Trying something new

This raiding thing has really been taking up a lot of my attention, I haven’t really even felt like blogging that much because pretty much all my time has been spent in a mental tug of war over what to do; stay with friends or go looking for the raiding I want.  But I made the decision that since I’m obviously not that happy in my current raiding situation, I could either sit there and be unhappy (even surrounded by guildies I liked) or I could go try something new. So I did.

I had whispered a few guilds over the last few days that had interesting looking ads, but while the people I was talking to were friendly, their existing team set up didn’t really grab me as being a good fit.  I had noted on my profile on wowprogress that I was looking for a new raiding guild and the next day I got a whisper from a guild looking for a healer. I jumped onto discord to have a talk with them and it went pretty well. The team sounds like what I’m looking for, I’d make the 4th dedicated healer (and they’re fine I don’t do raid level dps on my OS). They lost a healer a few weeks ago to real life stuff and have been having one of their dps fill in as heals which is handy as it means they already have a decent swing healer in place.

The GM is also the healing lead and is another Rdruid so he and I spent a while on discord talking druid chatter which was nice. I said I’d missed healing with another druid and he said the same. Apparently, the rest of the healing team is girls so I’m a little excited about getting to be in a guild with more girls again. For ages it’s just been me in Deadline. I just hope with the difference in our ilvl I’m not going to look really horrible against them. The guild is 3/10M currently so I did point out that I’m a bit lower ilvl/progession and offered to link logs for him  but he said he’d looked at my logs and was fine with them. I was surprised he’d already checked up but he said he wouldn’t have whispered me if he wasn’t happy with what he saw.

Last night was my last raid in Deadline and I was hoping we’d finish off Elis/Gul’dan and move onto Chron for mythic prog. But we ended up with a team of 13 in the raid group… People just do not turn up to progression on Sundays which was frustrating as it meant no working on mythic and it made killing Gul’dan, even on heroic, difficult as with such a tiny team there is just no room for error. It was horrible to tell the team, that’s already having roster problems, I was going but the frustration over the last raid made me sure that I’m making the right decision looking for something closer to what my expectations should be. Even if the new guild doesn’t turn out to be what I’m looking for, it’s a step in the right direction. My alts are staying in Deadline so I’ll still see my friends a lot as I’ve got a lot of levelling of alts to do still.

I ended up swapping guilds after the raid. I was actually doing a mythic + with Deadline guildies after the raid and made the swap part way through. It was really weird to have a different guild name after so long in Deadline.  I didn’t go alone though. Neuro came with me and is going to trial as well. Hopefully we both go well in our trials and find what we’re looking for. Guess only time will tell.




Stepping outside my comfort zone.. I’ve done it once, can I do it again?

I’ve realised that across my time of playing, the main reason I’ve left guilds is because of raiding. The first guild I joined and left, was in Cata after hitting max level and finally understanding that the guild I was with, while raiding, wasn’t doing it at the level that I knew was out there. So there was a guild split between those who wanted more and those who didn’t. It was messy and I lost people I thought were friends. Setting up a new guild on a small server was horribly hard and the new guild despite having all the best intentions just couldn’t pull it together. I was really lucky at the time because one of our tanks was in our runs on an alt, and his main was a healer in a much more progressed guild and they had an opening so he suggested I come heal in his guild and it was awesome finally killing bosses and at a much higher level than I had ever dreamed I’d be doing.

Stepping away from a guild which held the only people I knew in WoW to a whole different faction where no one I knew could even play with me, as no one had horde alts, was a massive step out of my comfort zone. But it was incredibly rewarding. Right up until the guild culture changed and eventually the thrill of killing the highest level of  bosses stopped outweighing how little I enjoyed sitting in vent with people whose attitudes I really couldn’t stand.

So I found Deadline, through Cinder, and it turned out to be a guild with people I really enjoy hanging around with. But the reality is, the interest in how much mythics are chased has always fluctuated wildly between the core raiders. Each expansion has pretty much started out with a high level of enthusiasm and then the same people tend to taper off through the expansion and then come back with renewed interest and talk of wanting to push raiding again and each time I’ve stayed and hoped it would get better and that the interest level would remain this time.

