Tier 20: does it even exist for resto druids?

Usually a new raid is really exciting because it brings upgrades but I’m pretty much over halfway through mythic Tomb of Sargeras and I’m still wearing Nighthold tier. It’s not from lack of drops.. I’ve got the full 6 set including 2 pieces of mythic and the rest heroic warforged but I just don’t know when to change into it.

Tier 19 was awesome for restos, the 2 piece gave us 4000 mastery for 7 seconds after a wild growth and 4 piece gave the chance of an extra rejuv to randomly proc on a person. Both handy bonuses. Tier 20 on the other hand.. the 2 set gives a chance for a direct heal’s cd to be shorter based on the health of the person you’re using it on (up to 40% reduction based on less health). The cd is usually 30 secs and the most I’ve been able to get it reduced to is 20sec. To get the full 40% reduction a person pretty much needs to be under 10% health which in raid situation with 3 other healers spamming on low health targets, you’ll be lucky to see this regularly. To try to get the max cd reduction means it’s also a case of deciding if you’ll hold off using the spell in case another player drops a bit lower than your intended target. On it’s own the 2 piece is actually very weak.

The 4 piece bonus boosts the healing of your Efflorence ground effect spell by 200% when you use Swiftmend,  Very nice sounding bonus but so dependent on the fight being stacked with minimal movement for periods of hopefully at least 10 secs, or longer so you don’t have to move efflo each time.

I’ve been looking at warcraft logs a lot to see how many people are moving away from Tier 19 and I can’t find any druids who are healing really well who are actually wearing T20. First full page of druids for each fight is pretty much showing everyone still in NH gear. The few times I’ve tried swapping into 4 pce ToS gear my healing just seems a lot lower than when I’m in Tier 19. You’d think Sisters on Mythic would be great as the mythic version is very much a stand still/stacking fight, people very rarely move around during the times when the floor is changing colour so Efflo can at least stay down in one place for as long as possible but it doesn’t seem to really boost HPS at all.

It really feels like something went wrong in the design process when you have pretty much a whole class skipping a tier in favour of staying the previous one and it doesn’t help that our tier bonus really changes the way your play druid, moving the emphasis away from your hots and onto a ground effect. It’s really bad in 5mans where there’s too much movement and too little time people stay in your ground effect to actually even waste time and mana dropping it. It really feels that whoever designed the tier just doesn’t really have a good handle on the Druid play style.

I’m really hoping it’s not going to be a case that I go from Tier 19 straight into Tier 21:

Ysera’s gift is the passive that heals me for 3% of my maximum health for 5sec, if I’m at full health it goes to a random injured player instead. It’s a fairly mindless bonus but at least it’s back to hots which is a Druids bread and butter fantasy.

I keep waiting for either a buff to Tier 20 or a nerf to Tier 19 to make us move away from it, but there’s been utter silence on it. Rather like the silence surrounding Druid’s discussion over our messed up class ‘form’.



5 thoughts on “Tier 20: does it even exist for resto druids?

  1. Oh, I hear you! On both things. Just yesterday I wondered, even though I am not raiding- I just have no need to even equip the Tier 20 at all. Paired with Legendary mix match too. The Tier 19 bonus was so incredibly strong. I’m not sure about Tier 21, I guess I have to see that bonus in action to really judge, but it seems better than Tier 20, at least. That bonus is just not at all in sync with how we play.

    As for the Class “Mount”, I agree, so much…I wish we could get it changed. There is so much wrong with it. But then again, everyone would ask for theirs to be changed too.

    • I would like to see what Tier 21 will be like with our leggo chest that buffs Ysera’s effects. That might see us getting away from the shoulders which have too much synergy with Tier 19 to discard even with their nerf.

      I feel Druids have a legitimate claim to have a change to their class ‘mount’ reward; 11 other classes can use their mount anywhere, regardless of whether they like it or not, Druids can’t use theirs where flying isn’t enabled. So no confused owl on Argus.. how is that fair?

      • I see where you are coming from, for sure!

        As for the class “mount”; I actually reported it through the report-bug-system in game a few times already, writing it as if I’m almost dumb or naive, sort of like;
        “Hey, the Class Mount I just earned does not work in Battlegrounds – but surely they are meant to right, since everyone else can use them? Looking forward to a fix soon!” etc.

        I plan to continue to write these, especially once Argus is here, since as you point out – everyone will be on their class mount, more or less, except us.

        They just forced that passenger function so hard, it ended up ruining the form as a whole. Why couldn’t we just get a hippogryph instead; that one already has lots of models in game already, fit for a passenger.

        I heard that they did admit the mount/form has issues, so I guess that is step one…But surely keeping us in the dark is the worst they can do. Oh I could rant about this for quite long, I better stop now, sorry 😉

    • Me too. Takes away the fun of upgrades. I can live with uninspiring bonuses but bonuses causing a hps loss is a whole other thing.
      Who is responsible for druid development lately 😦

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