Organised groups.. dipping my paws in

I’m still in a weird position with my WoW mojo. I’m having a ball running around doing things like Archeology and hunting down obscure achievements but I’m starting to feel an urge to be doing organised group type things but not yet motivated enough to go find a proper team so its been the pug life for me.

I popped into a normal Uldir pug last night and it was really fun. We one shot every boss which I wasnt expecting in a pug so that was awesome, right up until Ghuun when the leader of the group said he had to go and the group disbanded. It was a bit late to find another group so I went back to world quests til bed. I picked up two upgrades which puts my ilvl at 359 which is probably high enough for heroics if I can find a group who doesn’t want AOTC linked to get in.

I’ve been starting with mythic plus though the keys I’ve been doing are pretty low, 3s and 4s but I’m  pretty sure with my ilvl I could be healing higher ones, I just need to get out there and try I guess.   I’ve seen loads of groups state they’ll be checking before inviting and  ouch my score on there is pretty low so there’s heaps of room for me to get my butt into dgns and get my score up.

Mythic plus are really fun are on a resto druid again. I need to get my ui fixed up though, I’m missing quite a few weak aura reminders that flash in my face.

I found a great addon which shows me the classes already in the group when I’m  looking in the premade groups list. It gives me a rough idea of what I’ll be facing if I queue up and if I’m brutally honest, lets me know what I prefer to avoid. Blizz’s class balancing is still pretty shitty so there’s some comps that just look like they’d suck to be a part of. I’m also not sure if it’s just me but I really hate healing Demon Hunter tanks. I don’t remember them being so squishy in Legion. Blood dks are my favourites so far.

My two big goals this week is to get Zee revered with Champions of Azeroth as she’s behind on reps and to try to get a few heroic bosses and some more m+  done.



2 thoughts on “Organised groups.. dipping my paws in

  1. Hi Z, I’m also stuck in the Puglife currently. Just like you I got all the way to G’huun no problems and then the groups falls apart. I have a small group that is branching out into more content, but there are only 3 of us.

    • It’s frustrating with pugs, especially as you don’t know what it will be like going in and for groups to get so far and then fall apart are annoying as heck. Having said that, I love the group finder function, it opens up the areas of the game so much making it easier to get into groups when you don’t have an established one.

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