Holy Cow, that’s a cute Tauren

Excuse the bad joke, I couldn’t help myself. To be honest, Tauren have always been my least favourite race and I didn’t think I’d like the Highmountain Tauren any more than I like the normal ones but I decided to unlock the scenario anyway, which felt like it went forever compared to the Nightborne one so I could see the story and then decided I’d make a little Druid just to see what they were like.

I was not expecting to actually like how she looked but I can’t get over how cute she is. I didn’t think the tattoos and antlers would make much of a difference but she looks so much better than I was expecting.

And then I went into travel form and I was so surprised that the form was a Moose instead of the brown Stag I was expecting to see.

It looks so good. I would have liked to see the tattoos match the colour of the ones I chose for the normal form but that aside, I love the new travel form.

The kitty form looks pretty great too, I like the mini-antlers that I get.

Bear looks suitably derpy, but I haven’t seen a Druid bear form I actually like for any of the races so not a big surprise this doesn’t grab me.

I adore the jokes, especially the one that says she knows Ethel is actually a fast walker who just likes to mess with tourists. Waiting for the slow old Tauren to wander her way into Thunder Totem infuriated me so much that I only completed it once.

I wonder if this might be the first Tauren that actually gets levelled?

I started taking her through Stonetalon Mountains and it felt a bit weird at first to have taken a Tauren from her Highmountain home and thrown her immediately into a skirmish between Orcs and Elves in a strange new land, especially as she would have been used to working alongside both races back in Highmountain, but I’m guessing that feeling will go away as I spend more time questing with her.


7 thoughts on “Holy Cow, that’s a cute Tauren

  1. That Ethel joke deserves an award. I will accept her “messing with people” as a fact, I dont care xD ahahaha

    I still need rep for my Highmountain (which is super weird, as it is one of the zones I spend the most time).
    I used to not like Tauren as well. It was Tauren and Draenei. I didnt like how they looked. But then Princess made me one of each and I began to love both. Tauren are possibly one of my favourite races in WoW 😀

    • Tauren and Draenei are definately 2 of my least favourite classes too. My Shaman is the only Draenei I have, she’s been flicked back between Goblin and Draenei a few times but I’m still not a fan,

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