Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

It’s really been a week of alts this week. I finished off my Demon Hunter campaign, which was really awesome and gave me the achievement for finishing 5 order halls.

February was DH month, and March is turning out to be Shaman month. She’s halfway through 108 atm so she should hopefully hit 110 by the end of the weekend. I really wasn’t enjoying enhancement so I went and collected her other 2 artifacts for Restoration and Elemental. Running around questing as Ele is a lot more fun at the moment, though I miss my ghost wolves that Enhancement could summon to help attack. 

The Shaman order hall is quite pretty and not quite as much of a maze as I thought at the start.

I’ve found a couple of Shaman only quests out in the world now. I don’t remember seeing Druid only quests on Z so I wonder if I just did them without realising or if class quests are  a Shaman only thing.

In an absolute coincidence I got to go see Thunderaan the Windlord two times this week, which was pretty cool as I’d never actually seen him before. Twice had been working on the Thunderfury legendary quest line on his Demon Hunter and he needed an alchemist to transmute arcanite bars. I took my hunter down to Gadgetzan to learn the recipe to make them then I went over to Silithus to see him summon Thunderaan and get his Thunderfury and ach.

Yes, I completely cut the head off the Windlord in this photo.

Then, my Shaman campaign started talking about needing Thunderaan’s help with the burning legion and sent me to track him down after some evil mortal had defeated him.. So I trotted off to the Vortex Pinnacle and up he popped. This time I got his head in the photo.  Lucky he didn’t seem to recognise my alt’s hand in his downfall the previous day and there were no hard feelings.

I seem to have hit the end of the campaign quests now until I reach 110. I always expect there to be a quest continuance at 108 but so far there hasn’t been on any alt.

I looked at my collections tab and realised I’m 10 away from 250 mounts and 10 away from collecting 300 toys. Since toys are way easier to collect than mounts I decided to make that a bit of a focus and go find the easier to collect toys I didn’t have.  I had enough pet tokens in various alt’s bags to combine for Z to go get Narcissa’s Mirror which lets you turn a companion pet into a mini you.

I actually think it’s a little creepy in a cute sort of way to have a mini me following me around. I’m not actually sure how much I’ll use this toy. I ended the week at 296 toys so I’ll have to do a bit more searching to find another 4 easier ones to get. Easier as in, probably profession based toys compared to having to kill a rare over and over hoping it’ll drop a toy. I was pretty lucky that the archeology quest this week also gave a toy as the reward as I haven’t done it before.

I finally gathered up enough AP so that Z’s resto weapon is all maxed out until 7.2 so there’s no mad rush to have to gather AP. Now I need to decide which of the 3 weapons to put any collected AP into. I’m thinking I’ll probably dump it all into the boomy one until it hits 54 as well.  

And that was pretty much my week in WoW.


Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

Well it was a week of being busy in both WoW and the Blizz universe. I went and did 15 games in Heroes of the Storm with Wingy for the Primal Flamesaber. I really don’t mind Heroes of the Storm as a game, though even at level 30 I still don’t feel confident  enough to want to play with real people, so I was really glad that we just did our matches against the AI.


And I dug and dug and dug and got a beautiful new archeology mount. I really like spectral models and this one is no exception, he is just so gorgeous.


I finally finished the Balance of Power questline. I was wondering why everyone in the raid group was getting their achievements and I wasn’t until I realised that one of the quests in my quest log that  I had been ignoring for weeks was from the quest chain.

The achievement unlocks some really lovely skins for the artifact weapons.

I can’t wait until I get the skin for doing 100 dgns with a hidden appearance and then I can start using the Balance of Power skin for Resto. The colourway I like the most comes from doing a mythic 15 in time but it’s blue and finding a transmog to match it might be a bit tricky because I don’t have any blue dresses for a leather wearer.

