2 sets of Druid Wings in 1 day

First off.. I got flying!

I didn’t think I was that excited about getting flying, but once people were getting the ach in guild, I realised I did really really want to fly and started to get really impatient watching the rep slowly climb up with each world quest. I can’t wait to go see all the places in the Broken Isles I haven’t been able to see before and leveling alts is going to be so much quicker now!


The 2nd set of wings comes from the Mythic tier set out of Blackrock Foundry in WoD. I ran through there today and luckily the shoulders which give the wings effect dropped!  I really really love the wings, they are seriously gorgeous, though I’m not so super keen on the shoulder’s themselves but I’ll live with them for the wings.

2 wings in one day isn’t too bad 🙂





Glory of the Draenor Raider

My guild has been working on finishing this achievement off before Legion goes live and we finally got the last boss achievement we needed last night.

Blackhand Ach

We left Blackhand til last as we knew this one would be an utter pain and it really was. It took quite a few attempts to get coordinated at catching 20 ashes that fall from the sky. Only a few fall onto the platform, with the majority falling just off it. Luckily not everyone has to catch an individual ash, if one  lands above multiple people, it counts for each person and pushes the total up to 20 a bit faster, but it’s still a very slow achievement to complete which means the fight really drags out.

Even at our HFC gear levels this fight was a pain  because of how long it took and the amount of people getting hit by all the abilities, it really came down to keeping people alive rather than a dps race. Having Demon Hunters in the raid with us made it a bit easier with their double jump and fel rush, they were able to get off the platform and catch a few further out to speed it up.

The final attempt was so close, we ended up with only 2 healers alive at the end to finish the boss off. So lucky! I’m really glad my guild are into achievements, it makes finishing them off together much more fun than with a random group.

Dead Blackhand

Now I have a Gorestrider Gronnling to add to my list of Draenor mounts. Poor guy probably won’t see much use time, I think he’s actually pretty ugly but you can’t really say no to an achievement mount can you 🙂

I couldn’t get Z’s camera to zoom out far enough to take a decent photo of us all, so Twice and Klor really nicely took the photos and sent them to me.


Photo by Twiceasnice


Gronnling 1

Photo by Klorithor


This just leaves 2 achievements to finish off for Glory of the Pandaria Raider and I’m all up to date on raid achs apart from Legion ones.


A few more bosses and a guild meet up

Raiding with the new guild is going quite well. We got hans/franz down the other week; that is a truly terrible fight. It took me way too long to be able to learn the heroic stamper dance; the dance I should have actually learnt in heroic /blush, however learn it I did and those evil twins died and very nicely gave me a mace which will be an upgrade if I manage to get my hands on an off hand anytime soon. I’m contemplating pugging into some heroic runs to try to roll an offhand just to use the shiny mace.

Tonight was the 2nd raid night of the week and we killed both Flamebender and Gruul tonight. Flamebender was a pain with all the weapons all over the place, they really limit movement after a while.


Gruul is basically exactly the same just a lot more damage. I think he went down on the 4th or 5th pull, which makes me wonder why he wasn’t higher up the priority of bosses to try. But after the many pulls on hans/frans an easier mythic boss was welcome.


I’ve been keeping an eye on the other two druids I’m healing with and I noticed that both use their aoe heal, wild growth, a lot more than me. I tried keeping up with their wild growth usage the other night and was so mana hungry all the time so I took a peak at them on the armory and realised that both had significantly more spirit than me, almost double in one case. So I went and retweaked some of my gear, the garrison mission must have known my plans because it very nicely handed over a spirit trinket this week, a trinket I actually scoffed at before I realised just how little spirit I had so I really gladly put it on and managed to match spirit levels. Now to train myself to be a little less conservative with my aoe healing and see how it goes.

My very long awaited guild meet up happened this weekend. It was absolutely fanastic. There were 13 of us, with  some coming from Qld and NSW as well as the majority of us who live here in Melbourne. We met up in a great burger bar for tea, then made our way to a retro gaming club afterwards. It was so exciting putting faces to voices, we even had our two tanks from when I first joined, Exo and Zugs come along even though neither have played in a while. Zugs even got tempted back to the game and logged in today, yay! The night flew by, even though we were there from 5pm to 12am it was really comfortable and so much talking was done. Lots of wow chatter as expected. A couple of members couldn’t make it due to work and our disc priest who lives in America so he certainly couldn’t come but apart from missing them it was pretty much the entire old raid team in one place. It was really good to see everyone even though lots of us have put our mains into progression guilds, Deadline still feels like home. Hopefully we can make this into an annual event.