The Raptor Fiasco of 2017

My Raptor Army is growing!

Though not without some difficulties along the way. Let me tell you the story of the Great Raptor Fiasco. For background, Raptors are fast, vicious little creatures that even now are slightly terrifying to meet in the wild.

So our story starts when I saw 2 raptors roaming around the base tonight and peeped at them through my spyglass to see one was level 10  and one was level 110! Max level is 150, so I was happy to see a such a high level one. The higher the level the stronger they are once tamed and Raptors are apparently very useful to take into Caves as protection as they can slip through places larger dinos can’t.

I got super excited about the 110 and grabbed the biggest bird we have and flew over and  picked up that unsuspecting raptor and dropped her into one of the pens we made to tame animals in. Taming pens are built with gaps left in the walls so we can shoot dinos we drop in there with tranquilizers but they can’t get out. But.. I quickly found out, the pen wasn’t built with skinny little raptors in mind and while most of the openings were too small for her to squeeze out of, one was just big enough for a very mad 110 raptor to escape and chase me. Which immediately annoyed my other dinos in the area and 3 Stegosaurus and  2 T-Rexs came rushing to my defense and started killing the raptor, which I wasn’t pleased about. I managed to fly my bird back into the mosh pit of fighting dinos and picked up the very bloody near death Raptor and used the whistle command to put all the dinos in the area on passive so they wouldn’t attack anything while I hovered the bird in mid-air dangling the raptor below and thought about where would be safe. I ended up dropping the raptor into the breeding pen which had a small doorway in it that the raptor couldn’t fit through. Luckily it was empty at the time, so it made a suitable temporary home.

Once I finally knocked it out, I went out to go get meat for it to eat while it was knocked out, only to find its level 10 mate had got rather upset about me taking its lady and was now attacking a completely passive Steggo. The Steggo had apparently calmly been taking the raptor attack for a while as it was covered in blood,  so I whistled every single dino onto attack mode (I might have panicked a little). Every dino we owned ran to the one spot, if they were inside and couldn’t get there, they all bunched up on the wall closest to where the Raptor was. It was a mess.

It was a rather large job moving all the dinos back into their various pens and houses when I noticed  2 Steggos were missing. I looked around the house but no Stegosaurus. I looked at the tribe log but there were no Steggo deaths recorded. I finally I wandered over to the cliff edge and peered over and there they were.. far down below, neck deep in Piranha infested water and still on passive so unable to defend themselves. /sigh

I grabbed a T-Rex, in case there were any other dangerous dinos in my way, and held my fingers crossed the Steggos would still be alive when I got there as I ran (well briskly walked as T-Rex’s are slow) down the hill and around the cliff into the water. Luckily they were still swimming and I could lead them safely home.

And that was the great Raptor Fiasco. The very next thing I did, was build a pen that was raptor-escape proof!



4 thoughts on “The Raptor Fiasco of 2017

    • It honestly is so very much fun. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it much past the first few hours but I really do. I would rank it well up in my favourite games list.
      It is really strange to be playing a game with no clear goal, while there are bosses at the very end of the game you can engage via levelling up dinos, breeding stronger versions etc, there is nothing in the game directing you to do anything, it’s just an world to play in as your heart chooses.

      • I imagine it is very relaxing. WoW can make me feel as if I am trying to keep up with something I will never be able to – in a way.

        • I know what you mean, I’ve always felt like you can’t take time off from WoW or you’ll fall behind. But Ark is far from relaxing in a whole different way.
          Everything is dangerous and everything can change in a split second. Wild dinosaurs roam freely so if you’re not paying attention to your surroundings you can easily be attacked by something you can’t get away from.
          Flying Dinosaurs have a stamina as a resource to keep them up in the airso you need to judge where is a safe place to land to regain stamina and how far you can push the stamina bar meaning if you’re out of stamina and the only place to land has a dangerous dinos, too bad your bird is going down there.
          There’s a lot of atmospheric events that play with visibility – fog, heavy rain, night making the dangers all that bit harder because you just can’t see what is coming up.
          Weapons can break, so if you’re attacking something and you don’t have a spare, hopefully you can get out there.
          Part of the allure is not knowing exactly what you’ll find when you venture out of your base. But if I thought a PvP realm was bad to play on because you had to be constantly aware of where enemy players were around you, Ark is so much worse. And everything is final, if a dino dies it’s gone for good and if you die you have 20mins to get back to the location of your body to be able to pick your stuff up or it despawns.

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