Priesty Adventures

I’m still spending a lot of time on my Priest, in between Mythics and World Quests there hasn’t been a great deal of time spent on my Druid yet, so my priest is winning out on play time so far.

I’m really liking my priest though she doesn’t feel quite as familiar as my Druid, I’m hoping that will come in time. Shadow is rather rubbish at the moment so I find I’m doing my world quests as disc where I can pretty much pull 3-4 times as much as I can in Shadow spec and nothing can kill me, it’s just a little slow burning the mobs down.

One of the best things about playing a new class is all the lovely cloth transmog that I’m not used to. I swear I’m going through ridiculous sums of gold transmogging my priest daily, sometimes hourly, into new outfits

Hanging out with all the Sheep in Stormsong Valley. I love Sheep irl, and seeing so many dotted around the hills in the Valley is lovely.

My friends find it pretty amusing that I’m getting distracted by transmog even while I’m meant to be doing world quests, and I can usually be found perched on my transmog mount halfway between quests making a new outfit. Hip made me two gorgeous jewelcrafting staves, which automatically meant new outfits to match each one.

I’ve been dipping my toes into Mythic and have popped into all of them now. I find it a little difficult to gauge if I’m just being terrible at being a priest when someone dies, and then I second guess myself and try to decide if I was playing my Druid, would I have healed better? I’m running a lot of mythics even after being locked because it  gives me lots of chances to practice healing.

I’m really not keen on Shrine of Storms at all, I’ve gone in twice this week and both times it was pretty sketchy. The 2nd boss is just ridiculous on damage and a real nightmare, and then the 3rd boss just falls over as soon as you look at it. Maybe Blizz needs to average those two bosses out and rejig or something.

I’ve done Temple of Snakes Mythic once to get the achievement and I’m not going back. I am an utter fail at the maze of balls and dread it popping up in the random heroic queue as I know I’m going to hold my group up as I hit balls and get bounced back a ridiculous time, so I’m not going to willing choose to go in there.

Still can’t get over how gorgeous Priest spell animations are.

I was hoping I’d get into raiding on my priest but I started a new job yesterday and I’m thinking I don’t want the stress of learning a new role irl and a new role/raid strats in-game, not to mention the train commute into the city is going to take a bit to get used. to; I was so tired last night. Maybe it’s quite ok to take a more of tourist route for a bit and play my alts and just ra.mble around the world at my own pace.






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