We’ve had some changes in the guild lately, people stopped playing completely, others only logging on for raids and the GM/RL has just taken a 2 week break to see if they come back  with a renewed desire to  actually keep playing. In their absence, there’s been a lot of talk about guild identity and it’s pretty clear there’s a bit of a issue with different expectations. Some members want to push harder, even if this means changing raid nights (Sundays are so damn annoying as people just don’t turn up) or adding an additional day, other’s don’t want to change or even would be happy if an even more relaxed pace was taken. Faced with such structural issues it’s a really difficult choice. If changes are pushed through then some long-time guild members get excluded and essentially the whole guild changes so in this case would it even be the Deadline I’m being nostalgic about?  And in this case, how long until people are sorted through into a tight-knit team again.  I think in this case finding like-minded people is better than browbeating people into accepting a new version than what they signed up for.

But taking that step is so scary; what if I find a guild that looks great on the outside but inside it’s terrible. Or one that despite appearances faces exactly the same roster issues or lack of cohesion. What if they just don’t like me or me them? What I’m if not as good as I think. Or what  if the raiders left in Deadline do end up making the changes the guild needs and starts raiding at the higher level I want to see and I’m finally not there after waiting for so long. And what if leaving hurts the raid team? I don’t think it would but  3 guildies have all independently said another departure of a leadership/officer so soon after 2 officers taking a break could weaken it to the point where it finally falls. While I don’t think that would happen, I don’t want to think I would be responsible to adding to further hardship, especially as a lot of our issues stem from people/roster issues as it is. Maybe its selfish to want to leave, rather than continuing to build on what we have.

I’m so damn terrible at decisions. Often they end up getting made solely because I do wait for so long things end up happening, not always the choice I would have wanted either.


Skorpyron.. our first Mythic Nighthold kill

I was really nervously watching the guild numbers tonight just before raid time and had my fingers crossed that we would have 20 log on. Luckily we did and then the next finger crossing was that we’d actually look at mythic before going to heroic. It’s probably no secret in my guild that I’m rather impatient to be working on mythic bosses, so I was utterly delighted that we did end up turning it to mythic and going to look at Skorpyron. And I’m so glad we did because he died! So now we’re 1/10M and I’m a very happy raider at the moment.


He is a much more interesting fight on Mythic;  instead of just one type of crystals that fall off him that you use to hide behind for shockwave, there are 3 different ones. Blue which act the same as in normal, green which do ticking damage to the raid and red which pulse and do aoe damage if you get within 5yards and which do large amounts of aoe to anyone in 15yards when the crystals are hit by shockwave.  There’s also an extra type of add that drops green goo pools on the ground. And the tether that the tanks have to deal with lasts longer so they have to dance around that more.

Despite the differences, he really wasn’t that much harder and we downed him fairly quickly. I was hoping that we’d go look at mythic Chronronmatic (of course I’d be hoping that) but other raiders were really worried we’d not clear heroic this week so we turned it to heroic and cleared up to Elisande. On Sunday we have the last 2 bosses in Heroic and then, fingers crossed depending on how many log on, some time on Chron.

Hopefully, everyone will actually look at what needs to be done on Chron. I was pretty surprised (and annoyed) that some people hadn’t looked at Skorpyron’s changes given we knew we’d be at him at least sometime this week. It’s the little things like not looking at boss fights that make me wonder if everyone’s priorities are all on the same page when it comes to raiding. Skorpy was obviously easy but moving forward they’re not going to be that easy and since we only raid 2 nights a week, people need to know what they are doing before they step into the raid so time doesn’t have to be wasted explaining fights. Hopefully that attitude changes as we go forward and people do the preparation.

I’m starting to sound like a negative nancy sometimes about my guild’s raiding mentality and it’s driving me nuts, I should just put the negatively aside and be super glad of our first mythic kill, which I am! But now I want the second one.

Gul’dan joins the rest

Yay, tonight we had all night ahead of us to kill Gul’dan and then we went and killed  him on the 2nd pull of the night.


We only had 19 people in the raid and initially I was still leaning towards 5 healers based on the damage we were seeing last time but Neuro kept telling me he was sure we could 4 heal it because the big damage we were seeing the other night was just because not enough souls were being absorbed and abilities were overlapping. So I decided to go with his opinion and see how we went, and he was right we didn’t need the 5th healer once souls were absorbed.


Since Gul’dan died so early into raid time l I thought we’d have the rest of the night ahead of us to work on Mythic Skorpyron. We did have only 19 but apparently he’s an easier boss so 19 should have been doable but then a person left as they had a very early start the next day leaving us with 18. I was utterly unimpressed that there wasn’t even real discussion about pugging in 2 people or giving it a try with who we had and instead people just logged off for the night or to go play other games.

