Azerite Armor “improvements”… who thinks this shit up?

Lore  put a very long blue post up on the forums saying the devs have been listening to the feedback about how painful getting Azerite armor is through M+ and they want to try to fix it in 8.1. At the same time, it should help solve the RNG shitstorm that comes with trying to make sure you can farm specific  Azerite traits as not all traits are created equal.

After reading through it, and the gushing ‘ty’ posts immediately after it, it’s pretty clear the majority of readers went the TLDR route and missed some important points that make this seemingly nice change, not so great.

The post from Lore is long, so I’m going to try to bring it back down to size and combine a few paragraphs.  Ignore the ilvls mentioned, this is a change coming in 8.1, and it was clarified the ilvls would reflect the new higher ilvls in 8.1; the current ones just give a better comparison at the moment.

  • A new ‘un-named” currency will be implemented which is obtainable as a one off drop from the M+ cache you open once a week.   The amount from the cache scales, so if you did a 10, your weekly cache has more than your cache if you did a 7
  • You can also scrap Azerite pieces to give the new currency, the amount you receive based on the ilvl of the piece you scrapped
  • Azerite armor no longer can drop from the mythic+ weekly cache at all

So it was already hard to get Azerite armor from Mythic+ dgns as it didn’t drop from the chest at the end and you had a only had a once a week chance to get it from the weekly cache. This new system removes that chance altogether and puts it behind currency, which knowing Blizzard is going to be time gated too. More on that below.

And the big point  I took away from this is.. where is the incentive to trade unwanted Azerite armor pieces to people who really need them, post 8.1? Azerite armor just became immensely invaluable even if you can’t use it. It’s going to take a very generous person to want to hand over a piece of gear to someone who really needs it, because scrapping it instead will get them closer to their next piece.  Why even make Azerite gear tradeable if they now want you to hoard it?

  • Thaumaturge Vashreen will be back to let you spend your currency in one of 2 ways. You can spend it on a random dgn Azerite piece in a box (ilvl 335, 370 and 385). The higher ilvl boxes will cost more currency. To allow targeting, he will also sell specific 385 versions at a premium.
  • The timing is that you should have enough currency to buy a piece of gear that lines up with the ilvl of the dgn gear you’re currently doing, every 2 or 3 weeks and the 385 pieces are for long term goals for top players.

The higher ilvl costing more isn’t an issue as they’ve mentioned you’ll get more if you do higher content so this helps keep the ilvl pieces in line with what you’re upgrade I guess. What I really have the issue with is it’s only the 385 pieces that will be specifically targetable.

Why are the targetable pieces only for the highest ilvl of the high at extra inflated prices? So if you’re not running the highest content, you’re not considered a worthy candidate to be trusted to select your own piece. As a ‘punishment’ for not doing the highest content, you can stick with RNG.

The noting of expected timings that they think you should be getting a piece in is also interesting. Dgn pieces of Azerite armor are hard to come by already as you only had a once a week possibility to get them from your weekly cache and now under this new system, that weekly chance is completely gone as they no longer drop and you now have a 2-3 weekly chance if you gather enough currency.

Which leads me to wonder, is that 2-3 weekly chance just from opening your cache or are you now going to be spending time running all sources of azerite armor drops in order to be able to scrap it for currency?

  • Overall, we believe that this change will improve things in a lot of different ways:  Mythic+ players of all skill levels will now have a clear path to upgrading their Azerite slots   and High-end Mythic+ players will have a way to target specific Azerite pieces to optimize their setups

Holy elitist batman, it’s right back to, only the best of the best really need or want to target because everyone else will be fine with the RNG loot fest that is so prevalent in WoW nowadays.

I don’t think I get the direction this game is going in at all. It has become a RNG fest on top of a RNG fest and 8.0 for a non raider is an empty shell of an expansion with ‘improvements’ with holes that even a more casual player can pick apart. I’m starting to feel that the team that is working on WoW really have lost touch with what used to make it great, or maybe it’s me that’s changed.





8 thoughts on “Azerite Armor “improvements”… who thinks this shit up?

  1. if you are only casual & non raiding why do you need the best gear?
    i dont raid or dungeon anything beyond lfr so the only thing i care about is ilvl.
    i can do everything in the world including wpvp.
    if i wanted that gear i would have to jump through their hoops. its been this way since i started playing in bc.
    if i wanted the best i had to raid heroic.
    i dont see the problem.

    • My fear is that the content will keep scaling up higher and higher as the content gets released requiring even casual players to do more difficult content to just be able to do even LFR.

    • Some Azerite traits are worth more 20-30 ilvls, so even for a casual player getting an Ilvl upgrade is not an upgrade if it has bad traits on it.
      Azerite is everywhere, with the trait v ilvl issues identified, this affects everyone. Azerite gear isn’t like tier gear where it only affects those doing the content. No one, regardless of their play syle in BFA can get away from having to wear Azerite and that means putting up with the shit trait issue which this system doesn’t address in the slightest and tbh this system isn’t designed to address that.

      It’s aimed at a whole different problem, which is it’s almost impossible for a mythic plus person to try to target a source of azerite gear suitable to their ilvl that has decent traits on it and in true blizzard fashion, the answer that has been developed is to create a timegated system that allows for more RNG and yet even more distinction between casual and top players in that only the TOP players should be interested in aiming for the best gear they can.

      Why does being casual mean you can’t aim to have the best of what you have. It doesn’t mean you have to have the best ilvl or gear at the same ilvl as someone raiding/doing mythic plus, it means being able to target/aim for the best EQUIVILANT to the content you do.

      • For me it will amount to months to earn enough currency to purchase 385 pieces. If it’s 2-3 weeks for someone doing Mythic +7 or higher? I’m not going to worry about it to much I guess. If content gets harder and I can’t do it, then I won’t.

    • It’s another reason I’m glad I’m as casual as I am. Though I think this whole mess is infuriating, it does not affect me one bit at all.

  2. This is absolutely genius. That means that players who’s interested in the best gear will have another reason to just keep playing, just keep playing, farm that currency.
    Blizzard’s psychologists hard at work. When will this end..! Ridiculous. Make the game fun instead. When did fun stop becoming a criteria for when a game is being made.

  3. I haven’t been able to play all week, on accounts of work, school, and wedding planning. I was once a hardcore player, but life happens and sometimes adulting has a way of interfering with hobbies. Gearing has been an issue as a casual player. Don’t get me wrong, My prot Pally is around 365 ilvl, but that was mostly lucky drops.The thing is, as a casual, PvP had become my favorite game play style. Short rounds and what not, but it has become ilvl locked like everything else. If you want to be competitive, you have to farm tons of stuff to maybe get drops, Where a Mythic Raider can come in to the arena and wipe the floor with me on raw damage. I don’t hate the Azerite system, but Blizzard hasn’t figured out how to fix their problems since Wrath, MoP had some prospect, so did Legion, Maybe Classic will be great again. Sorry for getting ranty.

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