Cooking up a storm in Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online has a really robust crafting system with the best feature being you don’t have to choose which ones  you want to specialise in on your toon as you can take them all. My favourite so far is provisioning.

My toon spends quite bit of time choosing which meal she’ll make for her daily food buff. I’m sure there’s optimal ones I should be using but while I’m exploring and questing I pick the ones that sound the tastiest.

You can cook over most camp fires or stoves that you come across using recipes that you find as lootables  or on a vendor.


I’m certainly not above being an utter thief if it means I’ve found a new recipe to grab  and  try.

The recipes themselves sound absolutely divine. The cooking book is arranged in  different categories for the different types of food buffs they give. Meats, vegetables and  fruits for the food dishes.

A few of the speciality  dishes don’t sound that appealing though.

There are drinks to make as well, ranging from beers, ales, hard liquors, teas and tonics.

Each dish has a unique icon and they look delicious!

I’m only about a quarter through the profession so plenty of cooking and recipe hunting ahead still!

2 thoughts on “Cooking up a storm in Elder Scrolls Online

  1. You’re a Bosmer? For some reason I thought you’d be a Redguard.

    Anyway, I do really like the crafting system in ESO, but since I’m still going through all of the stories, I “ain’t got no time for that”. I will have to peel myself away from my place midway through the Altmeri Dominion to go visit Vvardenfell for the Morrowind event.

    I believe that –ironically enough– the best part about the crafting system are the cutscenes for your toon: you pounding away at the blacksmith station, or working on jewelcrafting, or even cooking. By comparison, the crafting animations in other MMOs look kind of bland.

    • It’s a bad angle on the photo, I’m playing an Altmer. I do have a Bosmer Nightblade I’d like to level but I have way too much to do on my Warden yet.
      I’m nearly finished the Altmeri Dominion quests, I’m just under halfway through Reapers Marsh. I haven’t decided where I’ll go next but I’m camped out in Morrowind at the moment doing the events.

      Completely agree that the crafting cutscenes are awesome. I think the best crafting animations I’ve ever seen in a mmo is from FF14, but ESO is right up there. I just wish I could angle my camera when she’s crafting away at a workbench so I can get better photos.

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