BFA – Horde Levelling

The decision on who to level first was won out by the Priest. I surprised myself because I always level my Druid and even though I was 90% set on Priest I figured I’d change my mind at the last-minute. I’m so glad I didn’t though because the Horde story line was simply fantastic to play though. I can’t imagine the Alliance side could be as good but I’ll be going over there soon enough to see.

I had a quick poke around the beta but only from ally side so starting out as Horde was all new.  Running through Stormwind on a stealthy rescue mission to go find Saurfang was nerve-wracking as I kept scrambling to keep up in the stealth field.  Saurfang was not interested in coming anywhere with us so we rescued the Zandalari prisoners from the next cell instead.

Jaina turned up to stop our escape and was scary stalker mage chasing us through the streets. I’d love to know how she knows  where to be at just the right time, seeing the future isn’t a mage skill? Luckily our pyromaniac troll prophet got her off our back by setting fires all over Stormwind and we escaped to Zandalar.

I started on Vol’dun which is one big sandy desert which actually reminded me lots of the desert in Ark.

I fell instantly in love with the little Vulpera people and their alpacas…  please let these be a mount and a pet.. I want an alpaca family!

I was questing with warmode on and wasn’t seeing any alliance which was great as I’m a huge chicken in PvP and didn’t really want my levelling experience interrupted but I also wanted the extra xp because I wasn’t sure there’d be enough xp through questing alone. I shouldn’t have worried because doing all the quests in Vol’dun got me to 114 before I had to move on to Naz’mir.

Naz’mir is one big, misty swamp full of voodoo blood trolls. It was a really good intro to the darker side of trolls. There’s a lot of Old God interaction and references in this zone.

My absolute favourite Loa is Bwonsamdi, the Loa of death. He seems quite jovial and a bit of a joker but a few times in the quests he gave glimpses of his darker meaner side. This could be one scary guy if he wanted to be. He’s at all the rez points when you die and his flavour text is awesome, and often class themed.

He’s asked my priest if she wants to swap faith and my hunter if she failed at feigning death. The best I’ve heard though is him asking a warlock if they forgot to soulstone.

I saved Zanzuldar for last and it was a good choice as the zone story brought in lots of the NPCs and Loa’s I had met in the other zones. The story was amazing and I actually hit 120 still with 2 storylines to go so I didn’t have to worry about not having enough xp to level just from questing.

Zanzuldar is a full tropical rainforest full of dinosaurs.      There’s a public transport dinosaur which walks up and down Zanzuldar which you can hop a ride on. It’s slow but nice to wander along for a bit. 

The final scenario was riveting and left me hanging to see where the story goes. I cannot wait for the patches to roll out. I think we’re going to see some real twists in the future.

Overall I adored questing because the stories were so engaging and really captured my interest, and the details in the zones were so intricate and added to the atmosphere.

The zones are wild and rugged which seems to be the way that Blizz views the Horde; no pretty manicured towns for us.

Now my priest is 120, it’s time to look at gearing up enough to make the world quests easier and to dip my toe into mythic dungeons. I’m still not sure at all which class I want to play or which side to play on, so I’ll be levelling my Druid soon so I can compare between the 2  of them at max level.



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