Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

It’s really been a week of alts this week. I finished off my Demon Hunter campaign, which was really awesome and gave me the achievement for finishing 5 order halls.

February was DH month, and March is turning out to be Shaman month. She’s halfway through 108 atm so she should hopefully hit 110 by the end of the weekend. I really wasn’t enjoying enhancement so I went and collected her other 2 artifacts for Restoration and Elemental. Running around questing as Ele is a lot more fun at the moment, though I miss my ghost wolves that Enhancement could summon to help attack. 

The Shaman order hall is quite pretty and not quite as much of a maze as I thought at the start.

I’ve found a couple of Shaman only quests out in the world now. I don’t remember seeing Druid only quests on Z so I wonder if I just did them without realising or if class quests are  a Shaman only thing.

In an absolute coincidence I got to go see Thunderaan the Windlord two times this week, which was pretty cool as I’d never actually seen him before. Twice had been working on the Thunderfury legendary quest line on his Demon Hunter and he needed an alchemist to transmute arcanite bars. I took my hunter down to Gadgetzan to learn the recipe to make them then I went over to Silithus to see him summon Thunderaan and get his Thunderfury and ach.

Yes, I completely cut the head off the Windlord in this photo.

Then, my Shaman campaign started talking about needing Thunderaan’s help with the burning legion and sent me to track him down after some evil mortal had defeated him.. So I trotted off to the Vortex Pinnacle and up he popped. This time I got his head in the photo.  Lucky he didn’t seem to recognise my alt’s hand in his downfall the previous day and there were no hard feelings.

I seem to have hit the end of the campaign quests now until I reach 110. I always expect there to be a quest continuance at 108 but so far there hasn’t been on any alt.

I looked at my collections tab and realised I’m 10 away from 250 mounts and 10 away from collecting 300 toys. Since toys are way easier to collect than mounts I decided to make that a bit of a focus and go find the easier to collect toys I didn’t have.  I had enough pet tokens in various alt’s bags to combine for Z to go get Narcissa’s Mirror which lets you turn a companion pet into a mini you.

I actually think it’s a little creepy in a cute sort of way to have a mini me following me around. I’m not actually sure how much I’ll use this toy. I ended the week at 296 toys so I’ll have to do a bit more searching to find another 4 easier ones to get. Easier as in, probably profession based toys compared to having to kill a rare over and over hoping it’ll drop a toy. I was pretty lucky that the archeology quest this week also gave a toy as the reward as I haven’t done it before.

I finally gathered up enough AP so that Z’s resto weapon is all maxed out until 7.2 so there’s no mad rush to have to gather AP. Now I need to decide which of the 3 weapons to put any collected AP into. I’m thinking I’ll probably dump it all into the boomy one until it hits 54 as well.  

And that was pretty much my week in WoW.


One night in Karazhan

I went into Karazhan the day it was released and cleared through and then I hadn’t got around to going back in. And I probably wouldn’t have except I was reading on the Resto Druid discord just how good Drape of Shame from the Maiden of Virtue was and I started talking about needing to go in there.

When I logged on last night, Elandrix said we should look at  getting a Karazhan run together so it ended up being Twice (wonder how confusing it is for the new people in our guild that Twice still gets called Twice despite changing to Rades, his DH), Elandrix on his pally and two newer members of our guild, Muns and Dys. I shouldn’t call them new really, it’s been quite a few weeks now they’ve been in the guild but outside of raiding I haven’t really been around them too much, so they’re still newish to me 🙂

Everyone in there, besides me, had been doing Kara pretty constantly so it was a super easy run. Dys was tanking on his druid (he’s normally a warrior tank in our raids) and I’ll put Druids up there as one of my favourite tanks to heal, their health is rather constant, not ridiculously spiky like a Demon Hunter.

