Z and Cinders Shared Blog Topic 36: Farewell to Legion

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on.

Oh WoW, I’ve skipped a few of these and now it’s time for our last one in Legion. There is so much I got through, and still so much I could have done while it was current but now it’s time to say bye to this expac and get ready for the next.

This post took so long to write because I absolutely loved this expansion and there were so many great things that stand out that picking 3 is next to impossible. So lets try, though I know I’m going to re-read this in a few weeks and think of a million other things that were great.

Part 1 – What were your top 3 moments in Legion?

Levelling all the classes to 110 and finishing their order hall campaign for the achievement. It’s always been a mini-goal of mine to have all the classes at max level for at least one expansion and getting a Feat of Strength for it was icing on the cake.


Artifact Appearances

I loved the way the artifacts could be displayed in your order hall and that there were so many different variants.

I’m also so glad I did the mage tower for the classes I really wanted.   It was so frustrating at times  but also so worth sticking with.The Owl for  my Druid and the Hunters floral bow are so gorgeous that I can’t see me transmogging away from them for such a long time.


The zones were so well done in Legion and everything was a like a gigantic treasure hunt. The little chests with AP hidden in various places, puzzles and games to hunt down Lucid Nightmare. Cats and dogs to pat inside the Gilnean houses in  Val’sharah. Everything was designed to make you poke and prod into the corners of the zones and it was fantastic.

Part 2 – What are you most looking forward to about Battle for Azeroth?

I am most looking forward to seeing the rest of the faction divide story! My emotions since BFA was announced have run the full gauntlet from disinterest to outrage to exhaustion and ambivalence over the whole kerfuffle over the Tree/Darkshore scenario.  The story writers did a good job making us all feel strong emotions about the whole Tree situation but I just don’t feel like tapping into those emotions anymore  and now, I’m just curious to see where the story goes.

I have lots of half-baked theories about what we might see in the next 2 years. A 3rd faction at the end with Sylvanas leading it; no factions at all anymore; Sylvanas being incorruptible by the old gods and being the only leader able to save the day.. all sorts of ideas are running around my head and the suspense of what might be is driving my excitement for this expansion. It’s a different feel as usually it’s raiding that drives my longing to get into a new expansion but not this time.

Right at this moment I don’t care enough about raiding at this stage to want to do much more than run through Heroic. Raiding in Legion was basically a full-time job keeping up with the Artifact Knowledge, farming enough dgns and world quests to make sure the legendaries kept flowing in and it left no time in my free time to really play other games and enjoy doing non-WoW stuff without me feeling like I was falling behind.

Maybe BFA won’t be so bad but WoW’s developers do a very good job of making content that requires you to log in daily to stay relevant. It’s quite possible that the WoW bug may bite hard and I go right back to playing only one game like I did at the start of Legion.  Above all though, I don’t want to burn out to the point where I take nearly a year off from this game again. That’s really hard to come back from.

I’m also looking forward to playing a few different races, Kul’tiran, Zandalari and Maghar Orc have all really grabbed me. I really love the look of the Kul’tiran ladies  so will possibly race transfer Zee to one when I meet the requirements.  I need a Druid and Shaman horde side, so that takes care of Zandalari and Maghar so there’ll be quite a bit more levelling in my future.

See you all in a new world in just a few days.



4 thoughts on “Z and Cinders Shared Blog Topic 36: Farewell to Legion

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  2. That swing in Surmar is amazing! There are so many things like that I have missed in Legion. I’m looking forward to correcting that with Battle for Azeroth by poking into every little corner I can find. 😀

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