The 13 of us that were left who wanted to raid, ended up going and doing H ToV and then EN together. It was pretty good loot wise, a 910 trinket dropped for one of the melee dps and 890 Brinewater trinket which was lots of people’s bis, mine included, but I wasn’t watching raid chat closely enough so missed it being rolled for.. Seriously derp moment that I was pretty annoyed at myself about but it went to our shadow priest and it was an upgrade for him so it will be put to good use.  I did end up picking up two relics for my dps weapon which were both big upgrades so that was good. At least the lower raids aren’t a waste of time with the AP that we can still use and the chance of upgrades. So actually, we really shouldn’t have had any of the raid team log off since everyone can always do with the chance of upgrades to make killing bosses easier.

I honestly don’t know what to think, we say we’re a mythic minded guild and then things like tonight happens. I get we didn’t have 20, but there was just no chat about going looking for extra people or how to approach mythics now we’ve cleared heroics. It was brought up  that we would do a clear next Wednesday and then mythic progression on Sunday but I really feel that’s backwards. Wednesdays are the nights we get the most people online; there’s been too many times we’ve cleared a raid on Wednesday and then ppl just don’t turn up for progression on Sunday.

I’m really glad to have killed Gul’dan but to be totally honest, I see heroic Gul’dan as just the gateway to where raiding really starts and the way our raid just disbanded after he died really makes me wonder if everyone in our raid team feels the same. Or maybe I was just being too idealistic thinking we could go in there with 18, or pull in outside people and the people who left were being more realistic about our chances tonight. I don’t know but I tend to feel that if we all saw mythics as being the end goal, then people would have found the motivation to stay and raid and find a solution to get us onto Mythic Skorpyron.

I wish raiding wasn’t so important to me, then I wouldn’t get so upset over a game, I told a friend about Gul’dan falling down and he said a win is a win, so why don’t I feel that way? I should be ecstatic about clearing Nighthold but instead I’m dissatisfied with the way raid ended. Maybe, I need to put this game back into perspective and not let it affect me and just be happy with what I do have.


Moving through Nighthold, Elisande makes 9/10.

We walked in tonight straight onto Elisande and  we managed to get her down on the 2nd attempt. It was awesome to get her down so easily, I think a few of us were concerned we’d be on her for a while. A great upside of her dying early meant it would give us a lot of time to work on Gul’dan.



Her fight is really interesting but so damn chaotic, running around dodging rings of death and swirls of doom on the floor and popping in and out of bubbles. I ended up making a button bar that has just Bear form, frenzied regeneration and ironbark on it. I put it up next to Vuhdo, since my mouse is there, because I’m clicking those abilities. Having Guardian affinity for that fight was really handy because if I stuffed up dodging the ring of orbs, I could drop into bear and pop frenzied and it would heal me up for a decent chunk of the damage I had just taken.

We then spent the rest of the night on Gul’dan and our best and last attempt of the night had him at 13%  so fairly decent progression on him in one night but I was so hoping we would get him down. An extra raid night was put on the calender for tomorrow night to see if we can gather enough people to go back and have another look at him again before the lock expires but I don’t know if there will be enough interest.

After coming along with us via cross-realm for a couple of weeks, Neuro properly realm changed and rejoined our guild. It’s really great having Neuro back raiding with us. But it’s bittersweet under the circumstances he’s rejoined (Neuro’s friend/raid leader passed away and while the guild is moving forward, I guess for Neuro the feel without him is too different) and I know he’s probably missed back in Frostwolves. I’m trying to be cognizant of the reasons he’s back and not get too excited about how good it is in case I make him sad. But I love having him back, and I get to talk druid chatter to him as well which is especially great now that Drew has decided that Final Fantasy is more interesting and I lost my druid healing buddy.

Fingers crossed next week will see a full clear of Heroic NH but I’m not 100% sure if there is the same level of interest for moving into mythics across the whole raid team so that’s possibly going to have to be a bridge we cross when we get there. After the difficulty we had finding 20 for Emerald Nightmare, losing people now because of lack of interest is going to suck big time.  First though, Gul’dan has to fall over.


Thursday Night Shenanigans

Being Thursday night we had our normal Nighthold run. I’m not sure how much longer we’re doing the extra raid night but I’m enjoying going back on the lower difficulty and still having the possibility of upgrades dropping with the war/titan forging that can go on.

At the start of the night we only had 11 people turn up and only Elandrix and myself as healers which was disappointing as I really wanted to play boomy (I’m having a slight boomy obsession atm), so I suggested to E that he try solo healing the first few bosses, so he did and he did amazing. I was so impressed with his healing.