We started out with a Nightbane run which was really fun, the guys gave me lots of tips along the way, E normally heals so he was telling me things to look out for. The Nightbane fight was really fun, there were 2 debuffs that went out on people. 1 did damage to the group on its expiry based on the amount of health the debuffed person still had, so I had to not heal that person, and they had drop their health as low as possible without dying to limit the group damage. The 2nd debuff spawned skeletons when it was dispelled so you had to heal through it as long as possible, which wasn’t too bad either.  I really like fights like that because they give healers something extra to look out for rather than just healing up damage.  I got the achievement too but completely forgot to screenshot it.

I was soo excited that the Smoldering Ember Wyrm dropped for me (it helped that the other 4 already had it lol) so I got a gorgeous new dragon mount!




I should be a Tauren, you get an extra sized mount!

The rest of the run went really smoothly, and way way quicker than I was expecting. E got a Drape of Shame from the Maiden as his loot and he really nicely traded it over so that was one thing off my wish list and when we got to the Mana Wyrm boss that dropped the mana return trinket he turned his spec to holy for an extra chance. It didn’t drop for anyone in the run but then.. I managed to bonus roll it! So that was the other thing off my wish list. I can’t believe I got both things I really wanted and a mount too! Such an awesome run.

I remembered this time to go find Medivh. He had some really good advice.


Then we went and did Court of Starts since E had a decent key. It went really well apart from the one trash pull that just exploded and with bolstering we ended up a mob with 400mil health. It was fun running with a mix of older and newer guild members, it’s really good that we seem to gel pretty well. It was a pretty good Friday night 😀

Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

A very quiet week mostly. Nothing on the raiding news because we’re pretty much at a standstill in terms of what we can do. We have a consistent 16-18 people lately, not enough for mythic progression; like so many guilds out there. Barthilas is full of guilds looking for 1-4 players to round out their roster. At that many people, no one wants to be the first to disband their guild leaving so many other guilds that only need a few players in an absolute limbo as recruiting is really difficult. It’s quickly coming to a situation where I’m going to have to decide what’s more important to me in the game.. but this isn’t the post to do it in.

I finished my Priest’s campaign. I think I prefered the priest’s campaign over both the hunter and druid one tbh. It was a lot more interesting and I followed along with the story better. It was the only one of the 3 that I completed pretty much in one go without a break in between stages because of levelling and I think I much prefer that style. On the druid and hunter, by the time I had got to the next stage in the order campaign, I had forgotten parts of the previous one because of all the other quests that I’d done in between from levelling and professions.

I do think some sort of phasing should have been put in for the last quest where all the other priests are hailing you as high priest because it sort of loses its value as you’re surrounded by a ton of other real player priests who all have got the same title.

Doing the priest campaign makes 3 of the 12 order halls done. It gave me an achievement too! Next Ach is for 5 campagins.


Next up will be my Deathknight. She’s at 105 and is seriously the most fun of all my toons to level and so far, her campaign is the most interesting too. I’ve heard a few spoilers for what will be at the end of the DK campaign and I can’t wait to get there to see it myself. She’s questing in Stormheim atm, which storywise, is my favourite zone.


I stepped into Karazhan once more and finished the quest to get Moroes as a follower.

He’s been quite helpful so far bringing back a dinner invitation that gave me Baroness Dorothea. She acts as a recruit minion with only 1 health so she’s good for only one mission, but I do like her Prattle On ability.


How awesome does Hip look all arcane and glowy? He stopped doing his arcane artifact questline long enough to come run a few mythic dgns the other night, and even though he was doing the dgns as fire, he got to keep the effect. I half wish he didn’t have to finish the questline because this looks awesome.


And that’s my week. Let’s hope some miracle occurs and we have 20 online tomorrow  night and we can get back to progressing. .




Wyrmy Tunkins

I’m not 100% sold on the new archeology method. I love that if I do the quest then I’ll definately get a rare item but I don’t really like having to wait until a quest is up to because I sometimes miss the surprise of finding a rare item just through digging..  I’m nothing if not indecisive.

