All 12 Class Halls done, Legion Goal finished!

The one overriding goal I’ve had for this expansion was to get the Feat of Strength for levelling all 12 toons to 110 and finishing their class hall. I’m starting to have a sneaking suspicion that achievements are the main reason I play this game and a Feat of Strength is an achievement on steroids.

I didn’t get this done in the fastest time, but since so much of the early parts of the expansion were pretty much completely focused on the Druid and the grind of AP and Rep, I’m still happy with getting it done in the year.

My absolute favourite campaign, even after seeing them all is still the Death Knight one. I really loved the slightly insane route it took, trying to raise the greatest alliance hero into a death knight by storming into the Paladin order hall and trying to raise Tirion. Still the best scene is getting to strangle Lady Liadrin. I have a dark sense of humor it seems.

Funny enough, the Rogue campaign was the last I completed and took 2nd place in my list of favourite campaigns. It was really spy like, I got sent to Stormwind to spy on the SI:7 and investigate the murder of an agent and ultimately expose a demon masquerading as the head of the SI:7. Part of the real fun of this quest line though was it sent me to the real Stormwind City at the very end, not a phased version. So as a Horde character having to stealth through the city filled with Alliance that added a big thrill and feel of actually being a sneaky spy infiltrating the enemy.

Interesting enough, the Druid one was pretty close to being my least favourite. It just felt quite boring at the time and a lot more talking rather than action. It was the first one I did and it was the one most gated by time and levels so it was really disjointed when I was doing the different parts, so once my 2nd druid hits 110 I’ll try to do her campaign in one go so I can see the story uninterrupted.

Along the way I also found a few classes that I really enjoy playing and didn’t think I would. Warlock is number one, she is really fun to play even if I still suck at dps on one of the most op classes at the moment and… Rogue. One of my least liked classes previously. Even from a healer perspective, I hate healing rogues over any other class, they’re such squishy little things but levelling and finishing the class quest showed me the fun side of the class so I’d like to put a bit more time into my Rogue and see if I actually like her after a bit more time at max level.

Now that I’ve got the biggest part of my Legion To-Do list done, I’m starting to think of what I need to finish to make Legion feel complete for me. So far the list of what else I want to do is:

  1. Class mounts for all to be done. (Mage, Warrior and Rogue left)
  2. Finish all the profession quest lines and get all the professions to 800 (alch, inscript, herb are only ones done so far)
  3. Run each toon through the NH and ToS raid finder as much as possible to get the raid finder transmogs, (normal, heroic and mythic can be done Β in later expansions)
  4. Try the Chromie scenario at least once
  5. Go start the Pet Dgns before 7.3 comes out bringing a much larger version of the family familiar achievement.
  6. Fishing legendary is still on the bucket list and I’ve hardly touched it. Must go spend some time on the water.



9 thoughts on “All 12 Class Halls done, Legion Goal finished!

  1. You can do the Raid Finders even now for old expansions, so that may or may not be as vital to do this xpac.

    I loved the DK class hall storyline. When I did the storming the Paladin Class hall part, I may have tweeted at hubby “I’m in ur class hall, stealing ur paladins” or something like that πŸ˜› [His main is a paladin].

    • I’ve run the Dragon Soul raid finder a few times and walked away with not one piece of loot drop from the little bags so it doesn’t seem as easy to get gear from them as it is to go into an older raid and set it to 25 and have heaps of items drop.
      haha, that was so much fun getting to go into their hall πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations! I’ve been hesitating to level my other characters to complete the order hall story lines… Your post may be the final push I needed to do it πŸ˜‰

  3. Gratz! It was my main focus because lore, so I got this achievement even in November, I guess.

    My to-do list also includes fishing and killing rares for eyes currency in Underbelly πŸ™‚ Because huge rat mount. 2,5k/20k so far.

  4. You go, girl! I’ve been working on that as well and am still a few classes short .. like, 5, so almost half. Ha! They’re all at least level 105 though so I’m getting there!

    I was so thrilled to finally finish that darn family familiar thing a couple of weeks ago, and then like two days later I read about the new one coming and was like .. aughhhhh! And another Raiding for Leashes when I haven’t finished the last one, either! At least i never run out of things to do. πŸ™‚

  5. Congratulations, Zeirah πŸ™‚ Oh, how I wish one could just be an “audience” to these class specific quests. I know there is youtube, but it would have been awesome if there was some kind of “tourist” option, so I could tag along those that do it πŸ™‚

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