Zee in Tamriel, Elder Scrolls Online time

No game has ever been able to pull me away from WoW for that long but if any can, I wish it could be this one.

As a massive Skyrim fan, seeing more of the world in the mmo version, Elder Scrolls Online, is just amazing. In Skyrim I spent hours wandering around reading books and collecting and making furniture for my house and ESO gives me all that along with really interesting quests, I haven’t  come across a single mindless go kill x mobs yet. The quests are all voice acted and if you take the time to listen/read the dialogue  they are really engaging. With other people running around the world it’s like having extra npcs spicing up my single player game.

As a mmo, I havent played long enough to know if the systems in place to keep players logging in suck long-term or not or what end game content is like, but in these early days it’s awesome. I get a gift if I log in daily, this is such a cool novelty.

The little blue patterned bear is a mid month reward for logging in. He has an animation of trying to catch butterlies and is so cute.

Theres 3 factions, each with 3 races and a swinger race which I think can be any faction. The only time the factions are really divided is in the PvP zone, other than that, you can talk, group and quest with any member of any faction. The devs  of this game can overlook the historical lore of division between the factions for better game play for their players. Being able to not have to worry about faction choice and still get to play the race I like with my friends is awesome.

Classes are really fun. I’ve been spending most of my time levelling a High Elf Warden;  she’s a magic user who runs around with a bear pet to help tank mobs out in the world. It seems to be a smart UI because it doesn’t seem to try to tank in dgns with a real player tank, despite there being no on/off taunt.  I’m also liking my Sorcerer who’s a more typical mage class.

I’m really slowly questing my way through the zones. There’s no rep to grind but there are achievements for exploring and questing and the rewards are dyes so you can colour your clothes!!

An achievement for accidentally killing a sheep.. Opps

ESO has multiple houses you can save up and buy, and then decorate to your heart’s content. The prices range from what seems  moderately reasonable to downright ‘Omg how will I ever make that much?’ The game gives you a room in each of the factions starting town which all your toons can use, so I’m starting with the decorating there as I figure out how to save up for the High Elf mansion.

Expect more ESO posts when I can tear myself away long enough to write about the game.

3 thoughts on “Zee in Tamriel, Elder Scrolls Online time

  1. I still don’t know how I’d ever save up that much money for some of these houses unless I go and join one of the mercantile oriented guilds. But right now I’m perfectly happy just exploring and following the stories.

    • I agree, though I seem to making a bit of gold through levelling and writs I dont think the mansion in Summerset with its $1M price tag is going to be obtainable anytime soon, and its far from being one of the most expensive houses!
      I’m having so much fun crafting little pieces here and there for my rooms in the inns at the moment though.
      The preview function for houses is so good, I’m popping in and out of them quite a lot just to sightsee.

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