Decorating my House… slowly

I’m still having the best time decorating my house in ESO. I’m doing it very slowly as I’m making the pieces myself when I pick up a new furnishing pattern that I have the materials and skill for.

The house itself is so gorgeous. The outside is set in a  frozen wonderland of snow and glittery chilly rivers

When you go through the front door, you enter into the main floor space with a cozy fireplace. I’ve added small touches like a rug and a cabinet to start storing some of the smaller pieces I’ve collected and crafted. Every month or so there are free statues to collect for your house and they’re starting to mount up. I’m planning to make a long shelf to store them all in one place but for now I’ve got them dotted around the house.


You can go up into the tower and look out over the grounds. I’m not sure what the fire is meant to be at the top of the tower but it is quite pretty.

There’s a downstairs part which I’m starting to decorate as different themed rooms. Eventually I’ll find a pattern for curtains or a nice room divider and then I can make each alcove into seperate rooms. I’m in love with the bedroom I’ve made. I think I’d be happy sleeping in it for real!

I’ve set aside a space for a kitchen but I don’t have very many kitcheny pieces yet.. the apple is about it at the moment.

Having a space to decorate, and being able to make the pieces myself is utterly awesome. Everytime I loot a new pattern or furnishing I get really excited. I can also buy patterns or pre-made furniture from other players off the guild stores but to be honest, making it myself is a big part of the fun at the moment.

I can’t decide yet on what style I want to make my house. All the architecture styles for the different races in Tamriel are represented in the 1000s of patterns you can find and all the different styles are really distinct. Because I don’t have that many patterns yet, I’ve just been making whatever appeals to me but eventually I’ll sit down and decide on which particular style I like the most. At the moment I’m leaning towards either Redguard or High Elf but we’ll see what I eventually settle on. I’m sure I’ll be posting pictures when the house is finally finished.



4 thoughts on “Decorating my House… slowly

  1. After playing in FFXIV for a time I can’t express how much WoW needs thing like this! Housing has soooo many ways of engaging players and professions it’s crazy. Blizzard is really missing out on something that people love in these other mmo’s!

    The place is looking grand. I’m definately looking forward to seeing more and reading of your adventures along the way. 🙂

  2. Ohhh it’s coming along (I had a giggle with the single apple). When I got my first house I was so super proud and spend a lot of time making it look nice…sadly I have not used it since lol. But if you need something and your on pc/na I will more more than happy to send it – even if its a few mats ^_^ (i’m @sunnybunny)

    • Hi 🙂 The single apple is a little sad that’s for sure ;p
      I’m having a lot of fun decorating, I’ve bascially stopped questing now I’ve learnt about Tamerial Trade Centre website, I’ve been comparing all the items for sale and been running around buying bits and pieces along the way!
      I’m on PC/NA too, I’m @Zeirah Hopefully we’ll see each other around 🙂

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