There was a world quest in mythic COS at the same time that the emissaries were for Nightfallen so Twice and I popped in there to make it count as one of the emissary quests,  and we randomly got an achievement for overhearing the conversation between Elisande and the final boss. I don’t know why I’m only getting it now, I’ve done that dgn so many times. But it’s one achievement off the list of dgn ones for Legion hero so I don’t mind. Now that we can duo mythic dgns, hopefully we can finish some achievements off and work towards the mount.


Twice’s comment relates to his glaives – I really really like that appearance but he’s telling me they come from the balance of power questline. I doubt my DH will be in Nighthold anytime soon so probably won’t get them.

My Demon Hunter hit 110 with a full week of February to go! zidari-lvl-110

Now I have to choose a new class to level, I think it might be the Mage for March.

The love dgn run has been fantastic for catching up with friends quickly. I jumped into a few queues with Cinder the other night when she logged onto some horde characters. Another year down and no mount but there’s always next year!z-and-cinder

Twice created a new video for Nighthold:The Movie.  It’s such a beautiful raid, I love watching his videos  because I get to see so much that I miss during the actual fights. I am so blown away by  the Star Augur fight! I honestly have never looked out of his platform before watching the video tonight, so the 3 different planets we go and visit were brand new to me.

I can’t get over the planet taken over by the old gods and covered in void tendrils. Imagine if we could go see a world like that. And now, the fight also makes a lot of sense why we go through different phases, they line up with the 3 different planets we visit.

Seriously though this raid has got to be the most beautiful one in the game and Twice has taken some gorgeous shots of it. Well worth watching 🙂

And that was my random week in WoW. How was yours?

Last Draenor Glory – Dungeon Hero this time

Following on from running as a guild group to get finish the two raid Glory Meta’s for Draenor;  5 of us spent an evening running through Draenor Dungeons to finish off the Dungeon Glory Meta.

All the ach’s are done on heroic so it really wasn’t too difficult at this stage in the expansion.

Finishing this set of achs, also meant I got a new mount, a Frostplains Battleboar. This poor little boar has the fate of being more stable fodder, putting me one mount closer to 250.

Frostplains Battleboar

I swear I must be the most ungrateful druid in the game because there has not been a single Draenor mount I actually like unreservedly (No, I lie – I like the Moose), but honestly the majority just don’t do it for me. Ungrateful I know but there it is.

I haven’t been looking so I don’t spoil the surprise, but I really hope the mounts in Legion are pretty; I absolutely loved all the drakes that came from Cata achs and quite liked all the cloud serpents from MOP but the Draenor ones just aren’t quite my taste.

Finishing off all the Draenor Glory ach’s was a great way to finish of the expansion.

Glory of the Pandaria Hero

I’m still on a huge achievement phase and luckily Twice’s enthusiasm hasn’t dropped off as well so we compared our to-do lists and found that we both only had around 12 or so achievements to finish off in the Pandaria dgns for the Meta and Mount. We were really lucky in that most of our missing ach’s were overlapping with each of us only missing 1 or 2 that the other already had done.

Running the dgns were really fast and most of the achievements were pretty straightforward. We did change toons a couple of times to re-do two achs I messed up the first time. Hydrophobia is personal and I got splashed by something I shouldn’t have so we re-did that one on with my hunter staying right out of the way. And again for the Quarrelsome Quilen Quintet, which by the way has to be the cutest achievement in the game, because we zoned out and that reset the progress on one of the little Quilen and he was no longer collectable.


Quarrel AchJade Quilen 1

The baby Quilen that you have to collect for this ach out of Mogu’shan Palace are the cutest things ever. They have a number of animations and they roar and try to attack you by swiping at you with their paws. They also jump on each other and get stunned every now and again. I would love to have a pet like these in the game.

