Caves in Ark

A lot of this weekend was spent exploring caves in Ark.

Caves in Ark are where you can find the best loot items but oh boy are they hard and slightly scary places. Some caves are full of lava and really boiling hot, and some are freezing cold with tiny little paths over really high drops so they’re challenging places to survive even without the dinos that spawn inside.

The caves are full of bats and snakes and spiders and all sorts of nasty little dinos intent on killing you. But there’s a really good reason to go into each of them outside of the the loot chance of really good saddles for the dinos or best quality armor and weapons. Each cave has a specific Artifact (I just can’t get away from Artifacts!) you can collect from inside it and you need the Artifacts to be able to access the end bosses but.. even more exciting than that, collecting all the artifacts gives an achievement and opens up a new hairstyle. Even outside of WoW I’m chasing achievements.

The first couple of times I tried going into some of the caves I died a horrible death to either the climate or contracting rabies from the bats. It took leveling up some points into fortitude which helps your toon withstand extreme temperatures and doing a spot of cooking to make antidotes to the diseases and some extra soups and medical brews to give back health quickly to make the caves a bit easier. But mostly, it took taming the right sort of dinosaur to come along with us.


Skinny little crocodile-like dinos they fit into most of the caves, are strong and fast both on land and in water, and they have a stun attack they can use when underwater, which is handy as a couple of the caves are almost completely underwater. This is by far my new favourite dino.. move over Raptor Army, Baryonx’s is where it’s at.

I’m so glad I got over my fear of going into the caves and decided to go back because all the caves are really interesting and each one has been really different inside.


Even with the Baronyx’s to help with the mobs, some of the paths were so narrow I was sure I was going to fall to my death at times as I tried to wind my way down them. But amazingly I didn’t die in any of the caves we went into over the weekend, and managed to complete quite a few of the caves.

I made a shelf to show off all the Artifacts we’ve collected. They each glow and light the whole area up at night.

5 caves down! 7  left to do including one where no dino is going to fit, that’s going to be a little scary for sure.


3 thoughts on “Caves in Ark

  1. Wow Ark looks amazing! I’ll definitely get it eventually to start playing. I idn’t know that you can contract diseases in teh game, that’s an interesting element. I am happy that you found a great dino to use during your exploration and good luck on the remaining caves!

    -Luna 🙂

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