Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in games each week.

I’ve played a little bit of WoW this week, despite my good intentions to log on, I just never seem to have enough time in any of the games I play. But despite it being a small amount of WoW time, I had a lot of fun and was super lucky.

I thought I’d take my priest through Antorous lfr just for something to do and to play a bit more on shadow. One of the addons I haven’t reinstalled is recount, so I’m most likely doing horrible dps as a spriest but I wouldn’t know lol. She is so pretty to play now, it makes me wish I actually did know how to play a priest, I love their animations so much, especially the way she rises into the air.

She got quite lucky off one boss, I forgot I had my loot on Shadow and she picked up a trinket, so I turned her loot spec back to Holy and bonus rolled and she picked up a holy relic! Then after killing another of the bosses, she got a really nice surprise and a mount dropped into her bags. I actually feel a bit guilty that I’m picking up mounts off bosses that I don’t even know the names of.

But hey, I’m not going to look a gift mount in the mouth!

I figured after that she deserved a bit more play time, so I went along and picked up the Disc Weapon.

I ended up doing 90% of the quest line as shadow as it was mostly just killing mobs, turning to holy at the end to be able to heal the npc I was with, so it was nice as fast. I really like the disc Balance of power so it might be something I look into to get the appearance before too long.

Zee finally unlocked the Argussian Reach rep, so I can make void elves!

They are incredibly pretty but I’m not sure if I want to level a mage, so I’m tossing up making a warlock one. Warlocks are usually much more fun to level than mages, but as I don’t have either on Alliance side I’m a bit torn over what class.

My little Cow is levelling along slowly. She’s still a cutie pie!

Levelling is probably by far my favourite activity in WoW, getting to see all the beautiful zones, and listening to the in-game music is really awesome.

So far she’s been through Northern and Southern Barrens fully and has just entered Ashenvale. I’m coming across so many quests I’ve never done before, as most of levelling has always been done as Alliance. I’m having trouble deciding to keep her on Kalimdor or take her to Eastern Kingdoms. I want to see all the stories, all at once.

Aside from WoW time, I’ve been playing a lot of OldSchool Runescape. The game is still interesting and the quests are so well done. Despite there being nowhere near as many as Wow, I think the questing is actually better. The storylines are really well thought out and quite engaging. I’ve hit a point where the quests now have higher mobs to kill than I can easily do, so I’ve been spending a bit of time levelling up my combat skills to be able to kill the quest bosses again.

That’s me in the red armor

I’ve just learnt about the raid in the game, and I’d love to go try some of the bosses but you need to be a really high combat level and levelling in this game is not quick so it’ll probably be quite a few months of grinding my combat skills before I could even meet the requirements to walk into a raid.

There’s a ton of skills in the game that are really interesting and one of my favourite ones is construction. You basically can build a house room by room as you level up and then furnish it. My house is so basic at the moment as I’m really low construction level but I can’t wait to level up and be able to make more items for my house.

And that was my week. How was yours?


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2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Mutterings

  1. My choice for Void Elf is Arcane Mage. They just call for the darker and sophisticated specs, although Afflitction could be the only choice for a warlock. Hellfire and demons just doesn’t ring a bell with Void, lorewise 🙂

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