Druid Order Hall Tier Racks Complete

Ever since I realised that the armor racks in the order halls could be completed and display the head and shoulders of Tier 1 though 10, I’ve been working on getting Zee’s sets completed. It did help having 2 100+ druids; if a piece didn’t drop I could go try again but it’s still taken quite a few weeks for the RNG to be in my favour and collect all the pieces for the 10 sets.

Tier 1 – Cenarion Raiment
Molton Core

Tier 2 – Stormrage Raiment
 Blackwing Lair,  Molton Core

Tier 2.5 Genesis Raiment
All pieces come from quests in Temple of Ahn’Qiraj

Tier 4 – Malorne Raiment
Gruuls Lair, Karazhan, Magtheridon’s Lair

Tier 5 – Nordrassil Harness
Serpentshrine Cavern, The Eye

Tier 6 – Thunderheart Harness
Black Temple, Hyjal Summit

Tier 7 – Dreamwalker Battlegear

Tier 8 – Nightsong Battlegear
Ulduar, Vendor in Dalaran

Tier 9 – Runetotem’s Battlegear (H), Malfurion’s Battlegear (A)
Trial of the Crusader

Tier 10  Lasherweave Battlegear
Icecrown Citadel

Out of all the sets, my favourite is the Thunderheart set as a whole, though there are pieces I like from each set. I didn’t actually realise until writing this post that there were two different appearances for Tier 9 depending on which faction you are. I much prefer the Alliance Malfurion’s set over the Horde version. The top is a separate piece to the pants so I can see lots of transmogs for my alliance leatherwearers that use that top.

This was a really fun collection to complete, even if frustrating waiting for the right drops. I think now the Druid set is complete I might pick another class and start their collection.

Wyrmy Tunkins

I’m not 100% sold on the new archeology method. I love that if I do the quest then I’ll definately get a rare item but I don’t really like having to wait until a quest is up to because I sometimes miss the surprise of finding a rare item just through digging..  I’m nothing if not indecisive.

I really liked the quest reward this week. Brann sent Z off to dig up 10 pieces of infernal machinery from various digsites around Aszuna. Once I collected all of them (it didn’t take that long and I also dug up enough Demonic pieces for 3 solves) and Brann had his little hands on them he summoned Wyrmy for Z to fight and defeat. The quest reward for defeating the demon was a pet version to keep.

I do like receiving new pets to keep!


Apparently he used to command an army of ten million demons.

He looks fierce enough. I tend to forget about the archeology quests so I’m really grateful Kublas from my guild told me about it and checked in to make sure I hadn’t forgotten to go get it started. Thanks!!

Z also got the 800 points in archeology ach while finishing this quest off which was also nice. A pet and an achievement in one go is always great.







Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

I took a step back from running a lot of mythic dgns this week and just played mostly around on alts and collected a whole set of new pets.

My priest was up to the bit in her order hall campaign where she had to do some dgns so I took her off to get her the holy weapon so she could heal them instead of running through as shadow. No waiting times and I get to see what healing as a priest feels like again.


I’m really liking healing as a holy priest though it did throw me a bit to realise she doesn’t have a short cd external damage reduction. I’m sure last time I played holy there was one but now the only external DR she has is on a 4 min cd. I didn’t seem to miss it too much, but I was only doing heroics. I’m not sure what it would be like doing mythic and above without a tank cd. I’ll have to try and find out.

WoW’s 12th birthday event is on and there’s a Corgi Pup if you go talk to the anniversary NPC in Orgrimmar. The Corgi is pretty cute, though I’m not fond of his bum dragging animation.


Cinder and I caught up for a anniversary photo. Do you know how tricky it is to get toons from opposite factions on different realms into the same space in New Dalaran. I got pulled into a group with a hordie on Saurfang but it still wouldn’t let me see Cinder. I think we were in different shards. I ended up jumping on my mage that lives on Saurfang and we went to old Dalaran and we could see each other. Yay!wowscrnshot_111816_210232

I found Dancing Foxes!! They were dancing all around where you kill the Majestic Stag in Highmountain for the world quest. I have no idea why they were dancing around but there they were.

Cinder happened to pop back onto a Barthilas toon right before shutdown tonight and asked if I had collected the Dust Bunny from the clickable rug in Dalaran as it was up. I hadn’t so I raced up to the barber shop in  Dalaran and discovered all this time I’ve been waiting at the wrong rug. I clicked the right one and Dust Bunnies spawned all over Dalaran.


The new bunny model is so detailed. It looks awesome.