The only issue Twice had was in Stormstout Brewery collecting the golden hoplings. We left it to the end of the dungeon for him to go look for them and we found a door was closed and we couldn’t get back through the dungeon to the start. We swapped toons to run it again, but his toon hadn’t completed the quest associated with the brewery so there was no dgn entrance.   A scheduled shutdown came along for an hour so after shutdown retried on our mains and the door was open. So that meant at least that one could be finished for him on the right toon.

Finishing off this set of ach’s put me at 19600 points and 1 mount closer to the 250. I really like the colours of  Crimson Cloud Serpent that comes from completing the meta but tbh I’m not a massive fan of cloud serpents in general.

Glory of Panda Hero Mount Crimson Serpent

With a full weekend ahead, hopefully we can team up a bit more and finish off more achievements. I really do love getting internet points 🙂


Guild PvP

It just happened that after I noticed how little pvp achievements I have, a few guildies started making a lot of noise about doing  pvp in normal battlegrounds, not just Ashran. I did enough Ashran to get exalted with Voljin’s spear so I haven’t felt the need to go back in there.

The changes to not having to have a dedicated pvp set of gear makes it much easier to go into pvp now. Healing in battlegrounds is really fun, way more fast-paced  and dynamic compared to pve content,  even with  constantly being focused as a healer, it’s quite interesting. It’s also really satisfying to be able to keep people alive long enough to see them kill people who were doing their best to kill you 🙂  The best moment was when I was down to nearly 1% health from 2 very persistent warriors and Hip (who pvp’s on his pally) put his paladin bubble on me, which lasted long enough for me to heal to full and keep him alive for him to take out both warriors. Best thing ever 🙂

Given how little achievements I have, it’s going to take a very long while to actually start to see an improvement in my pvp ach points especially as a lot are based on 100 victories in each battleground etc,  but I was able to collect 2 from one new battleground I haven’t actually been into. Since it came out last expansion, it really brings home just how little pvp I’ve done.

.Puddle JumperPvp

Hopefully my guildies will keep up their pvp streak as it’s way more fun with friends and with skype to be able to easily say when and where you need help. Plus.. there is a ton of PvP transmog I haven’t collected yet so I need to keep winning for the new marks of honor to collect up new clothes.



Finishing off more Ach’s.. end of Expansion time-filler

I’ve had a huge focus on finishing off as many achievements as possible lately.  I went through a similar phase before Warlords went live as well. Collecting achs is a huge part of what I really like about the game and in the lull before the new expac it’s a great time to collect some more.

I popped into Ulduar over the weekend with Twice and we picked up a few achs we were missing.

We were doing Ulduar on 10man but there’s still a lot I need on 25man so that’ll be something to keep on my to-do list.

Luckily quite a few of my guild feel the same way about achs,  so we spent a bit of time running through Highmaul to collect the achievements in there which was pretty fun. And then we went into HFC and started working our way through a few of the missing achs for Glory of the Hellfire Raider.

Turning the tide ach

Then after raid finished, Twice and I compared ach lists and decided to go collect a few achs from older content again. Popping back into Mogu’shan Terrace was really interesting because to get the ach for reflecting Feng’s abilities back to him, you have to be in tank spec. So I got have a play with that which was a first.

It took me a couple of goes to get the hang of what I was doing to reflect the right spell back at the boss and I messed up a couple which meant Twice didn’t get all the parts to his ach.  We’ll definitely be going back  so I can help him finish that.

Feng Ach

We found that a lot of the Pandaria raid ach’s can’t be done with only 2 people. When the ach says “the full raid” must.. they really mean a full raid and you either need 10 or 25 to meet the  criteria to get the ach. We’ll have to see if we can round up another 8 bodies to come and fill out the raid to finish those off.  We still ran through the rest of MV for the transmog that neither of us had.

So after finding out that annoying detail, we skipped back to Cataclysm dgns. It has been ages since I’ve ran through a lot of them and it was ridiculously fast.

