Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in my games each week.

I’ve been sitting at 19/20 completed Black Rook Rumbles for ages because normally I only ever see that WQ up around 1am, so while I finished the other 3 a long time ago, getting 20 Black Rooks was taking forever. But this morning it was up at a relatively reasonable hour.. 7.30am! I logged in straight away hoping it would be relatively deserted and it was.

I’m so glad I’m Alliance for this achievement mount because the Alliance Horse is really quite pretty (ignoring the skulls hanging off the saddle) and I much prefer horse mounts over the wolf that Horde always gets.

I took another step in Ark and decided to further build my raptor army by breeding the ones I had.

Once the females mating bar filled up, she drops a fertilized egg instead of the normal types of egg. I haven’t looked into just what I have to do to actually have the egg hatch yet but luckily you can store them in the fridge, you can craft and power, and it keeps them fertile for up to 7 days real-time. I let all 4 females mate so there are 4 eggs chilling away in the fridge waiting for the weekend when I have time to have a look at the egg layers breeding side of Ark. I can’t wait to see what colours I get.

I made a few random dyes by throwing a mix of berries into the cooking pot to see what I would get. The colours came out ranging from whites, golds and a few pinks and purples. Very pretty, so I went on a bit of a painting frenzy on some of the storage boxes.

I like how they turned out so if Dec doesn’t have a fit at the rainbow boxes when he logs in tomorrow, I might paint the rest of them.

Frogs with saddles. These guys jump so high and attack by flicking their super long tongues out. It’s hard to take them seriously when I see them, they just make me laugh so much. I wish they could wear the party hats.  

And that was my week in games.  How was yours?




The Raptor Fiasco of 2017

My Raptor Army is growing!

Though not without some difficulties along the way. Let me tell you the story of the Great Raptor Fiasco. For background, Raptors are fast, vicious little creatures that even now are slightly terrifying to meet in the wild.

So our story starts when I saw 2 raptors roaming around the base tonight and peeped at them through my spyglass to see one was level 10  and one was level 110! Max level is 150, so I was happy to see a such a high level one. The higher the level the stronger they are once tamed and Raptors are apparently very useful to take into Caves as protection as they can slip through places larger dinos can’t.

I got super excited about the 110 and grabbed the biggest bird we have and flew over and  picked up that unsuspecting raptor and dropped her into one of the pens we made to tame animals in. Taming pens are built with gaps left in the walls so we can shoot dinos we drop in there with tranquilizers but they can’t get out. But.. I quickly found out, the pen wasn’t built with skinny little raptors in mind and while most of the openings were too small for her to squeeze out of, one was just big enough for a very mad 110 raptor to escape and chase me. Which immediately annoyed my other dinos in the area and 3 Stegosaurus and  2 T-Rexs came rushing to my defense and started killing the raptor, which I wasn’t pleased about. I managed to fly my bird back into the mosh pit of fighting dinos and picked up the very bloody near death Raptor and used the whistle command to put all the dinos in the area on passive so they wouldn’t attack anything while I hovered the bird in mid-air dangling the raptor below and thought about where would be safe. I ended up dropping the raptor into the breeding pen which had a small doorway in it that the raptor couldn’t fit through. Luckily it was empty at the time, so it made a suitable temporary home.

Once I finally knocked it out, I went out to go get meat for it to eat while it was knocked out, only to find its level 10 mate had got rather upset about me taking its lady and was now attacking a completely passive Steggo. The Steggo had apparently calmly been taking the raptor attack for a while as it was covered in blood,  so I whistled every single dino onto attack mode (I might have panicked a little). Every dino we owned ran to the one spot, if they were inside and couldn’t get there, they all bunched up on the wall closest to where the Raptor was. It was a mess.

It was a rather large job moving all the dinos back into their various pens and houses when I noticed  2 Steggos were missing. I looked around the house but no Stegosaurus. I looked at the tribe log but there were no Steggo deaths recorded. I finally I wandered over to the cliff edge and peered over and there they were.. far down below, neck deep in Piranha infested water and still on passive so unable to defend themselves. /sigh

I grabbed a T-Rex, in case there were any other dangerous dinos in my way, and held my fingers crossed the Steggos would still be alive when I got there as I ran (well briskly walked as T-Rex’s are slow) down the hill and around the cliff into the water. Luckily they were still swimming and I could lead them safely home.

And that was the great Raptor Fiasco. The very next thing I did, was build a pen that was raptor-escape proof!


A bit of Ark and a bit of WoW

I think I’ve found a happy medium between the two games, though Ark is still getting the main played time. I’ve found myself logging onto WoW a little more this week to dip my toes into world quests on Argus a bit more.  Boy that place is confusing trying to find my way around. I’m pretty sure I’m missing something because I remember doing a couple of weeks of quest campaign and now I can’t find any follow on. It’s frustrating me a little because I’d like to see more of the story.

