Crazy Cat Heaven

I’ve been in heaven so far in this expansion because there are so many pets that can be interacted with, so when I read that there was a whole house of pattable cats up in Boralus, I made a beeline for it.

Catherine Morgan is the Crazy Cat Lady, though she tells you it didn’t start out like that.

It started with three cats. Three cats! That seemed reasonable!
But then a friend moved away and needed to rehome her cat. Then I found a sad-looking stray on the street. A neighbour passed away. One had kittens. A couple just… showed up!
I love each and every one of them. I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world!

I was on discord with Hip and Drew, two guildies from Deadline and they were both quite underwhelmed by my discovery and weren’t anywhere near interested enough in learning all the cat’s names. They just haven’t discovered the joy of being able to interact with the cutest kitties yet. I’ll keep trying to help them with this.

I spent a ridiculously long time in this house, everywhere I looked I could see a cat that I hadn’t seen before. 

Catherine’s house also has another secret, Scuba Pepe! You can click on him through the fish tank and then your Pepe has a chance to turn up wearing his scuba mask from then on.

If you want to head up to Catherine’s house, you’ll find her in the rather posh sounding suburb of Upper Borough, just above Unity Square in Boralus.

Boralus has so many hidden gems, I think I’ll be spending a lot of time here finding them all.




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