, I don’t how it can be that those lower can not be doing better: aren’t they trying and don’t they care?
    If I am near the bottom of the charts; I hate myself and feel worthless, even if I’m trying hard, Even worse is when someone takes me “under their wing” and then I’m playing for someone else’s approval which I resent.
    I even make stuff up! Sometimes I think that there are hidden thresholds, whether it is ilevel or a certain stat, that once crossed everything is better and works.
    Ouch, this is a painful subject!

  3. Are you sure you were viewing ranking for your iLvl? I will never compete on logs in general any more, but occassionally I do well on a given night for my iLvl.

    I’ve already talked to you in the past about how I don’t really agree with healing meters, but yet I find myself annoyed that I’m so much lower than others (I’ve been healing quite a bit lately). It definitely is a completely different set of things to worry about.

    There are a lot more hidden interactions now with so many artifact traits. I learned that the hard way early this expansion on my druid. I’d played feral for years and years so I didn’t really pay attention to artifact traits. Found out that one of the traits required you to change your play of when you refresh rip.

    I think UI has a huge impact on performance as well, so take some time to try and redo your profile specifically for that class. You have to have an idea of what is important to track before you can really set it up well for yourself, but often times just finding a prebuilt set of weakauras from will give you a good place to start.

    I wasn’t doing as well as I expected earlier in the expansion so I tried to research more and spend some time on my UI and it seemed to pay off for a while. I think I need to do it again, but part of that may just be I haven’t really been playing feral much at all anymore with so many alts and healing a lot when I am actually on the druid.

  4. Oh, tough one; I can relate to how you feel, no doubt! And I do wish for the most part, that logs would not exist. I somehow felt a stronger “team effort” back in Vanilla than I did later in the game – there was far less “pointing fingers” there. I wish we had logs who could inform us better; I for example like the damage taken/who took what/interrupts etc.

    I often spot DPS who are so careless standing in crap; it is quite clear they just want to top meters on damage, and nothing else. I always compliment those that play well, adversity and all, instead of just dpsing.

    Sorry to hear you still have to run your M+s with PuGs. No chance to grab guildies? I imagine that would boost the joy a little too 🙂

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