Dragonray asked where are the bloggers? I’m here, just being quiet.

Dragonray asked the other day where have all the bloggers gone as she’s noticed that her feed has gone a little quiet and wasn’t sure if people were still playing or moved onto different things.

I’ve been really guilty of not blogging that much lately and it’s mostly because I’m not playing WoW at all at the moment and that’s what I’d normally blog about. Something about BFA just hasn’t grabbed me, (being deliberately generic there because if I started listing all the things in BFA that didn’t grab me we’d be here all night).  Instead I’m playing a lot of ESO (remember that post where I wished ESO would be the game that pulled me away from WoW?), and just not talking about it as most of everyone that reads here has come because I’ve been talking about WoW so I don’t really feel I have a huge list of people interested in ESO chatter.

On top of that too though, the start of 2019 has been a particularly shitty one. My mum had her leg amputated on my birthday in the 2nd week of January which wasn’t a great start to the year. Silver linings though, I got to spend my birthday with her which I haven’t had the chance to do for many years and Dragonray bought me a gorgeous birthday cake at our next D&D meetup so I got 2 birthdays!

Then to keep the bad times rolling, I got laid off last week. There’s been a big downturn in the industry I work in, and I worked in a company where I was the only employee so when the boss had to tighten his belt due to reduced work, first up to go was my wages.. and me. So I’m job hunting a lot at the moment and freaking out a little in case my savings don’t get me through to a next job, my rent is pretty expensive and no income coming in is not a great thing.  I had already suspended my WoW sub for a brief break but tightening my own belt means I won’t be resubbing until I have a job. $15 a month isn’t much but it’s a luxury I don’t want to cover for at the moment. Luckily ESO is perfectly playable with no sub, so I’ll still be playing over there.

So that’s where I’ve been this year.. how are you all going?

BTW, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.. my Altmer had a pretty green dye job just for the day!

4 thoughts on “Dragonray asked where are the bloggers? I’m here, just being quiet.

  1. That’s a lovely dress on your ESO elf! I would be happy to hear about your ESO adventures!

    Dang, that’s painful about losing your job, though. Best of fortune with the job-hunt — may it go swifter than anticipated, and find you a position that will be both financially and personally quite satisfactory.

    • Thanks Kam,The dress was a daily log in reward and is transmogged over her normal gear. I don’t have nearly the amount of transmog looks as there is in wow so I really love the dye feature as it makes the outfits I have much more interesting as I can change the look and keep it fresh so easily.
      I actually have a job interview tomorrow for a position I applied for on Friday so fingers crossed! If this job isn’t right.. hopefuly the right one won’t be far away.

  2. I wish you all the best ahead, Zeirah, I hope the jobsearch will go as you want, and a fortunate work place is lucky to land you 🙂 I´m sorry that WoW still is not able to catch you back, but I can relate. Here´s to a better future ahead.

    • Thanks for the thoughts 🙂 Tonight though when ESO is shutdown I’m really missing WoW. I’m sure once I get my sub back I’ll find something I enjoy back in WoW even if it’s not end game content but coming into a game that’s already a a few years old has so much content to explore that is new so it’s actually nice to have a little break.

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