A home.. decorated at last!

Oh Boy it’s been a while… I’m still here, still playing games, though not quite as much as I have been due to real life but it’s still been all good.

ESO is still going well. Its the Halloween festival again which was on when I started playing a year ago! Happy anniversary to me. I can’t believe it’s been a year!! ESO has worked it’s way into my heart.

I’m still working my way through the many many quests on offer. I’ve finished the base game and got my Cadwell’s gold achievement for completing all 3 faction’s base game quests (still love that faction choice only matters in PVP, not PVE faction) and am now off in the snowy lands of Wrothgar, home of the Tamriel Orcs.

In the meantime between questing, I’ve been working on finishing decorating the Snowglobe house. It has a housing limit of 600 items and I’ve put in 400 so still a bit of room to go but I’m really not sure if it needs much more, so I feel it’s finished (for now).

I entered it into my housing guilds weekly challenge this week. The theme is cozy home and I think it’s so cozy!

Luckily doing a lot of questing rewards a fair bit of gold because decorating this house has not been cheap.

I’ve already got my eye on the next house though, I’m just waiting for inspiration to strike and then I’ll be off on another decorating journey.

Stay Tuned!


2 thoughts on “A home.. decorated at last!

  1. Nicely done!

    I think I’ve got that lone apartment you get for free, and I just use it to stash some stuff that I don’t have space for in my bags. Yeah, I’m a pretty poor decorator (my wife would likely agree).

    But you’ve got that knack, like Kamalia does with fashion, and it really shows.

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