I was looking through my pet journal and saw an entry for Grumpy, a pet you could get from a quest in Val’S. I immediately went out there and found it really easily. There’s a burning house near Bradensbrook and if you go to the top floor you can rescue Grumpy from the flames.

I think this weekend I might put a ton of time into collecting the pets from the Broken Isles pet battles. I still have collected hardly any and some of them look so cute.

My guild decided to drop Halls of Valor back from Heroic difficulty as we were beating our heads against Odyn and on normal we cleared through the whole place so easily. The difficulty difference between the two levels seems a bit extreme but at least we’ve seen all the fights now and can go back to working on Heroic.


I saw a twitter post that said  cats now will ride on druid’s backs in Travel form so I played around with that for a bit. But on both my alliance Z and horde Z, the cats ignored me. Rather like cats in real life I guess.

I ran a lot of alts through ICC, Trial of the Crusader, and Ulduar and have collected most of the pets for the new Raiding with Leashes. With the reset this week, I’ll run through all of them again and hopefully the last stubborn ones will drop. I’ve picked up a number of duplicates so I might look around and see if anyone is running a pet swap on the forums.   The upside is I’m also getting a lot of new transmog options as I’m trying to take an alt from each armor type through.

And that was my random week in wow.


Filling the Order Hall Armor Stands – Druid Tier 4

I’ve had Z in so many old raids this weekend trying to collect tier pieces for her armor stands and she got really with tier 4 tokens and managed to collect the full Malorne set in one go.

tier-4-armor-standTier 4 comes from BC Raids :

  • Gruuls Lair – Shoulder, Legs
  • Magtherian’s Lair – Chest
  • Karazhan – Head, Hands

The tokens get handed in Shattrath with either the Aldor or Scryers, depending on which faction you’re friendly with. Z hasn’t opened up either reputation so I just went to the Aldor npc,Asuur.  When handing in the tier tokens, you need to make sure you chose pieces that all have the same set bonus.

Once I turned in all the tokens and returned to my class hall, the armor still wasn’t showing on my stand.  I had a bit of worry about that but once the 2hr period where you can sell the armor back to the vendor for a refund was up, I relogged and it was showing!

I had a terrible realisation once Tier 4 was showing on its stand, there’s an armor stand there for Tier 3. The tier you can’t get in the game anymore, apart from the black market auction house.


Return of the Defias Set – 7.1

Twice mentioned that 7.1 brought an Outlaw Rouge specific quest to the Deadmines. The reward is a transmog set  of Blackened Defias Armor, which looks like the removed Defias Leather set that used to drop from there.  I was really interested in getting the transmog so we headed down to the Deadmines straight away. As part of the requirements to get the quest to show, you have to be a level  30 (or above) Outlaw Rogue and you need a Green Wing Macaw summoned with you.

We worked our way (without killing anything other than the bosses we needed to get the doors opened) through the dgn down to just opposite the ship at the end where there is a ghostly parrot.

defias-set-with-petOnce in front of the Parrot, an extra action button popped up. If you’re not an Outlaw Rogue or don’t have the pet out, the extra action button doesn’t show up.

Once I used the button to grapple up to a small cave above, Captain Bramblebeard gave me a quest to go collect 100 bandanas from mobs in the deadmines (the reason we didn’t kill any on the way through).


Once you collect all the bandanas, the quest reward is a 5 piece transmog set.

The set doesn’t include the helm but I think the Bladefang Hood (from a baleful token from Tanaan Jungle) suits it really well.


Now my rogue looks simply awesome for when she finally gets out and about to level up to 110.


Random act of froggyness

I’ve been ignoring Anax, the rare frog out the front of Shal’aran for the entirety of this expansion. I still have nightmares about frogs because of the ones on the Timeless Isle in MOP (with their lovely stacking debuff that exploded you when your stacks got too high) so I was quite happy to leave him to sit on his little island and pretend he wasn’t there each time NPC scan shouted at me.

But I happened to be running past on Z last night and there was an alliance feral druid attacking the frog and the poor druid was nearly dead.  Feeling sorry for them and since they were another druid, I decided to stop and help. I was really careful to only use shred so I didn’t accidentally put a bleed onto them and we finished off Anax.

I was so surprised when I looted him and he dropped a companion pet! If I had realised he was hiding a pet, I would have killed him weeks ago.


He’s quite a dignified little frog. I might have to cart him around the world with me a bit to get over my fear of frogs.