Spirit Twister Ach

I love that achs are account bound now as I took Z into Trial of the Crusader as she’d never been in there before and I managed to stuff up an ach for the third boss as I didn’t realise you need to keep adds from the 1st boss up all the way through to the third. Once I finished the other ones I needed, I popped over to an alt and re-did the raid and picked up the last ach.

I’m sitting at 19405 ach points,  I’d really like to try to get closer to 20k before Legion drops so I really need to sit down and work out what one’s are either close to being finished or are pretty easy to finish off and make an effort to get them done.

Achs to get

I’m really noticing my lack of PvP achs compared to everything else in the game. Maybe I need to put Z into a few  a lot of bgs to start working towards some of these.





Mythic dungeons on an under-geared tank and back to raiding!

With the pre-patch bringing some serious class changes as well as the return of a few guildies who have been missing in action the last few months, we popped in HFC to test out the class changes.  The raid went fairly smoothly especially given the returning guildies were either quite undergeared or hadn’t actually seen HFC before.

Resto druids feel pretty much exactly as they did before the patch. My toolbox hasn’t really changed that much and I’m not finding I’m missing too badly any of the spells that were removed. I am really looking forward to Legion healing as a Resto and getting my artifact weapon up to the point where I can have a moving tranq again (I do miss the days when I could steal Spirit-walkers grace for a mobile tranq).

What I don’t like is not having access to Stampeding roar as Resto anymore. I really liked the extra utility it brought and the speed boost but at least I still have displacer beast and dash. The removal of Mass rez from all but healers is a serious pain in the arse, I do hope that gets changed. While I’m not in favour of public outcry, I would add my voice to having this change rolled back.

Seeing ach’s pop up, has made me realise there are a ton of dungeon/raid ach’s still to get so that might be a good thing to focus on in the wind-down to Legion.

Soul Man Ach

After raid tonight we headed off for a few mythic dungeons for guildies that hadn’t done the achs yet. We had more than enough healers and dps that wanted to come so I brought along my undergeared tank. She hasn’t actually tanked all the Draenor heroic dgns yet, but there’s nothing like jumping right in the deep end.

I was pretty squishy which was fairly predictable given I still have 2 heirloom pieces and felt a bit bad at the start for stressing out our new healer who’s just joined us. They’re a long term friend of the most of the guildies so at least it wasn’t a complete stranger I was torturing.

There was a point where I whispered Twice, who organised the run saying I should leave, but he said stay and it wasn’t as bad as I was saying especially as I wasn’t the only undergeared one in there. So I stayed and despite the deaths it was pretty fun (from my pov anyway!)  My tank picked up a few pieces of gear and one ring was an 80 ilvl upgrade which was phenomenal.

Warrior - mythic dgns ach

Auchindoun was definitely the easier of the two though there was one particular trashpack that proved more difficult than most of the boss fights in both the  dgns we did.

Auch - tank Mythic BSM - Tank

Hopefully I haven’t scared my guildies too badly as to my tanking ability (or lack of) as I really do want to tank a lot more. Hipho, one of the guild tanks has offered to come and run LFR with me this week, which would be awesome if we go and do. It’ll be much easier being able to talk to the tank I’m working with especially for such a new one.

Making Buddies

After getting Leo to Wingman status I decided why stop there? I may as well make friends with the rest of the bodyguards for the achievement Wingmen (getting max rep with all the 5 bodyguards). Z already has Leorajh, so the next in line was Vivianne.

Since Z is still running around Everbloom Wilds daily for Laughing Skull Rep I’m killing two birds with one stone by getting rep with the bodyguards as well. Vivianne was a lot faster to get to max level, having a week of extra reputation from the darkmoon carousal really helped. As luck would have it once she hit max rep she offered a quest  to get her ability (yay portal to garrison) and the quest mob I needed happened to be right next to where we were killing mobs so it was a nice and fast quest.


But as soon as we got all friendly I swapped her out for Aeda.


