Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in my games each week.

I’ve been sitting at 19/20 completed Black Rook Rumbles for ages because normally I only ever see that WQ up around 1am, so while I finished the other 3 a long time ago, getting 20 Black Rooks was taking forever. But this morning it was up at a relatively reasonable hour.. 7.30am! I logged in straight away hoping it would be relatively deserted and it was.

I’m so glad I’m Alliance for this achievement mount because the Alliance Horse is really quite pretty (ignoring the skulls hanging off the saddle) and I much prefer horse mounts over the wolf that Horde always gets.

I took another step in Ark and decided to further build my raptor army by breeding the ones I had.

Once the females mating bar filled up, she drops a fertilized egg instead of the normal types of egg. I haven’t looked into just what I have to do to actually have the egg hatch yet but luckily you can store them in the fridge, you can craft and power, and it keeps them fertile for up to 7 days real-time. I let all 4 females mate so there are 4 eggs chilling away in the fridge waiting for the weekend when I have time to have a look at the egg layers breeding side of Ark. I can’t wait to see what colours I get.

I made a few random dyes by throwing a mix of berries into the cooking pot to see what I would get. The colours came out ranging from whites, golds and a few pinks and purples. Very pretty, so I went on a bit of a painting frenzy on some of the storage boxes.

I like how they turned out so if Dec doesn’t have a fit at the rainbow boxes when he logs in tomorrow, I might paint the rest of them.

Frogs with saddles. These guys jump so high and attack by flicking their super long tongues out. It’s hard to take them seriously when I see them, they just make me laugh so much. I wish they could wear the party hats.  

And that was my week in games.  How was yours?




8 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Mutterings

    • There’s no way you’re having half the fun of me. I think we’re both having the same amount, I get 50% from each, and you get 100% from yours 🙂
      I looked at their inventory and they can wear a costume! Now I have to try to work out what it is (or google) I’ll post when they have outfits.

  1. Definitely one of my favorite horses. And the best part is, you get the other faction’s mount as well. I know because I did the achievement on Horde side and got the wofl, but my Alliance rogue rides around on this horse. 😀

  2. Congrats on that horse! I am still a looong way from it. Baby steps, eh.

    Nice boxes. how neat you can even personalize that. A frog mount though…I’d get motion sickness for sure 😛

    • it’s so bouncy I find myself way way further away from where I meant to be. I need to work out how to take a video of my game when I’m playing to show the different dinos.

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