I really liked the quest reward this week. Brann sent Z off to dig up 10 pieces of infernal machinery from various digsites around Aszuna. Once I collected all of them (it didn’t take that long and I also dug up enough Demonic pieces for 3 solves) and Brann had his little hands on them he summoned Wyrmy for Z to fight and defeat. The quest reward for defeating the demon was a pet version to keep.

I do like receiving new pets to keep!


Apparently he used to command an army of ten million demons.

He looks fierce enough. I tend to forget about the archeology quests so I’m really grateful Kublas from my guild told me about it and checked in to make sure I hadn’t forgotten to go get it started. Thanks!!

Z also got the 800 points in archeology ach while finishing this quest off which was also nice. A pet and an achievement in one go is always great.







The Tangerine Traveler

I was in Dalaran over the weekend when Hip asked me had I found Pepe yet as he has come across him earlier that day. I hadn’t had any luck with spotting him yet,  so Hip popped up to Dalaran to show me where Pepe had been for him and as he was running past the pet shop Pepe was casually sitting on the bench out the front.

Hip pulled me into a group because we were apparently in different versions of Dalaran and there he was! My very own Steampunk Pepe.



I’m a huge fan of Steampunk so this Pepe is far and away my favourite one of all the different dress ups that he can appear in.

Funnily enough as we were making our way to the flightpath, there he was again! I can’t believe I haven’t seen him before just to see him twice in a few minutes.


Have you had any luck finding Steampunk Pepe yet?


9 Reps to go

Z picked up 2 more reps yesterday, giving her rep 50 and 51 and putting her only  9 away from The Beloved title.

Kiling mobs in The Underbog gives rep for both the Cenarion Expedition as well as Sporeggar and all through the dungeon are Sanguine Hibiscus you can turn in for extra rep with Sporeggar. The Slave Pens and Steamvault gives rep just for Cenarion Expedition, but I found normal Steamvault gave just as much rep as the others on Heroic so I could reset the lockout and run it a few times.

Czar of Sporeggar

Guardian of Cenarius

I have a lot of reps from BC through to Cata still to get to Exalted and with the new reps coming in Legion, there’ll be plenty of Reg grinding to keep me occupied for quite a while.


Glory of the Draenor Raider

My guild has been working on finishing this achievement off before Legion goes live and we finally got the last boss achievement we needed last night.

Blackhand Ach

We left Blackhand til last as we knew this one would be an utter pain and it really was. It took quite a few attempts to get coordinated at catching 20 ashes that fall from the sky. Only a few fall onto the platform, with the majority falling just off it. Luckily not everyone has to catch an individual ash, if one  lands above multiple people, it counts for each person and pushes the total up to 20 a bit faster, but it’s still a very slow achievement to complete which means the fight really drags out.

Even at our HFC gear levels this fight was a pain  because of how long it took and the amount of people getting hit by all the abilities, it really came down to keeping people alive rather than a dps race. Having Demon Hunters in the raid with us made it a bit easier with their double jump and fel rush, they were able to get off the platform and catch a few further out to speed it up.

The final attempt was so close, we ended up with only 2 healers alive at the end to finish the boss off. So lucky! I’m really glad my guild are into achievements, it makes finishing them off together much more fun than with a random group.

Dead Blackhand

Now I have a Gorestrider Gronnling to add to my list of Draenor mounts. Poor guy probably won’t see much use time, I think he’s actually pretty ugly but you can’t really say no to an achievement mount can you 🙂

I couldn’t get Z’s camera to zoom out far enough to take a decent photo of us all, so Twice and Klor really nicely took the photos and sent them to me.


Photo by Twiceasnice


Gronnling 1

Photo by Klorithor


This just leaves 2 achievements to finish off for Glory of the Pandaria Raider and I’m all up to date on raid achs apart from Legion ones.