She is seriously pretty with her green warlock wings. The downside to her is that she tends to want to tank all the mobs and boy is she squishy.  Leo and Vivianne rarely got hurt and usually a quick rejuv was all that was needed,  but Aeda requires my constant attention so far. Hopefully I get rep with her quick and can move on. Quite a high maintenance friend.

 Aeda 1

They won’t fear you if you’re dead Aeda….

I also decided to get Z moving on those older reps so she’s been flitting around the world buddying up to the various factions. The Frenzyheart tribe up in Scholazar Basin are hiding a toy behind their quartermaster so I’ve set my hearthstone there (with the garrison hearth and portal to Ashran in the garrison I love having  another port around the place) and have been popping up doing dailies there; I think it’s about 12 days from Revered to Exalted if I  do them every day.

I managed to get Z from 27 to 31 reps quite quickly (still a long way to 50 though). Questing and running a couple of dungeons in Borean Tundra and Dragonblight gave me exalted with The hand of Vengeance, Warsong Offensive and Tanuka which was a surprise as I didn’t realise I was that close to all 3. I also was able to get Tranquillian rep up really fast as all you have to do is all the Ghostlands quests and at 100 it’s very fast.The best thing about Ghostlands quests is it has my favourite quest in the game where you return a locket to Sylvanas from her sister Alleria. Once Sylvanas gets the locket she summons banshees to sing the Lament of the Highborne. Even though I have the toy now that summons the banshees (still can’t thank Thor and Cinder enough for the best gift ever!) to sing on demand it was still great to see it.

I found that wearing a tabard from Darkspear Trolls in Warlords dgns was giving 24 rep per kill as opposed to 3 rep per kill in Vanilla dgns so I might have Z running a few more of them. I also have quite a few cata achs to go so I’ve been working on them with a Dragonmaw Clan tabard on for extra rep. I’m starting to realised how much Horde lore I have missed by not questing through older zones as Horde (90% of my horde toons were xfered from Ally at 90). I started doing a few of the Twilight Highlands quests and up pops Garona quite early into the zone. Garona TH

I’ll be interested to see her story unfold as prior to seeing her in the legendary quests I only really knew of her from reading about her, not actually seeing her toon out and about in the world.

So at the moment chasing achievements and questing for rep is keeping Z quite busy in the game and none of my alts have had a look in, apart from me checking their garrison missions for gold. It’s going to be nerfed in 6.2 so I’m utilising all their treasure hunters as much as I can at the moment.

A flying achievement

While I’m really glad flying is coming in 6.2 (to be accurate, the achievement that grants it), because well I’m lazy and I like the convenience of flying, I’m also a little saddened it came about after the horrible response on the forums. I’d like to think it’s come about because the developers read the measured calm words of people like Matthew Rossi  and not the frenzied posts that make me wonder why the hell people play this game anyway if all they do is want to skip content. Really the attitude of “I’d do this (insert activity of choice), if only flying” was getting up my nose. No, you bloody wouldn’t, if you really wanted to do something you’d do it regardless.

But anyway, right or wrong, flying is coming and yet still the complaints are there. The most common one I’ve seen is along the lines of there’s too many requirements needed to get flying. Basically I feel it boils down to; “but I wanted to skip content and now you’re making me do it?”. Honestly, why the heck do people play this game if they don’t want to do anything?

Requirement for flying achievement

Loremaster of Draenor

This is so much easier to do than the old world loremaster achievements. You basically get shepherded from major quest line to quest line, many are even marked on your map with an ! and you don’t have to do every quest in the zone, just the ones in the major quest lines. I hit loremaster and still found there were quite a few quests left over to do, unlike old world zones where you quite often were searching for the elusive last quests.

Securing Draenor

This is made much easier now by being able to buy up the missions from the Garrison Quartermaster for 200gr each. While it’s a bunch of killing at the various locations there are things you can loot in each area, or slaves to release or trees to burn which all add to your total progress and make that blue bar fill up. there are only a couple that are really better done in a group, The Pit and Shattrath City namely, but they can be soloed, just don’t pull the whole zone and you should be fine. And it could have been worse – the requirement could have included you to do all the achievements associated with each quest.