He actually ended up solo healing the whole raid even when we bumped up to 13 people. There were a few deaths along the way of people here and there but I don’t think we actually wiped fully on any boss.  About half way through the raid,  Neuro mentioned he had been innervating E lots and I realised I hadn’t even used it once on him, what a crappy boomy I am 😦

Speaking of crappy boomys, my dps was so low, I was luckily above the tanks but not by much.  I realised part of the way into raid that some of my keybinds were seriously screwed up. Spells that I needed to be casting the most were on difficult to reach binds and ones I didn’t use much were on what I consider my spammy buttons, so along the way I was rejigging where I had things. I really need to practice, I’m still a lot hazy on the opening rotation. I have what to do when we’re into the fight mostly down in my head, but certainly not the priority to open and it takes a lot of concentration.

Then after raid,  Twice and I decided to go 2 man mythic Maw of Souls as there was an item in there we needed for the next part of the Balance of Power quest we’re on. We had just started the first boss when Neuro mentioned he needed to run mythics for the weekly quest so he came along too. We cleared it fairly quickly and very easily so we turned in that quest and picked up the next one to go to Neltharian’s lair. Twice picked up a legendary out of that run but it’s not a very useful one so it wasn’t such an exciting win after all.



Being able to blast though content that only a few weeks ago was still difficult makes for some fun runs.

Next up in the quest line, we have to go gather feast items from different zones and then take the feast into Halls of Valor (if I’m remembering what I read on wowhead correctly). I’d like to try to finish that quest this week. I know the artifact skin’s not going anywhere but the boomy and bear skins are gorgeous so I do want them, but as I’m still doing the kill x amount of things with the hidden weapon appearances I won’t be changing to using another appearance just yet.

Hopefully with tomorrow being Friday, the heroic EN that I pugged into last week will be on and I can go along again, they were nice people and I really really want as much AP as I can get my greedy little paws on.



The end of our raiding week..7/10

The end of  our raiding week saw us with 2 new bosses down. We started with Tel’arn, who we had been having trouble with last week. We had been getting overrun with flowers but we got that under control this week and he went down fairly easily compared to the attempts that we had on him last week.


Then we headed to Tichondrius as our 7th boss to progress on. I’m pretty sure he took us less attempts than Tel’arn to get down, it wasn’t nearly as difficult a fight as I was anticipating. I really liked Tich’s fight, managing blowing up the Brand of Argus, hiding behind pillars and chasing bats for their purple orbs of mana return kept the fight really interesting.


Twice recorded our Tich kill. He pointed out my mini-heart attack at the end as I was trying to move over to the Carrion plague side with Brand on me and trying to get the dps there to move apart so we didn’t accidentally blow it up. Trav misunderstood what I wanted and decided to come stand with me…

We had a spontaneous ring-in with Neuro coming to raid with us this week. His guild had an unexpected tragedy so the guild was taking some time out from their raid schedule and Neuro came along with us so we could help distract him a little. Despite the circumstances of why he was there, it was awesome having Neuro back in our raid. He used to raid with us for a long while but went off to do more mythic raiding when Deadline took a break from raiding in WoD. He’s now stepped back from pushing mythics as much and is a member in Frostwolves with Navi. While I know he’s enjoying raiding where he is,  I’m pretty sure quite a few of us have missed him being with us, I know I have.

For our normal Nighthold run on Thursday we were steamrolling through the bosses and we really didn’t need 3 healers so I swapped over to Boomy for the night. It was really fun and I spent most of the night trying to copy what Neuro was casting. He really nicely put some time aside on Sunday to spend time with me on the training dummies running me through how to play a boomy this expansion.

For the first time in a long while I really enjoy how boomy feels to play so I’ve been doing a few dgns to get used to the spec off the training dummies. I can kill trash really well with Starfall spam, though I don’t keep those numbers up so high on the boss fights. I need to put a lot more time into this spec so I can go dps in our raids as eventually we’re going to be over-healing it again, just like we ended up doing in EN. z-can-trash

It would be great if I can really enjoy boomy this expac, I truly didn’t like the way it felt to play last expansion so I rarely touched it but so far it feels a lot different. I see that 7.2 is bringing new Druid spell animations which look pretty amazing. I am a bit sad to see the ring of purple glitter going from the base of Starfall, I really loved that effect, it was so pretty. But the actual falling stars look better in the new version. And OMG how amazing does Efflo look now, I love the new rune look and the wild flowers that sprout in it are way better looking than the solitary mushroom and flat flowers. But nothing beats the changes to Tranquility, the new casting animation is gorgeous (fingers crossed it looks as good when it’s a Troll casting).

