Snugpod.. a new house!

One of the guilds I’m in in ESO is focused on housing and holds regular design challenge with different themes. This month’s challenge is to decorate a house in the Wood Elf style.

I haven’t quite finished decorating my snow globe house as I’m about out of ideas of how I want to finish it.  so decorating had stalled for a few weeks until I read the new challenge theme and got all motivated to decorate (and finish) a Wood Elf house.

There aren’t that many Wood Elf themed houses in the game but one of them is Snugpod,  a very small little egg shaped tree pod,  I’ve been thinking about buying for ages.  It’s in a great location, you can step out the door and you’re right next to a way shrine (teleportation portal), crafting station and the daily dungeon quest giver and it’s super cute to boot.

Snugpod has quite a small floor base but stretches vertically for quite a while so I decided to work across 3 levels, and go up.

The base house very empty!

In ESO, Wood Elves, or Bosmer as their official name, are forest dwellers who have chosen to live by the “green pact”. This means they won’t harm living  plants or trees or eat anything plant based. Meat eaters only, they’re  vegans in reverse essentially. Their furnishings mostly relies on stone, leather and bone.

I created two mini forests on the ground floor and set the rest of the bottom space aside for a cooking and dining area.


I’m thinking the Bosmers must have great night vision because I can’t find too many lighting options in their style, so the entire house is a little dark. I might look into some other options for lighting that doesn’t break the Bosmer style, like hiding candles in the garden.

The second floor I set aside for a small bedroom; furs under a leather tent to keep the traditional Bosmer house feel. While Wood Elves won’t cut living wood, they have been known to trade with races who do use wood, so I’m using that as  technicality to explain the  wooden flooors on the two levels. I can’t find a decent subsitute in stone for the platforms, so wooden planks it is.

I’ve set it aside the very top level for a storage area but so far it doesn’t really hold too much.



The house has space for 200 furnishing items and so far I’ve only used 81 so I have tons of room to add more pieces if I’d like but I’m pretty happy with my little house as it is for now.


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