Battle for Azeroth- missed it’s mark?

For the very first time in a long long while I watched the next expansion’s trailer and I wasn’t excited, far far from it in fact. Feeling utterly saddened as I watched Alliance and Horde battle each other on the outskirts of Lordaron, I wondered if this is an expansion I even want to pay for. Not really what I would have ever expected myself to feel on a Blizzcon morning.

As someone who loves playing both factions and who has eagerly watched the story bring us closer and closer to the other side, working alongside and eventually with – I have just as many horde followers that I can take as bodyguards as I do Alliance members, seeing us now at out and out war with each other is not what I was expecting or wanting.

A constant theme I’m hearing from the people I play with and on podcasts I listen to is a desire for cross-faction content, the ability to group with our friends regardless of their faction and with the way the expansions have been going, this didn’t seem like a mere flight of fancy until now.

Maybe after this expansion we will end up closer again, after all we all live on the one planet and when Azeroth is eventually in danger again it doesn’t make sense to not be working with each other, but that does mean sitting through 2 years of division and having to listen to each side qualify why they are better than the other and deserve the spoils of war.

I’m hoping my reaction will change in time, but for now I’m turning off Blizzcon news because it’s just not exciting knowing all the changes that might be great are tempered by the overarching story that I just do not like the sound of.

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15 thoughts on “Battle for Azeroth- missed it’s mark?

      • Its not the direction of story I would have expected after this expansion. I feel personally its more of a slowing down of the real story, eventually we’ll probably unite to fight the Old Gods, the other big bad raised in Legion, but for now a sidetrack.
        Given my toons and my friends are pretty evenly split across factions, having an entire expansion of having to listen to Horde vs Ally being rubbed in our faces through quest text and npc conversations just feels dumb already.

  1. I’m going to wait until I have a chance to read all of it. Right now I’m very far from being sold. And the other part? Vanilla servers? I could probably knock out 2-3 thousand words on what will be missing, and what dreaded things would be back.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m m not dissapointed in the expansion idea as a whole, just the story ark.
      As someone who played on unofficial legacy servers to be able to see the game as it was I’m excited by official Vanilla servers. The thrill of seeing it as it as it was origianally was always tempered by guilt. But… I’m also jaded by the wow community and I don’t think we’ll see it as it was.. already imagining how much much qqing over how basic it was compared to todays game I feel will make blizz present more if a ‘remastered’ vanilla experience than what it really was.

      • Yeah, my worry is pressure from people will make them tweak it to be more inline with, now that you played Vanilla, why not give the rest a try

  2. They burn down Teldrassil…so much focus on Pvp. I don’t know what to expect. But one thing I did not want to see was more changes to the original world. And I rather have us fight a shared foe instead of each other. But they burn down Teldrassil…

  3. I think it will grow on us once we are closer. Right now we are still on Argus and our mindset is naturally “coloured” with that right now.

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  5. I was really hoping Blizzcon would bring announcements of a removal of all the walls to playing as you want. I have friends on both sides and on many servers. I just want to play with them without all the rules getting in the way.

    • Sadly you’re not the only one. I honestly thought my knee-jerk reaction post would be the only one but I’m seeing a lot of similar opinons. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen an expansion get this reaction. I know that in the course of a 2 year+ expac you can end up a long way from the original idea so it may not be war all the way.
      It’s interesting that so many negative opinions seem to have been formed already, I would love to know what the feeling inside BlizzHQ is about the reception.

  6. I’m not excited for the expansion. On the contrary, I am incredibly excited for World of Warcraft vanilla. It brings back memories and I wonder if they will take it even further with releases of TBC and Wrath. WoW was so much better when hero classes weren’t in the meta.

  7. The core of WoW has always been Alliance vs Horde…2 factions not trusting eachother and plainly being hostile towards eachother…for me BfA is going back to the core of the game and vanilla, 2 factions battling for survival.

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