Glory of the Hellfire Raider

Along with all the older ach’s I’ve been working on, my guild has been working on a more current one, Glory of the Hellfire Raider. We popped back in last night to pick up the last few achievements we needed. When the ach popped up half way through I was really surprised as I didn’t actually realise we were so close to finishing. But  we had done some of the later bosses last week

Pro Toss Non Lethal Enforcer ach

For completing this achievement, the reward is the Infernal Direwolf. Despite not being a big fan of wolf mounts.  I actually don’t mind this one, the colour is really pretty.

WoWScrnShot_080716_225951Infernal Wolf

It’s great we finished this one in the current expansion. I still have a few to go for Glory of the Draenor raider which is the achs for Highmaul and BRF, so hopefully there will be enough interest around in the guild still, otherwise that might be one I come back and do next expansion.

And just because my guild love to remind me that I haven’t got Ashes of Alar yet.. see them all in their glory.

Guild of Ashes of Alar

Warlord of Draenor

This post isn’t about me but about my friend’s achievement. I played a small role in helping Hip get his Warlord of Draenor title and it’s such a big one that I really wanted to rave about his achievement a little  🙂

The Warlord of Draenor title comes from killing 500 of each opposing race in either   Ashran or world PvP in a Draenor zone. It works out to be a rather enormous 3500 kills needed for the achievement.  We were on mumble a few days ago while Hip was pvping away and he was really happy there was a panda in his Ashran bg as they were his last race for the achievement and they were really rare compared to the other races so it was taking ages to finish up.  He only had 80 out of the 500 kills to go and he’d be done.

I  have an 93 alliance panda on Barth so offered up her services as a target for extra panda kills so we popped out to Shadowmoon Valley to test out how it would go.

Zhii and Ret selfie

The only issue was the rez timer after multiple deaths becomes 2 minutes and immediately rezzing at spirit healer  gave me a 10min honorless target, so the time needed for 80kills was looking pretty long.

Luckily Twice has an alliance druid that he brought out to rez me over and over, all we had to do was work out how to get a level 26  baby toon into Shadowmoon Valley. Hip also has alliance toons, so he tracked down an warlock to come out and the 3 of us summoned Twice to us.

Hip killing Zhii - Twices ss

It was much faster with an immediate rezzer on hand but it still took a while as we had to be careful Hip didn’t kill me too many times in a row without a bit of break in between otherwise I’d end up with a 5min honorless target debuff. Blizz’s way of trying to discourage ganking I guess.The down time gave us plenty of times to play with all our toys.


Darkmoon Seesaw

Quite often we’d end up with people  watching the 3 of us. Twice and I were really lucky none of the Horde that came past decided to kill us as well.

It took a couple of days of the 3 of us popping down to SMV  and having a bit of a killing party for Hip to finally get his 500 Panda kills. On the last night,  once Hip got his 500th Panda kill,  Twice and I pretty much immediately logged off and went to bed as it was about 2am in the morning, super happy for Hip but also really glad not to have to watch the Panda death animation anymore lol.

Dead Zhii

When I logged in the next day, Hip told me that he had decided to wait for the next time Twice and I were also online so that he could turn in the quest and get his achievement with us there with him.

Warlord of Draenor



Tanaan Toys Collected.. Finally

A few weeks ago, Hip and I realised we didn’t have all the toys from Drakum, Gondar and Smashum Grabb in Tanaan Jungle so we decided to group up and kill them every night together until we had all 3 toys each.

After a week or so of us trotting off to the Jungle daily, Twice and Aglea began to join us for our nightly killing of the Toy People (as they got renamed) and as luck would have it, both of them collected all 3 toys before Hip and I had got ours.

It was making the pair of us a bit cross with the RNG as both of us got stuck on the toy from Gondar, even ending up with duplicates of the others before he dropped the ones we needed.

Learning all 3 toys gave me Iron Armada which comes from collecting the 3 toys from the Tanaan Rares and 2 from Winter Veil.

Iron Armada ach

Now we’ve collected the toys, we’ve started popping over to Nagrand to kill Pugg,  Guk and Rukdug for the 3 pets they drop. Hopefully the RNG won’t be too bad for us on this set of nightly rare kills.