Photos borrowed from mmo-champion.

There’s a full video over at MMO Champion’s Twitch channel.. here.. if you want to see all the new spell animations.

It’s a good time to be a Druid!


Nighthold, visiting Guldan

Warning: Some of the photos are spoilers, especially the Gul’dan ones so be aware if you keep reading 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve raided 3 nights in a row but it was really awesome there were enough people in the guild that were interested to keep coming back until we cleared Nighthold and could see the full raid.

We went back in the night after the official guild raid and got the 7 of the bosses cleared through on normal. We flew through the first 3 as we had already done them on heroic and we knew the fights and the damage/mechanics were a lot easier on this difficulty. Spellblade Auriel went down really easily compared to her heroic counterpart who had caused us trouble, but we used a different positioning for her fire adds which should help in heroic. We placed them in a semi circle around her, rather than off the side, so melee dps didn’t have to take time out to run to them.. which would have been awesomely easy compared to where we had been stacking them in heroic except we found in normal the adds don’t stay in the one place but instead run around once they spawn. Oh well, at least the pools they spawned from were placed nicely.


I loved the Krosus fight, but didn’t take any photos, no idea what I was distracted by. But you’re on a bridge that he slowly demolishes side by side, so it’s a lot of ducking back and forth across it and avoiding a laser beam he shoots out. He kindly telegraphs which side he’s going to shoot it out by raising his arm so you have lots of time to move. He’d be no good in poker with such obvious tells I think.


Tichondrius was quite fun too, we all stayed stacked up on once side until carrion plague went out and then the plagued people ran away to the other side and stayed there so they didn’t infect us and then we ducked behind pillars he spawned at times. Apparently the pillars are more fragile in heroic so you have to be aware of how many people are stacking behind each one but in normal there wasn’t restrictions so we all just clumped together. Tich also has a healer only debuff in phase 3 which summons an add when dispelled. I didn’t end up getting it once so it seems it wasn’t healer wide.


My absolute favourite fight was the Star Augur. His room was really beautiful to begin with before the fight and then during the fight the walls drop away and we’re up among the stars. It’s so gorgeous and the fight mechanically wise was probably one of my favourites as well.

We came back the third night and started at Botanist. Turnout was a bit lower and we had a raid of 10 at the start. I forgot how much I love smaller raid sizes (I used to only raid with 10 way back before flexible raids were a thing) and it was just 2 tanks, 2 heals and the 6 dps. There was a lot of movement in this fight and we had all melee with us, I think it would be a lot easier with some ranged to help run over and soak the spores that spawned. But we got it down even with this set up. The garden the Botanist fight is set in was another beautiful room. I seriously can’t get over how gorgeous this raid is. It’s definitely first place on my list for beautiful raids now.

Then it was onto the final two bosses. I was so excited going through the portal to see Elisande. She really plays with time in this fight summoning adds that drop bubbles that can slow down time which were handy for the rings of orbs that spawn, more orbs to find gaps for..

And then Guldan. I was so excited when we were finally standing in front of this boss. He took us a few goes to get the mechanics right. During the fight he does a knock back to a few people and tethers them to the ground and to break the tethers you need people in there with you to absorb the damage when the bonds break. We found pretty quickly that you can really easily be knocked off the edge if you’ve not got your back to the centre and you get targeted. He was probably the most damaging fight, which is what I’d expect from the end boss, so I think on heroic we might be on him for a bit.

The cutscence once he died was absolutely amazing. Toco had told me on Wednesday that I was going to love the Guldan cutscene and he was absolutely 100% correct. Omg I am so excited for the rest of the expansion to unroll.

Another really cool benefit of killing Guldan was I could go talk to Occuluth in Shal’aran and get a quest for my Arcanists Manasaber as part of finishing the Insurrection quest line. This is the same model that my Druid turns into in travel form when masked in Suramar city but with one huge difference… it can fly!


I really loved seeing all of this raid, the fights were really interesting, and really varied which is great given how many bosses are in there and visually it is a stunning raid. By far one of the most beautiful raids I’ve seen. Given we’ll be in here for quite a few months to come, I’m really glad of the gorgeous scenery we’ll be surrounded by.




One night in Karazhan

I went into Karazhan the day it was released and cleared through and then I hadn’t got around to going back in. And I probably wouldn’t have except I was reading on the Resto Druid discord just how good Drape of Shame from the Maiden of Virtue was and I started talking about needing to go in there.

