Wyverns! Dragons of Ark

Each map for Ark has some map-specific dinos and for Scorched Earth, it’s Wyverns. Huge and dangerous dragons, and ever since I saw one flying over the desert, I’ve wanted one.  Unlike other dinos, Wyverns can’t be tamed (or bred), the only way to get one is to steal it from the nest in their spawning grounds, which immediately aggros all the other Wyverns into the area. They’re faster than all other flying mounts and with the fire, lightening and poison breath, they’re also super deadly.

We ended up popping back to the Island and taming another Giga to make killing off the waves of Wyverns easier and then we were able to find a few high level eggs to take and hatch. Though, we did learn the hard way not to take eggs across servers, as they reset their data to Level 1 on hatching. Luckily we had collected a few high-level eggs but I was really disappointed when I realised one had dropped all the way down to a level 1 hatchling.

We didn’t have air-conditioners on S.E to auto-regulate the temperature, so we had to do it the manual way, and heat the eggs with tons of torches to get them hot enough to hatch.

You have to feed them on Wyvern Milk when they are growing, which comes from knocking out female wyverns and collecting it from their inventory. I utterly love that the milk comes in little bottles!

These guys are so cute (in an utterly ugly way) when they’re little. Their heads are much too big for their bodies, but then they start growing,

and growing,

and they are huge when fully grown.

These guys are so fast! I thought they’d be similar to Quetzal’s which are huge sooo slow birds from the Island, but these dragons are super zoomy. I’m looking forward to being able to fly around this huge map a little quicker.

The ones we first hatched are Fire Wyverns so they have the flame breath which looks awesome.

Chilling in the fridge waiting for the next hatching weekend is a poison and a lightning egg, I can’t wait to see them grow up.


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