Day 624: Holy Heck that’s a lot of Rex’s

We’re still working towards building a dino army to be able to attempt the first boss of the Island map, and Rexs are going to form a large part, so this weekend was a Rex breeding weekend.

We started out with 13 Rex eggs but there was a slight misclick when I went to place 2 of the eggs; ‘e’ is the keybind that pretty much does every action and ‘o’ is the keybind to drop items from your inventory.. muscle memory failed me at a critical time and I clicked ‘e’ over not1 but 2 eggs instead of ‘o’ and ended up eating them /sigh. At least we still had 11 un-nibbled on eggs, and 1 egg hatched twins so we have a good start to Rex army.

Babies get hatched in the breeding room so they’re all in the one place as you have to run between them adding food manually to their inventory until they get to 10% then they can eat automatically from a food trough as long as you keep it stocked with food.

To give you an idea of size – that’s a full grown rex leg showing through the door at the back.

Once they got close to not being able to fit out the door, they got booted out into the paddock with the adults. Normally I keep the server on over the whole weekend but we’ve found that if there’s no toon active in an area it goes into stasis and the dinos stop eating, which is fine for adults who need very little food if not active, but disastrous for  babies. The first time we raised a baby we nearly lost it when we logged in the next morning and the server automatically adjusted the food levels and it was nearly dead from starvation. Lesson learnt and the server got turned off overnight.

It was awesome watching them grow up slowly over the course of 2 real days, by the end of their growing stage, I was walking through a sea of Rex legs every time I went outside. 

The plan is to have about 25 Rex’s in the final boss group and the new additions bring our total Rex count to 18, so another weekend of breeding is ahead. I think we need to come up with a new place to store them all first though, the front yard is getting a little crowded.


Day 303: A bit of colour and a lot of breeding in Ark

Something I learnt this weekend is, when running your own server, just how valuable back ups are. I’ve been in the habit of making a back up each night of the server and I was so grateful Friday night for that. My server got shutdown unexpectedly and the save file got corrupted. When I logged back in, it was to find my toon in the starting area with no house or gear and the tribe log saying it was Day 1. It scared the heck out of me! Luckily the most recent save was only about 2 hours earlier so we didn’t end up losing too much progress and could restore really easily.

I’m now 405 hours into Ark and I finally feel like I’ve got a better handle on the game. There’s a lot less screaming and crying as there was and I’m not quite as scared about everything now. As you level up, each level grants a point to spend in different stats. Now I’m sitting at level 92, I’ve got enough points into health and damage that I don’t feel anywhere near as squishy which is great and I’ve been venturing out a lot more into the world on my own.

This weekend I wanted to give breeding a go. I started on Friday night with a Sabercat and a Direbear. The babies were so adorable and so tiny! The sever crash in one way was really good because I mistimed when the bear was due to give birth and the babies only last a few minutes without food before dying, so I wasn’t there and unfortunately the baby bear died. The restore save was just before the bear was born, so I got to have a 2nd go at being there to feed it.

We did boost the server rates a bit to make the times a little more reasonable. Official rates are horribly low, so to breed something like a Rex on official takes over 4 days (real time!), so we bumped up maturation rates to happen 3 times as quickly. Even so, the Saber and Bear still took quite a while to grow up fully.

I had been storing fertilized eggs all week so figured a whole weekend should be enough time to get some of them hatched. I started with 1 dodo egg, 1 Pterodon , 4 Raptors and  a Rex egg. To incubate the eggs you need to drop them in between air-conditioners and the game auto–regulates their temperatures.

Look at the size of the Rex egg! The Pterodon egg is hiding behind it but it’s about the size of the black Raptor eggs.

The baby Pterodon was just so cute. I  forget to take photos of the raptors but out of 4 raptor eggs we ended up with 6 baby raptors! You can get twins and triplets in Ark, so I ended up with a few more raptors than I was planning.

I had to build a raptor pet after all the babies grew up because inside the house suddenly got really cramped with them all in there.

The Rex really wasn’t that little even as a baby! He ended up coming out exactly the same pattern as his mum so they make a nice matched pair.


Next weekend I want to try to get a few more Rex’s and Pterodon’s hatched. The Pterodon came out with really good stats so hopefully I’ll get lucky and get more like it. The Rex came out pretty average in stats but he’s still going to be higher level than the ones we have now which is good, he’ll be nice and strong to stomp through the forest on.

I finally got around to painting the rest of the storage boxes. I love how they came out and it’s so nice and bright going to get supplies now.   

Dec let me know that I could also paint my armor so I now I feel like a superhero when I run around in my gold and purple armor. The picture doesn’t do it justice at all, it’s really bright and shiny  in game.

And the best thing so far in game was finding out that if you make and use a toilet, you get extra experience every time you poop on it.  Everything in Ark poops; it normally just falls out of you with a small text on  your screen telling you when you or your mount has defecated.

You can even pick the little poos up and put them into either a dung beetle or a compost bin and it will turn into a fertilizer packet. But today we decided to be civilized and built ourselves a toilet.

I didn’t know how to time being at the toilet when your toon is ready to poop,  but Dec pointed out that your food icon, which is normally blue, turns white when you are able to poo and if you go to the toilet at that time and sit down on it, you will actually get a small experience boost which lasts for 116 secs. This is absolutely awesome and I’ve been running my toon back and forth to the loo all afternoon. You can even flush the toilet and it splashes up and washes away your poo (which will sit there if you don’t flush it /blush). Flushing adds a fertilizer packet directly into your inventory.

This game is so fascinating.