My Little Velf

My Void Elf priest hit 110 last night, making her  the 13th toon to 110 so far. EEK!! That’s a lot of levelling this expac.

Levelling was incredibly quick as from level 1 to 73 I was levelling with 4 other people and we had the darkmoon faire buff all the way. Because we had a tank, healer and 2 dps in the group, we just dungeon spammed non-stop.

From 73 to 81, I popped into Kara and holy nova’d my way through a few resets of trash mobs, then it was back to dungeon spamming until 90.  90 to 100 was opening up the garrison in Warlords and picking up treasure and bonus objectives in Gorgond and Spires.

100 to 110 took the longest but only because I was only levelling solely through invasions. Each invasion gave just over a level each time. I could have made 100 to 110 a lot faster if I was questing between invasions but I was happy to let her sit in Dalaran waiting for the invasions to pop up and only doing the priest weapons and  order hall quests.

One thing I was really unimpressed with levelling, was just how hard Cata dungeons are. I levelled exclusively as healer, healing the same tank in every dungeon with pretty much no issues no matter how big the pull until we reached the level where we could queue for Cata dgns. Holy hell they were disgusting to heal. I don’t think I am a terrible healer, I’m pretty familiar with priest and I was in full heirlooms but I could not keep the tank or the group alive even through smallish pulls. Luckily one of the others was on a monk and they swapped to healing  and we two healed our way through Grim Batol and Throne of the Tides for the dgn quests and then we stopped queuing cata dgns and went straight to MOP ones which were a faceroll compared to Cata.

I’d hate to think what it would be like for a new player, with no heirlooms, to go into those dgns. It was truly horrible and made me want to walk away from healer and levelling. There may have been a few tears behind the keyboard as I questioned just how truly shit I was at healing. Thank goodness MOP dgns restored my faith in myself and my priest and dgns became fun again.

My Velf is so damn pretty that I really think I’d like to swap to a class that can play one as a main.  They might be a reskinned Belf, but they’re different enough and the hairstyles, OMG the hairstyles, are so gorgeous that I would love to play one more.

I wish that Belfs would get the really pretty hairstyles. Void Elves really are the prettier sisters of the two. I secretly wish that Velfs were on Horde because with the faction divide that is coming, I think I want to be on the side of the Horde again and I’m tossing up maybe having priest as my main class for BFA.

Faction and Class to main are decisions to be made in the coming weeks.




10 thoughts on “My Little Velf

  1. Congrats!

    I have the hairstyle envy, too! I wish my blood elves could use some of those lovely void elf styles (minus the void tendrils, of course) — and I also wish that void elves could use some of the blood elf styles. Some of the other Allied Races, like the mag’har orcs and the kul tiran humans, have seriously awesome hairstyles that I’d love to be able to use on, well, everyone else, too.

  2. I recall Cata Dungeons as being incredible tough too, even back when it was content. Gosh, it was hard, and tanks and DPS just didn’t get it, they just barged in.

    I agree! More hairstyles across the board. Like Death Knights too, their colours. Why can’t I have those on my Night Elf!

    • The pink that death knights get, I love that colour so much. More hairstyles and customabiltiy across all the races is on my wish list for WoW.. hopefully one day:)

  3. Grats on Velf! 🙂

    Cata dungeons are interesting to go no doubt. I got most satisfaction from them while leveling – considering there was a group eager to learn and not rage quitting after a zerg attempt wipe.

    I like my void elf so much, but the one I leveled was Arcane. I like sophisticated and darker specs for them, yet Arcane’s definitely not my fav (I got another 2 mages that cover other specs), and I’m very hesitant to race swaps. So she’ll be on standby I guess.

    • I think if I wasn’t levelling in a group that had basically chain pulled every dgn from Vanilla through to Cata, the expererience would have been much smoother.
      Void is really gorgeous, I’ve been swapping a lot between my Velf priest and my belf priest this past couple of weeks and they’re different enough that it feels like a whole new race when I change over. I do like the turning more puple effect when I”m in shadow as it just makes the whole spec even more purple 🙂

  4. I admire your leveling skills! My poor lightforged draenei is sitting at 50 something, huffing and puffing along at the pace of a snail. And yes, I love the void elf hairstyles too!

    • I was actually surprised I did level all the way, I have a Highmountain druid that stalled at about 43, a Lightforged Hunter that stalled at 36 and a Nightbourne Lock that hasn’t made it to Orgrimmar yet. I put it down to the hairstyle that made me just want to constantly play her 🙂

    • I tried the portal exactly 2 times, first I thought it was a blink, then I realised it sent me backwards, and I just couldn’t find a use for it when levelling. The reduced transmog costs might be handy.
      But… the lightforced racial – where you do aoe damage to all mobs around you when you use it, holy heck that is strong. That racial I use on CD when I’ve been levelling my hunter.

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