Writing with no aim

Do you ever just feel that you need to write some days. That you want to stand at the edge of the page and throw words at it? Well that’s me tonight and I have nothing I want to write about, to throw at this page. What I would love to write about one day, when I’m feeling braver is anxiety and the crushing weight it is, but not yet. So let’s talk about something more random, more throwaway. What have you been watching lately?

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Netflix, to the extent that when I first discovered it, I got a 2nd monitor so I can be watching away at a show while I’m playing on the other screen.

I’m a big fan of drama, preferably based on true stories so some of the best movies I’ve watched in a while have been “First they killed my Father” which was a story about a woman and her life under the Khmer Rogue in Cambodia and “The Innocents”, a story about a monastery of Polish nuns who were raped during WW2 and the aftermath, including pregnancies and the bonds they forge with the French nurse that is let into their world to help them.

Self/less was the most recent movie I’ve watched and it was pretty awesome. An old dying millionaire has his conciousness transferred into what he believes was a lab-grown body. During the movie, he realises that wasn’t the case and the body comes with a life and backstory that he gets involved in. It has a bittersweet ending but the plot is comes with sci-fi, action and Ryan Reynods so it’s an absolute winner.

I rarely watch comedy, though I broke with that the other night and watched “Run, Fatboy Run”.  A british comedy about a man trying to win his ex back so he enters a marathon with no training. It has Declan Moran from Black Books who is a gorgeously funny actor who cracks me up everytime Honestly a 10/10 watch, especially if you love British comedies.

I’ve recently finished bingewatching my way through all 7 seasons of Pretty Little Liars. Normally I’m terrible when it comes to sticking out a full TV series, but this one had me hooked from the start. It follows the story of 4 girls after their best friend disappears and then is found dead.. or is she. The twists and turns throughout the 7 seasons were awesome, and nothing was as it seems. I managed to keep my curiosity in check and didn’t search ahead for (too many) spoilers. One inconsequential nagging thing I had through the whole show though, is what 16 year olds drink prodigious amounts of coffee?

Now that’s done, I’ve decided to start on a Doctor Who marathon. It’s a show I’ve never really been interested in, but I caught an episode from the last season a few weeks ago, and I was hoooked. I’ve started at the beginning and I’m loving the episodes so far. I’m really not sure what was turning me off from watching any episodes for so long.

The other series I’m working my way through, is Pokemon. I usually watch one of the more recent series on free-to-air during my breakfast on a work day, and I’ve started at the other end watching from the series 1 on Netflix. It’s funny watching the two different seasons at the same time. In series 1, Ash is a little know-it-all that you just want to slap, and in the later season he’s mellowed and grown into a good trainer. I can’t wait to see the transition of his character as I get further in.

So tell me friends, do you have any suggestion of shows or movies I should be exploring?



5 thoughts on “Writing with no aim

  1. Since you are watching Pokemon this came to mind: the show “The Last Airbender” is simply amazing. I loved the animation, the story, the characterisation of all the places and people. It is a fun journey that also deals with surprisingly adult themes. (And BfA will have a reference to a character there ^^)

    I think you’d enjoy the movie “The Hunting Party”, it’s based on a true story, and concerns a group of journalists who get tired of the inaction of the UN and decide to track down a war criminal of the Bosnian War. Starts Richard Gere and Jesse Eisenberg.

    Another TV show I liked was “Leverage”, about a team that made elaborate cons to right a wrong that a company or person had done to someone else. An amazing chemistry between all the actors.

    • Ooh all three sound really interesting. The Hunting Party sounds exactly like the sort of plot I would love. I really want to watch it now! It’s not on Netflix so I might try and track a physical copy down soon.

      • I saw the “Death of Stalin” film this weekend, I also recommend it. It is amazing, and the most incredible thing is how the most absurd things had to be toned down for the film, so reality was crazier than this version xD

        The movie is about the plotting and power struggle in the Soviet Union after Stalin dies. The cast is superb, and it has this dark humor constantly (If you see the trailer you’ll see this)
        I have always loved history, and the movie shows a lot of things and details I was familiar with.

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