A lull at 3 months.. is it me or you?

My blog’s been quiet because I’ve been struggling to find positive things to say about WoW. My draft folder is full of posts with catchy titles such as ” WoW,  a negative psychological experiment?”, “Can repetitive ever be fun?” and “How are the devs so out of touch with today’s player”, but I haven’t wanted to hit publish on any of them. If you can’t say something positive, don’t say it at all, you know.

There have been positives in the last couple of weeks,  so lets see. Zee’s done enough quests here and there that all the apart from Magni, adore her. Magni’s not far from being won over to her charms and I’m waiting for the next emissary for him to realise we’re great friends after all.

There’s been a bit of raiding. I’ve been friends with fellow blogger Dragonray for a few years now and I popped along with her and her guild for a few raid nights. They are the most welcoming friendliest guild you can imagine. They made me feel at home instantly and offered my toon a place if I wanted to server change to be on their realm but I haven’t taken them up yet because I didn’t want to reward Blizz with more of my money.

Btw, Dragon is running an awesome transmog comp, come along and get transmogging!

I went to their guild meetup which was awesome and found that  most of the guild live in my city! One of the guildies lives in the same suburb as me!! Dragon and Moryrt, her lovely hubby, don’t live too far away either which is all shades of awesome.

Orville is one talented guy. I love this pic of all us that were there. He’s placed us all in a scene that was pretty close to the real photo we had taken of us all.

A couple of friends, originally from Deadline though we’re all spread out now, grabbed me to come heal a mythic 10.

I had almost forgotten how much fun harder content is and how I like pushing Zee but it was short-lived. I don’t want to pug keys and I don’t want to log in enough to find a dedicated group and I don’t want to bug my friends to join me if and when I feel like doing keys. I feel like I need to be logged in a lot more to expect them to come along with me

I dropped Zee into a friend’s guild on Barthilas as Deadline has no-one logging in anymore and went along with their heroic team and we cleared G’huun so I got my Ahead of the Curve achievement.

I was hoping raiding there and with Dragons guild would be enough to grab my interest but it really hasn’t.

Now for the negative nelly part.

For me personally  BFA at the moment is outright boring. Content in the current patch consists of Raiding, Dgns or Questing, whether it be world quests for rep and azerite or questing through the old world to level up the allied races. Repetitive questing is not engaging content. I miss the different  class hall campaigns and class hall mount stories from Legion which gave reasons to play and level alts.

MMOs might be designed to be grindy but the Azerite grind in BFA is beyond the pale. I had enough of the endless AP slog in Legion and I do not want to  face yet another expansion with another never-ending grind.. Azerite feels endless.. any gear upgrade brings a need to have a higher and higher Azerite level so there’s no end in sight until the very last raid and there’s no higher Azerite pieces to collect.

Terror on Darkshore shows the story will progress in 8.1 with Night Elfs exacting revenge but I’m  so sick of seeing the Horde and Alliance pitted against each other that Tyrande’s dark-eyed model upgrade and Malfurion’s rage fills me with sadness rather than interest.

I’m more interested in 8.2 which at least might see us working together against a common foe again. Given how closely we worked together in Legion, I was hoping we’d see closer ties between the factions and I know I wasn’t alone from reactions on social media when faction based war was revealed to be central in the BFA story.. I feel like the current storywriters don’t understand their player’s motivations anymore. Have gamers changed over the years and Blizz hasn’t realised?

The Diablo Immortal mobile fiasco at Blizzcon is another sign to me that Blizz can’t judge its current audience very well. The game may well be fun and is most likely going to make them a fortune from its targeted audience where mobile games with micro transactions are accepted and welcomed. But to launch it at Blizzcon, where the majority of fans are  predominately PC gamers looking for a long wanted expansion/new game reveal,  was so ill-judged. Released at another time or place and the reaction may have been favourable. The resulting fall out had immediate, even if temporary,  real repercussions for the company. The Immortal cinematic ended up with over 400,000 dislikes to only 16,000 likes as well as an actual negative effect on their share price. I don’t remember anything quite so extreme in Blizz’s past.

I said in my goal list for BFA I didn’t want to take another break from WoW, but I think I really need to for a little while, I’m becoming a little too bitter and jaded about the developers and direction of a game I adored once and want to love again. Maybe immersing myself in a world away from Azeroth might be a nice holiday.

I’ve subbed to Elder Scrolls Online and I’m going to Tamriel for a bit. 

It’s nice to feel like there’s an enormous world to explore that I haven’t seen before. I might be questing, but it’s all new!







2 thoughts on “A lull at 3 months.. is it me or you?

  1. It’s not just you, Zeirah. Sadly. It’s obvious amongst the blogging community too; I lost so many to inactivity that I used to follow and see regular updates from, now weeks or even months go by.

    I am like you; I make an attempt to stay silent and post more happy updates, share the fun, and find a good balance.

    I put a muzzle on myself!

    I want to spread joy, not discuss and be negative (all the time). Especially when I cannot do it in a constructive way and come up with precise ideas on how to make it better (system wise).

    The story of BfA up until now and the next patch has left be disconnected. I cherish the Warfronts, Islands, you make it. But the story, which is what I play for the most, is all up in the air; I find the political drama/faction war in WoW to not be enjoyable. I get that Blizzard wanted us to argue and rally us up against each other, they specifically said that themselves, that that is considered a success then, but I rather we stood united against something else.

    I get it, those days might/ will come, so until then, I just press on and try to look at the positive things to share. But inspiration comes hard then. I used to want to log on every evening, now I play a few times a week. It’s just how it is.

    You can also see it on the Blogging Challenges. Not many participate these days; which is the exact opposite of what I had expected two months into a new expansion. Maybe it’s a coinsidence, of course.

    Here’s to better days ahead, press on, hero 🙂

  2. I see the end of the tunnel in azerite armor. For myself and my 340-ish pieces the final levels are 25, 26, 27 – and they come naturally during WQing towards reputations. So it’s nowhere close to grind – or grind at all. Besides, the weekly reduction of required amount helps.

    Like I say, there’s nothing awful in the overall paradigm – it’s all the same raids, mythic dungeons, getting exalted, leveling professions, becoming stronger. It’s just the new systems that we got used to (garrisons, farms, order halls) that we miss now. Although islands appeared to be boring, I’m finding immense pleasure in warfront rotations to spice up my gameplay.

    Storywise, I think we will see that it was the Old Gods who whispered Vol’jin to make Sylvanas a warchief. They knew that she will immediately start a war. It was meant to be a senseless, brutal and devastating war to weaken both factions (remember how Genn said Anduin that these were the last troops?). Because when both factions work together – they bring down the Old Gods, two examples already. The war may be senseless for people, but not in the eyes of the Old Gods – that’s why Blizzard wants us to wait and see.

    Sylvanas is seeing her last expansion as a warchief. She will drift in the Death theme I think. When we deal with N’Zoth, there will be exploration of the new Lich King Bolvar (not a nice and sacrificial guy already, as seen in Legion), Sylvanas, Thros, Bwonsamdi themes. Blizzard has introduced Taelia, a possible mate for Anduin – but what is more important, Bolvar’s daughter. It’s not a Chekhov’s gun, it’s a Chekhov’s bazooka now hanging on the wall. I’m thrilled to see it.

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