A lucky night for an unscrupulous Elf

In ESO, I’m playing a High Elf, so for this play through in Skyrim, I thought I’d make a High Elf as well.

High Elves belong to the Aldmeri Dominion; in Skyrim times, the Aldmeri Dominion are the bad guys who have launched a war against the Empire, including Skyrim, to take over the entire place under Aldmeri rule. So far, my race hasn’t really affected anything in Skrirm, though when NPCs are telling me how bad the Aldmeri Dominion are, I wonder if they think I’ve defected or something?

I was wandering through the countryside heading towards a city I hadn’t explored yet, when some Thalmor, a branch of the Aldmeri Dominion, came across my path. I was going to keep going on my way but something I said to them angered them and they attacked me.  I managed to walk away with a gorgeous shiny set of Elven Armor after killing all the wicked elves.

Then just a few metres down the road, I found a NPC who had got off their horse to investigate something, which meant the horse was free to “borrow” and I got to finish the rest of my long journey, riding in style.
Btw, this photo is lacking colour as it’s night time in the game (not a filter)

 The only issue when you steal horses is they tend to try to walk back to their owners when you dismount them so it’s a very temporary borrow, unless you refuse to get off the horse.

I would think about buying a horse to keep for myself, but I remember last time playing this game,  I had a lot of trouble with horses either getting killed or lost and being a rather large waste of gold. Much more fun to borrow them when the opportunity presents.

New armor and a free horse made for a very lucky Elf.

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