Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in games each week.

Eek! Can you believe this is the 2nd last Random Tuesday for the year (though given my sporadic posting lately, it might be the last!)

The first and most exciting news is that Dec and I got a new tribemate to play with us in Ark. Scramms, one of my friends from work, plays WoW and I was waffling on  about Ark taking me away from WoW at the moment, so he decided to come join us and see what the fuss is all about. Luckily he likes the game and decided to stay and play with us (another Ark convert!?!).

Aberration is still awesome to play around in. We’ve been taming dinos to take over the heavy work of collecting raw materials to be able to build our base and slowly exploring. I think the map is going to be around the same size as the Island map (it’s meant to be a mutated Island, so makes sense), so there’s a lot of ground to cover and no flying dinos to make it easier/safer/faster.

We’ve leveled enough to start unlocking some of the new items and they are so fun. There’s a wing suit that lets you glide.. though I tend to crash headfirst into the ground a lot.

Zip lines that you can zoom down,

and even better,  one of the new dinos – a dog-like Ravager, can use them so you can stay mounted and cross along both the zip-lines and the natural vines that are around the place. Being able to stay mounted and tightrope walk is so fun. Don’t ask how many times I’ve managed to misclick and fall off though.

We also found our way into the 2nd biome which is so different from the Mushroom forest our base is in. Even though it looks really pretty, it’s radioactive and full of really strong little cat-like dinos that transform into stronger  versions of themselves. We had a long battle with constantly spawning little devils until we gave up and retreated.

We did find the cutest animal just inside the blue biome. Tiny baby goats called Shinehorns that you can carry around on your shoulder.

Their light stops the cat-dinos from transforming so we’ll be taking a bunch back with us when we go back into the blue biome. Apparently there’s 2 other biomes past the blue one, so lots and lots of exploring ahead.

The cutest goat and a Ravager, so ugly it’s cute.

WoW still hasn’t managed to call me back yet, which worries me a little, I hope that I get my WoW mojo back soon but I’ve found more reasons to keep me from logging back on outside of Ark time. Crafting has slowly slid back into my life and I’ve picked up a piece of Christmas stitching that has been waiting for me for way way too many Christmases.  This might be the year I finish?

And I’ve finally given into my longtime fascination with Warhammer models and picked up a set to try the painting out, and maybe eventually the game. No judging, it’s a long way from being finished.

Omg the models are so so so tiny in real life, I don’t know how I’m going to paint some of the parts to it. Bad (new) painting skills aside, it’s really fun so far.

And that was my week. How was yours?





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