100 Treasures

100 is only half of the 200 required for the meta achievement so that’s hardly doing “all the content in order to fly” really, it’s half the content. There are a ton of addons that make doing this achievement easier, Tomtom adds waypoints to your map and Handynotes marks the treasures on your map. Or you can buy a treasure map, once you’ve done loremaster in each zone, that marks the spots, but Handynotes means you can do the two at once.

3 Reputations in Tanaan

Apparently these aren’t going to be the grindfest that is reputation currently so hopefully it’ll be a little more motivating. With the addition of an Ashran portal in your garrison, you really can free up your main hearthstone for ease of getting around the world so fingers crossed there will be an inn near the daily hub and your hearthstone can be set there, negating the need to jump on a flightpath or a ride.

So what is there to be done once you get flying?

If you read certain places you’d be inclined to think you may as well pack up the game until 6.3 because you’ve worked your way through the game and there’s nothing left to do but really you’ve just scratched the surface of the game in order to get flying.

Pet battles – you can fly to each tamer – given that 6.2 is going to introduce a ton of rewards to buy with pet charms , this will be handy .

Quests – Loremaster doesn’t mean you’ve finished all the quests so you can get out there and hunt them down.

Archeology – because apparently this wasn’t able to be done when you didn’t have a flying mount.

Brawlers Guild

Garrison Campaigns

Achievement Hunting

Follower Collecting

Stick Pepe on your head and go kill bosses looking cute/ridiculous depending on your perspective

Collect Toys

and of course you could always AFK in the air above your nominated capital city watching trade chat, rather than sitting on the ground doing the same.

Pretty much if none of the above appeals to you, I would definitely have to ask, why are you playing this game?

I am happy with an achievement, saves me a ton of gold (especially if alts are factored in) that I can spend on a new mount or a pet or a pretty dress.

Playing the Rep game

My mage, Zira (now Jazria) is my oldest toon and she’s also the one who had the job of running around collecting achievement points and maxing out reputations. She’s the toon that completed Loremaster, back as a night elf and got the explorer title for visiting every zone.

Night Elf Zira

But when most of the achievements went account bound and I changed my main toon to Zeirah, I took over completing achievements on Z but left reputation hunting to my mage. Jaz is currently sitting at 45 Exalted reps, a mix of vanilla, bc and cata reps but  she hasn’t touched Mop or Warlords one (she’s still only 93). Z on the other hand has all the MoP ones maxed, including the grindfest that was Emperor Shaohao and is well on her way to maxing out the Warlords reps.

I always had the intention of getting all the reps on my mage but it suddenly occurred to me that I really am double handling the reps this way and since the reputations in this expac are so.. for want of a better word damn boring – kill this, kill that – I don’t know if I really would want to go back again on another toon. Daily quests I really don’t mind, sticking a tabard on and running dgns I really don’t mind, looting bodies for trinkets to hand in I also don’t mind but mindlessly killing mobs is downright painful.

So I guess I’m tossing up between two options, keep going as I am, with Z getting the new reps maxed out for the rewards when they are fairly current and then going back and doing it all over again on my mage. Or, what occurred to me is  taking Z back through the old content and getting her the older reps so that as new reputations come out she can max them out in current content and I don’t have to take my mage through them all over again.

But I’m really not sure which would be faster, my mage has more reps but hasn’t touched the ones you can only get through killing multiple mobs whereas Z has all the reps from the last 2 expacs but overall doesn’t have that many reps at all. I know I spent a very  long time trotting back and forth to Outland doing the daily quests out there for the various factions as well as countless dgn runs during Cataclysm on my mage but the timeless isle grind as well as all the different factions in MoP took up a seriously long time too.

 Hmm decisions decisions