Last Draenor Glory – Dungeon Hero this time

Following on from running as a guild group to get finish the two raid Glory Meta’s for Draenor;  5 of us spent an evening running through Draenor Dungeons to finish off the Dungeon Glory Meta.

All the ach’s are done on heroic so it really wasn’t too difficult at this stage in the expansion.

Finishing this set of achs, also meant I got a new mount, a Frostplains Battleboar. This poor little boar has the fate of being more stable fodder, putting me one mount closer to 250.

Frostplains Battleboar

I swear I must be the most ungrateful druid in the game because there has not been a single Draenor mount I actually like unreservedly (No, I lie – I like the Moose), but honestly the majority just don’t do it for me. Ungrateful I know but there it is.

I haven’t been looking so I don’t spoil the surprise, but I really hope the mounts in Legion are pretty; I absolutely loved all the drakes that came from Cata achs and quite liked all the cloud serpents from MOP but the Draenor ones just aren’t quite my taste.

Finishing off all the Draenor Glory ach’s was a great way to finish of the expansion.

Scarlet Crusade Transmog is back in the game

I was really disappointed when the Scarlet Crusade transmog that used to drop from the old 4 instances of what’s now Scarlet Monastery and Scarlet Halls was removed when they were changed for MoP. I had managed to pick up only the Tabard  and Belt when the changes were implemented. I hung onto the pieces I had managed to collect given their extreme rarity and even when the transmog changes happened with the new patch, I tucked both items back in the bank and added them to the small list of transmog gear that wouldn’t be deleted or sold, even with account wide transmog now.

And it appears that the tabard will still be useful (to some anyway.. more about that later) as the addition of a new NPC down in Darkmoon Faire has really important ramifications for those that do have the Tabard.

Scarlet QM 2

There is now a Scarlet Crusade Quartermaster standing near the petting zoo in the Darkmoon Faire. Turns out if you equip the tabard and go down and talk to her you can buy a full set of the Scarlet Crusade gear for transmog.. but only if the tabard is equipped onto a mail or plate wearer. Unluckily for me the tabard I have is sitting on my mage, so no transmog for her.

Scarlet Crusdade Xmog

Scarlet QM

The tabard has been implemented back into the game at a very low drop from the Scarlet instances but I’m not sure if re-grinding the tabard is something I want to do. Luckily the belt I do have on my hunter so all my mail toons have learnt this appearance.

Given there is boa specific armor gear, I am a little puzzled why the transmog can’t be purchased by any toon with the correct tabard but only used by the right armor user. Similar to how the transmog gear from the garrison building can be purchased by any toon but only used by the right armor wearer.



Glory of the Hellfire Raider

Along with all the older ach’s I’ve been working on, my guild has been working on a more current one, Glory of the Hellfire Raider. We popped back in last night to pick up the last few achievements we needed. When the ach popped up half way through I was really surprised as I didn’t actually realise we were so close to finishing. But  we had done some of the later bosses last week

Pro Toss Non Lethal Enforcer ach

For completing this achievement, the reward is the Infernal Direwolf. Despite not being a big fan of wolf mounts.  I actually don’t mind this one, the colour is really pretty.

WoWScrnShot_080716_225951Infernal Wolf

It’s great we finished this one in the current expansion. I still have a few to go for Glory of the Draenor raider which is the achs for Highmaul and BRF, so hopefully there will be enough interest around in the guild still, otherwise that might be one I come back and do next expansion.

And just because my guild love to remind me that I haven’t got Ashes of Alar yet.. see them all in their glory.

Guild of Ashes of Alar

Tanaan Toys Collected.. Finally

A few weeks ago, Hip and I realised we didn’t have all the toys from Drakum, Gondar and Smashum Grabb in Tanaan Jungle so we decided to group up and kill them every night together until we had all 3 toys each.

After a week or so of us trotting off to the Jungle daily, Twice and Aglea began to join us for our nightly killing of the Toy People (as they got renamed) and as luck would have it, both of them collected all 3 toys before Hip and I had got ours.

It was making the pair of us a bit cross with the RNG as both of us got stuck on the toy from Gondar, even ending up with duplicates of the others before he dropped the ones we needed.

Learning all 3 toys gave me Iron Armada which comes from collecting the 3 toys from the Tanaan Rares and 2 from Winter Veil.

Iron Armada ach

Now we’ve collected the toys, we’ve started popping over to Nagrand to kill Pugg,  Guk and Rukdug for the 3 pets they drop. Hopefully the RNG won’t be too bad for us on this set of nightly rare kills.