Real Life Chatter – could I run 21km again.. should I?

October 2016 will always be the month I ran my first half marathon and it was going to be my only because it’s a freaking long time to run for a slow ass runner like me and I was soooo sick of the training runs by the end of it.

I came in at 2hr 42min for 21.2km (13mile) which I was fine with. I hadn’t gone into it with any real timeframe or pacing goal apart from “please dont be over 3 hours and just finish dammit”

After staggering over the finish line and finding my running buddy as we had split up over the course I promised her never again and promptly stopped running long distance.. and then slowly in the last year stopped running at all.

But it was the Melbourne half marathon weekend just gone and,Β  like the pain of childbirth, the pain of the marathon has faded to a rosy glow and I find myself wondering if I could actually do it again but faster.

But here’s the kicker, in the past year my total runs added together come toΒ  less than a marathon and I’ve, for want of a nice way to put it.. got chubby. I was slow when I was fit, but I’m at a snail pace now with extra weight.

So here’s my goal for the next 360 days, learn to run again and lose the excess jiggles. Seeing I’m thinking about paying a stupid sum of money to go run a long way.. I better make it count. To be accountable, monthly blogs. You get to read the adventures of Zee the wanna-be returning runner.

Jeez I’m freaking insane irl.



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