Mag’har Orc unlocked

I’ve been watching my Honorbound rep creep up and up as my priest has been slowly working through all the world quests over on Kul Tiras. I  finally hit Exalted so it was off to make a Mag’har Orc.

The first couple of scenarios, to kill an echo of Gul’dan and an Echo of Warlord  weren’t too bad. I did them as disc spec and there wasn’t much too much damage I had to worry about and though the fights took a bit of time, the bosses died quite easily.

Garrosh was a whole other story, skipping out of the way of his nearly fatal whirlwind and avoiding the decidedly fatal iron stars took a bit of negotiatin to get right. After a few deaths, I tried Shadow but didn’t find it much better so went back to disc.

I swapped a few talents around. Taking Halo meant I could damage him even when I had run quite far away to get out of his whirlwind range and Shining Force meant I had a pushback when he got too close. Fear worked really well for every 2nd or so Whirlwind, it only breaks to damage so I’d fear him as he was casting whirlwind and he’d run away caught in it. Left alone, Garrosh would be caught in the fear for the full duration and it completely negated  whirlwind as he’d come out of it and start casting the iron stars mechanic. The break while he was feared gave me a chance to make sure I wasn’t about to be in the path of the balls of death.

Once through his little room of pain, it was off to an instanced Draenor. I have to admit I completely lost track of the story here because it just didn’t make sense. It was all about the lightforged Draenei being baddies which completely retcons  history and I didn’t like it one bit so stopped paying attention. I also know there’s a big spoiler/retcon with the new Maghar Warlord and the little tweaks to the past history Blizz are making now feels weird.

But, after all that I got my Mag’har!


My personal feeling on the allied races is that it’s a load of baloney that you need to raise a rep to exalted and do the unlock scenario on an independent 110 then level a brand new level 20 toon all the way to 110 to get a set of armor that can only be used on that particular race. Its feels like an irrelevant gating system. Why not tie the armor to the unlock achievement  so race changing is possible, surely the majority of players have the max level toons they want to play by now so going back to level 90-100 levels feels like a thinly veiled means of keeping players paying the monthly sub.

Having said that, levelling my orc is something to do here and there I guess, though I haven’t decided on where or how she wants to level yet. Without the fel blood she doesn’t have the desperate blood lust needs to sate and despite being welcomed by Sylvanas, Azeroth is not Draenor and she doesn’t feel the loyalty necessary to follow her orders and mindlessly go and kill races she hasn’t met yet so she has some big decisions on how she wants to make her way in this new world.

How are you going with the new races?


2 thoughts on “Mag’har Orc unlocked

  1. I’ve leveled all four initiate ones as a lull project and got the armors 🙂 All were deleted then except for druid. The druid is a Highmountain, and since she has a more playful nozzle expression, I’ve deleted my previous Mulgore Tauren one.

    I will definitely open all the coming sub-races, but now I’m excited to have only a Dark Iron. May be I will level the rest for achievement sakes during lull (I like leveling alts), but there’s no need in keeping them. My orc warrior will stay green 🙂

    • Grats on all the armors so far 🙂
      I couldnt imagine deleting a charactor after levelling it, in fact I actually had to go find a lowbie alt to delete to make this toon as I had hit the account cap for amount of toons you can have, so I have a bit of an issue with deleting any toons in fact lol
      Always kicking around in the back of my mind is that I’d love to level all the alts I’ve made on the various realms over the years but then that wouldn’t leave room for new ones I guess.

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