Ark aka farmyard simulator

I decided to tell my raid group the other week that I’m didn’t want to keep raiding and I love the feeling of not having to log in. However.. Naz heard I wasn’t raiding and immediately asked if I’d be a possible fill-in healer in their raid for a few weeks as they had a healer going on holidays. I’ve missed raiding with Naz (also a resto druid) since Misanthropy split and he’s in a guild with our old MT from Misanthropy along with another raider friend from there, so I said if they needed me I’d come along. I’m actually looking forward to maybe getting to play with them again for a bit, we’ll see if I’m needed on Wednesday.

But with no raiding since Wednesday, it’s been an absolute Ark fest.. prepare for incoming pictures of absolute cuteness. I had no idea that I could take a prehistoric dinosaur survival game and turn it into a farming simulator, but I can! Ark has horses! and sheep! and I spent the weekend collecting for my own personal farm.

First up, the Ovi (aka sheep). I’ve wanted one for a while but:

1. The food you need to tame them with is tricky to make as you need Honey to make Sweet Vegetable Cake (how good does that sound) and Honey expires super quickly so you need to have all the materials on hand to make the cake with and,

2. you need to find a sheep before the cake spoils. And they have been rare for me to find.

It just happened that we tamed a Giant Queen Bee this weekend and had our own hive in place (meaning easy to access honey on demand) when someone mentioned in general chat where there was a wild sheep wandering around. It was a mad scramble to gather the mats, make the cake and then rush over hoping that no-one else had got there first..But I did it and the sheep was mine! Now to find another so I can mate them and have lambs.

(btw do you like my hair colour?? I found dye in the game and made the hair similar colour to what mine is IRL. I love it so much, I worked out how to hide my hat so now I can see the pretty purple all the time)

After the sheep taming, it was the saga of the horses. Ever since I saw one ages ago on the Center map, I’ve wanted one but they were really rare on that map. Not rare at all on Scorched Earth so I’ve been working on taming my own.

However I’ve found  I really really suck at keeping horses alive. The gorgeous one above was killed by a rock golem and it’s successor (who I didn’t take a photo of, was killed almost immediately after taming by a boar). Both horse deaths had me in tears which really really shouldn’t happen as they really are fairly fragile (and it’s a computer game) but you know, it made me sad.

So next time I went and tamed 2 at once,  just in case I got another killed, and would you believe what happened…

They mated and made a baby.

The foal is absolutely gorgeous but while it’s in the baby/juvenile stage has a tiny food bar which doesn’t stop needing to be filled and there’s a high chance that overnight his food will run out (unless I decide to get up in the middle of the night) and he’ll starve. (No tears Zee, you know it’s coming). If that happens, I’ll try again with the breeding next weekend but I’ll start them really early in the morning so I have all day and evening to get it through the baby stage of constant feeds.

Jerboa cuteness overload! I’ve tamed tons of these little guys because they come in heaps of different colourways and I want to catch them all.

I decided to try to be a little bit fancy in my building and found a tutorial for a octagon shape (built completely out of square tiles), it looked awesome when I got the floor laid down.

but when it came time to put a roof on and build a house inside it, it just didn’t work. Walls for structures work by snapping to the floor, and because the floor went in multiple directions to fit in the shape, snapping wasn’t possible. So instead of my grand plans of a large impressive greenhouse for crops, I ended up with a little version, but I got all 4 crop types in and they are giving enough vegetables for taming and cake making so it works in the end.

And.. I’m very glad these two guys are friendly! They’re a little intimidating even still. They turn their heads to watch you when you walk past but I love taking them out when I go exploring because there’s not much that they can’t take on.

Except for those rock golems I mentioned earlier, those are scary scary mobs as not much kills them! Luckily they run slow and have a tiny aggro drop range so you can usually escape.

Can you tell I’m still having fun?


One thought on “Ark aka farmyard simulator

  1. How weird; I wrote a comment from my phone but it’s no where to be found! Maybe it got lost on the way. Anyway, this game sounds so awesome, it would be the one game I would try out if I had the time! But gosh at having to get up in the middle of the night for feeding hours, thats like real life!

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