Random Tuesday Mutterings

Just a quick Random post today because WoW’s shutdown and I want to go play a bit of Fallout 3 before bed.

I took my new priest through the Cata Timewalking dgns (yay the scaling on Cata for TW was done right and I had no issues healing) and I picked up the Infinite Timereaver mount. I was so excited!! It’s such a pretty mount.

I decided of all things to level another Paladin (not even lightforged) for some reason, so she got to be the first of my toons to test out the new mount.

I’ve been swapping back and forth between my druid and priest doing the same content trying to work out what one I want to play. Both healed normal Antorous and my priest ducked into a full heroic run and healed through that and the priest is so winning out on looks. She levitates, and gets golden glowy wings and is just beautiful.

But.. my druid can move and heal, and be a cat or a tree (bear is ugly, not being a bear) and I just can’t decide. Next step is to go to the PTR and test them both out there to see if there are any changes to the classes that help me decide, but I think I’ll still be tossing this up come BFA launch.

I’ve also been in the Hunter mage tower a bit for the Marksmanship appearance. I tried ducking in there last time it was up but I was 877 ilvl and it was just horrible. Now I’m 918 and I think if I was a better hunter I would be able to do it at that ilvl, but I’m really rubbish, especially at kiting. It took me way too many attempts to realise that if I strafed in a circle, I could still attack the boss while moving away, rather than  running away and trying to turn back to hit him.  I’m now regularly getting to stage 4 of 5 but having trouble bursting the guys down in that stage, so I feel it’d be a lot easier with at least another 10 ilvls. I took her through a few mythic plus this week so hopefully my cache will give me something useful and I can keep working on her ilvl until the tower comes up again.

And that was my week! How was yours?


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