Stepping back from raiding?

I have such a short attention span I’ve decided. A few months ago all I wanted to do was raid mythic but a few changes in guild and in the way Druid feels to me and now the last thing I want to do is spend multiple hours locked inside Tomb.

I’m just not feeling the love for my Druid atm. Between changes to  spell stances that see my toon forced into the most unnatural, ugly poses for 6-8mins at a time, and an entire tier of gear that is considered useless by the majority of druids, forcing me to essentially run the previous tier raid to *hope* for higher and higher warforging to keep my ilvl relatively current with the rest of my team and I’m just not feeling the love at the moment.

No idea if I want to just float around the world doing old stuff. WoW to me is raiding, if I’m not doing mythic raiding is there a point in chasing AP or upgrades? Will I feel differently about my Druid in a bit and then kick myself for not keeping her current? Do I want to finally learn to play boomy (hah I’ve been saying that for 6 years) or do I want to give another healer class a whirl? As ugly as the changes to Druid animations were, the changes to Priest were simply stunning.

All the choices out there, guess I need to settle to something.


11 thoughts on “Stepping back from raiding?

  1. There were changes to Priest? I haven’t been on in about a week. I don’t know about Disc and Holy, but Shadow has really made me cringe. The neon outline, the more transparent look, standing with a hand in the air any time I target anything like a stereotypical faith healer about to say you are healed. I lost the love. Mostly I just play him. Ow to make money and help my wife complete world quests. There is nothing in game for me now.

    • I haven’t seen shadow priest changes, we don’t have one in the raid but we do have a holy priest and he looks gorgeous. Rezzing people he goes up in the air and he’s all golden and light. I haven’t really noticed the pose just more the rising in the air and glowing.
      I guess every change brings things people don’t like, because I honestly can’t stand looking at my druid when she heals yet other druids love the new fiercer look.

      • To me I look like I’m slightly shadowy, I can see my outfit clearer than before, which is ok. But then take a wide tip neon purple marker and outline my character? It looks bad to me. Definitely taken from Diablo. But walking around with my arm up in the air because I’m still in combat really irks me. Some of the animations they added I don’t even notice because I am zoomed out to max so I don’t have to look at myself.

        And my big fear is next expansion probably being Void related will mean more purple. The one area where there is a dragon in a purple lake? With all the crystals? So many say they love it. I can’t get out fast enough without getting a headache from the bold neon color. But now imagine an entire expansion. We all got sick of green. And I fear it will be worse.

  2. Holy Priests got some love from Blizzard, their animations are amazing. And Disc got some much needed changes, I had grown tired of barely seeing any visuals on my Disc priest.
    Why don’t you try one of the other druid specs, even if it’s just to try something new? Or give another healer spec a shot. Holy Priests and Resto Shamans got really cool animations, and are fun to play 🙂
    Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery, and you’ll either discover something new that you love, or realize that your original spec was the one for you

    • Holy priest is my favourite healer next to Druid so that’s my logical choice if I don’t want to play a Druid, but strange as this sounds I feel weird not on a Druid, it’s been so long since I’ve played anything else. As for the other specs, it’s definitely a mental block but I really suck at boomy and I’m not of fan of melee dps. Eek this response sounds so negative sorry, it’s not meant to be.

      • No worries 🙂
        I get what you feel, I’ve felt like that a couple of times, and I think the best thing I can tell you is this: in my case, it was the races and specs I didn’t feel comfortable or didn’t like, that turned out to be some of my favourites 😀
        (For example, I really hated the idea of playing melee dps, and once I gave my fury warrior a shot, i had a blast)
        Sometimes its good to step out of our comfort zone. Who knows, you may be a fenomenal *insert spec here* and have a wonderful time with it

  3. Hang in there, champ. It is ugly now and painful but the next raid is our final raid and things will get much better for us druids. It can’t be far away and the first two bosses drop our favorite relics and (so the smart people say) our tier bonus sets will be strong. It will be a sure relief to drop that nighthold stuff, for sure!

    • I look at Warcraft logs fairly regularly looking to see at which point people are moving off T19 into T20 and I’m still really amazed I’m not seeing the change yet. I thought maybe Maiden might be the fight but it doesn’t look like it yet. Will be interesting to see T21 in action.

  4. I understand where you are coming from. It is easy to feel sort of disconnected from ones character, when raids on longer seems relevant, items appear flawed, and characters are hard to recognize.

    It took me years to appreciate the new character models.

    Getting new animations can be hard to digest too, especially when they are so out of sync with what you want.

    There is no harm in taking a little break from it all, and do something else for a bit, is there? Maybe you will return with renewed energy 🙂

    • I guess I’m a bit thrown by my response, I’ve always been a ‘it’s blizz’s game they can do what they want with it but nothing will stop me from loving my druid’ type of person, so to find I’m having a response along of the lines of ‘omg I hate it so much I don’t want to play’ just seems almost over the top to me and makes it feel even worse. Does that even make sense lol

      • It makes sense, and it is so sad when one feels that way. I have been there. The glass gets full.
        I felt this way with the new character models for years. I have had them toggled off for as long as I could. I even wrote two letters to Blizzards headquarters, hah, I’m just so silly. Passionate.

        Eventually I have learned to live with it, adapted, but I will always miss the face of my Night Elves I had for so many years.

        Give it time. And enjoy that super cute awesome game you are playing atm, if I had the time, I’d start too!

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