Zeerah the Insane

The Insane title is one that has been on my wishlist from the moment I found out it existed but I’ve never really sat down made an effort to get it. You need to have the Darkmoon Faire, the four Goblin factions and Ravenholdt at Exalted and the Bloodsail Buccaneers at Honored. To make it a little more fun, getting your rep up with the Bloodsail pirates decreases your rep with the goblins and you can only kill mobs for Ravenholdt reputation until just short of Revered and then you have to hand in lockboxes, which can only be pickpocketed by a rogue, to a NPC to get the rest of the way to exalted.

Zee’s had the DMF reputation at exalted for a long while so I decided the lull before the pre-patch was the perfect time to start the other Rep Grinds. I started when the last DMF came up so I could get the extra rep buff. I like challenges so I set myself a deadline of a week but other things (magetower) kept getting in the way so it ended up taking me 2 weeks to get the rest of the reps done.

I started with Bloodsail which had me killing all the goblin guards down at Booty Bay. I tried to choose an out-of-the-way spot to cause least amount of disturbance since I was going to be there a few hours but you wouldn’t believe the number of lowbies that would run past me and inadvertently get a dot on them and die. It got easier as I got more and more hated by the Goblins as the guards would run from far way to have their shot at killing me. I should possibly have taken the rep to exalted but I really couldn’t be bothered and stopped as soon as I hit Honored.

Ravenholdt was the longest as it needed the two parts; killing and lockboxes. The killing part of the rep is done in Stromgarde Keep  and there were limited amounts of mobs and they were in high demand. There were lots of lowbies questing so I tried to be as nice as possible and leave a few mobs up and there was also a  Horde shaman going for the rep at the same time and he was not about to share any with me and had a great deal of fun killing me whenever he saw me. (PvP realms suck and I won’t be sad when they go in BFA). Luckily, I have a friend, BT, who plays on PVE realms and he has been pulling me onto PVE realms so I can quest in peace since Pandaria days. BT came to the rescue again and partied up to keep my Druid on a PVE realm for most of the grind so at least I couldn’t get ganked as I was rushing around killing. Bear Tartare with the speed boost made this the most fun as I’d zip in Kitty form through the castle and grounds.

Once I maxed out Ravenholdt by killing, it was off to kill pirates at the Caverns of Time to make the Goblins like me again.  I started wth all 4 factions at hated, and each dead pirate gave between 3 to 7 rep to each of the 4 per kill so it was a bit of a slog. I had one of my friends, Naz come and join me for a bit which was nice, and then I disovered that the group finder was a godsend for this as there was pretty much always a rep farming group going. In a group of 5, it was near instant respawns on the mobs so it started to go incredibly quickly. I also managed to listen my way through the full audio book of Before the Storm which was really awesome.

Guild banners and dead pirates for days

I left the lockboxes til the end and Naz came to the rescue here again, as I had mentioned I was tossing up trying to decide how much a  rogue would be worth in either boosting one or moving my horde one over to Zee’s server vs just sitting down and actually levelling another one high enough to be able to easily pick pockets and deal with the mobs, when he gave me a totally different option. Why not just use a class trial?

Class trial toons start at 100, last for 8hours and most importantly can use mailboxes! So I trotted off and made one, and started working my through the tutorial when Naz said  that was skippable, just hearth out. So I hearthed out, ended up in Stormwind and I could then just jump on the flightmaster and fly  up to the Isle of Quel’danas. I spent a very long time working my way along the Greengill Coast pickpocketing and killing the murlocs there for almost instant respawns. The guides said I needed 1440 boxes and I had the DMF buff for a couple of hundred turnins so that would have reduced the amount needed a little but it was still a few class trial toons I used up. Beans, Naz’s gf,  came on her rogue and collected a few boxes with me which was  seriously welcomed. I was averaging with RNG, around 80 boxes an hour so at a few points I thought I’d never be finished.

And then finally the last lockbox was picked and I turned into get my ridiculously insane title.


So glad this is off my to-do list and I doubt I’ll be taking this title off for quite a while.

Big big thanks to Naz, Beans and BT for their help and for making this grind fun 😀




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