When I logged on last night, Elandrix said we should look at  getting a Karazhan run together so it ended up being Twice (wonder how confusing it is for the new people in our guild that Twice still gets called Twice despite changing to Rades, his DH), Elandrix on his pally and two newer members of our guild, Muns and Dys. I shouldn’t call them new really, it’s been quite a few weeks now they’ve been in the guild but outside of raiding I haven’t really been around them too much, so they’re still newish to me 🙂

Everyone in there, besides me, had been doing Kara pretty constantly so it was a super easy run. Dys was tanking on his druid (he’s normally a warrior tank in our raids) and I’ll put Druids up there as one of my favourite tanks to heal, their health is rather constant, not ridiculously spiky like a Demon Hunter.

We started out with a Nightbane run which was really fun, the guys gave me lots of tips along the way, E normally heals so he was telling me things to look out for. The Nightbane fight was really fun, there were 2 debuffs that went out on people. 1 did damage to the group on its expiry based on the amount of health the debuffed person still had, so I had to not heal that person, and they had drop their health as low as possible without dying to limit the group damage. The 2nd debuff spawned skeletons when it was dispelled so you had to heal through it as long as possible, which wasn’t too bad either.  I really like fights like that because they give healers something extra to look out for rather than just healing up damage.  I got the achievement too but completely forgot to screenshot it.

I was soo excited that the Smoldering Ember Wyrm dropped for me (it helped that the other 4 already had it lol) so I got a gorgeous new dragon mount!




I should be a Tauren, you get an extra sized mount!

The rest of the run went really smoothly, and way way quicker than I was expecting. E got a Drape of Shame from the Maiden as his loot and he really nicely traded it over so that was one thing off my wish list and when we got to the Mana Wyrm boss that dropped the mana return trinket he turned his spec to holy for an extra chance. It didn’t drop for anyone in the run but then.. I managed to bonus roll it! So that was the other thing off my wish list. I can’t believe I got both things I really wanted and a mount too! Such an awesome run.

I remembered this time to go find Medivh. He had some really good advice.


Then we went and did Court of Starts since E had a decent key. It went really well apart from the one trash pull that just exploded and with bolstering we ended up a mob with 400mil health. It was fun running with a mix of older and newer guild members, it’s really good that we seem to gel pretty well. It was a pretty good Friday night 😀

Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

A very quiet week mostly. Nothing on the raiding news because we’re pretty much at a standstill in terms of what we can do. We have a consistent 16-18 people lately, not enough for mythic progression; like so many guilds out there. Barthilas is full of guilds looking for 1-4 players to round out their roster. At that many people, no one wants to be the first to disband their guild leaving so many other guilds that only need a few players in an absolute limbo as recruiting is really difficult. It’s quickly coming to a situation where I’m going to have to decide what’s more important to me in the game.. but this isn’t the post to do it in.

I finished my Priest’s campaign. I think I prefered the priest’s campaign over both the hunter and druid one tbh. It was a lot more interesting and I followed along with the story better. It was the only one of the 3 that I completed pretty much in one go without a break in between stages because of levelling and I think I much prefer that style. On the druid and hunter, by the time I had got to the next stage in the order campaign, I had forgotten parts of the previous one because of all the other quests that I’d done in between from levelling and professions.

I do think some sort of phasing should have been put in for the last quest where all the other priests are hailing you as high priest because it sort of loses its value as you’re surrounded by a ton of other real player priests who all have got the same title.

Doing the priest campaign makes 3 of the 12 order halls done. It gave me an achievement too! Next Ach is for 5 campagins.


Next up will be my Deathknight. She’s at 105 and is seriously the most fun of all my toons to level and so far, her campaign is the most interesting too. I’ve heard a few spoilers for what will be at the end of the DK campaign and I can’t wait to get there to see it myself. She’s questing in Stormheim atm, which storywise, is my favourite zone.


I stepped into Karazhan once more and finished the quest to get Moroes as a follower.

He’s been quite helpful so far bringing back a dinner invitation that gave me Baroness Dorothea. She acts as a recruit minion with only 1 health so she’s good for only one mission, but I do like her Prattle On ability.


How awesome does Hip look all arcane and glowy? He stopped doing his arcane artifact questline long enough to come run a few mythic dgns the other night, and even though he was doing the dgns as fire, he got to keep the effect. I half wish he didn’t have to finish the questline because this looks awesome.


And that’s my week. Let’s hope some miracle occurs and we have 20 online tomorrow  night and we can get back to progressing. .