Ark: Aberrations. First day in pictures

Ark bought out it’s new DLC,  Aberrations today and I am super excited about getting to play in a new world. One thing that is universal across all the different DLC’s is that all the maps are gorgeous and this one is already showing itself as a stunner.

    We made a new server and decided instead of transferring our leveled toons over, we’d start again with fresh characters for now and explore the map as we level. It’ll be a bit slower as we’re all little again but it should be fun.

One thing that is really refreshing and a big change from WoW, is just how easy it was to not learn too much in advance. I didn’t see any of the massive datamining that you see in the lead up to a WoW expac so most of the new dinos/items are still a surprise. Having said that, I do have a bit of a vague idea of the overarching lore behind this map. Apparently it’s the result of one of the 3 obelisks that support the world breaking, and the ensuing chaos that the power (radiation?) running free has caused on the Ark.

Because it’s an official DLC, it should have more of the lore boxes that tell the story bit by bit dotted around for me to find, so I can’t wait to piece the puzzle of this place together.

Being only little, we didn’t stray too far from the easier starting area for the first night though there were lots of deaths as we tourist’ed around a bit at the start. Almost all the familiar dinos are slightly different with glowy markings their Island counterparts don’t have.

I’m utterly in-love with the mushrooms and already have way way too many screenshots of them. Their glow fades in and out and they seem to release little glowy spores at times.

I can’t wait to dive in over the weekend and do quite a bit of levelling and exploring.


2 thoughts on “Ark: Aberrations. First day in pictures

  1. Your use of images to bring life to your posts is great. Even though I’ve never played the game (and only heard of it in passing), I have a decent idea of the feel of it from reading a few of your posts about it and seeing these screenshots.

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