Playing only Boomy while I’m questing about, I decided to drop all my AP I’m collecting into my balance weapon to get it up to 60 and then I’ll probably go back to putting it into Resto.I feel a bit guilty not focusing on my resto weapon but it’d be nice to have the first row of boomy relics unlocked. I noticed the guild message of the day was telling the raiders they should have Artifact level around 67-68 this week as they’re starting mythic Avatar. Z’s resto weapon is only at 64 which makes me realize there would be a ton of catch up if I wanted to get back into raiding any time soon. For now though, I’m enjoying running around Argus as a boomy, she still has the dumb arms out to the side animation but the fights are short so I don’t notice as much and I’m usually distracted by the cool flashy lights and glowing spells that come with throwing moons and astral beams at mobs.

Playing boomy more means a whole new transmog is needed. I really don’t like the boomy scythe that much but decided to embrace the style I disliked the least and make an outfit to match it. I love the top I picked; I’ve wanted to use it for ages but every time I went to make an outfit with it, I’d try to match it with something blue and I just don’t have any blue leather that looks good. Last night, I was trying every pair of pants I had and finally found a pair I like, picking up the brown colour for a change.

Up to Day 197 in Ark and the house just keeps growing. I knock down walls and add new rooms as I go and as the dino count expands past the space we have inside.

It’s a bit haphazard but I like how it’s looking so far.Inside it’s spread across 4 different levels and still mostly wood and stone but I’m getting close to the point where all the big metal pieces of crafting equipment are made so then all the metal collected can be turned into metal building parts.

I really love the staircases that can be built and basically made a whole room just to use the staircase. It’s completely empty at the moment until I find a use for it, but I love going into the room, climbing the staircase and looking out over the river and forest from the balcony.

Early morning mist over the forest.

Taming went crazy over the weekend with heaps of new additions. My favourite at the moment is the Thylacoleo, he’s an amazing climber and in the wild they usually perch about half way up large trees in the Redwood Forest and leap out onto you as you fly past. It makes the forest really scary, you should have heard me scream when one of these leapt off a tree and knocked me off my mount and killed me on the forest floor today. Tamed though, it’s such a cool dino as it can climb up walls and cliffs and jump really really high.

Look at these cheeky little Raptors. They are so hyperactive when they’re in the wild and come in so many different colours. No surprises that I want to tame every colour way lol.

The snails can wear hats! These little guys are so cute just wandering around the place and you can equip them with hats and then put different hat skins over them. My favourite is by far the party hat one.

It’s a good mix of both gaming worlds at the moment. It honestly was the best feeling looking at my watch this lazy Sunday afternoon and realizing I didn’t have to be logging on to WoW to lock myself into Tomb for the rest of the night. Wonder if I can get through next expansion or next raid without burning myself out?


Day 36

My server is 36 Ark days old and I’m still on my starting island, though my house has grown from the thatch hut I started with.

I’m still in the safe part down south so wood should be fine to keep most of the predators out, though once I start expanding up north I’ll need to move into stone building. The further north you go on a map in Ark the more you encounter the stronger carnivore dinosaurs that are able to break wood and thatch, though every now and again you may get an exploring carno come down even to the south zones. Case in point was last night, I spent a good hour taming a triceratops only to have it eaten 5mins after taming by a level 60 (I was level 14) carno who had come down out of his usual hunting grounds. Most frustrating.

Dec and I had a talk after that and decided to bump up the xp and taming timers on the server. His new work hours and the time difference between us means we have about half the play time together each night we’ve been used to  having. The faster rates means we can actually get things done when we’re both online and as I’m playing by myself after Dec logs off for the night, I’m more likely to go tame something alone if I know it’s only going to take me 30-60mins rather than 2 or more hours. We also bumped up XP gain a little to help with the  fact that when I shut my pc down at night, the server shuts off and we don’t accumulate passive xp like we would on a normal server which keeps going even if we’re not online.

After the carno/taming shenanigans last night, taming the next trike in only 15mins was much more pleasurable. The faster tames also means if a dino accident does occur it’s not such a huge effort to recoup.  To tame most dinos you need to knock them unconscious and then feed them while they’re asleep. They actually make little snoring sounds while they’re out, it’s really quite cute.

Once she was tamed though, I added a pen to the main house to try to help keep her a bit safer.

We’ve had a beaver move in on the river near us which is awesome as it’s a nice handy source of wood but I have to be really careful the beavers aren’t close by when I raid their nest as they get really aggro and chase for ages. Some dinos, if they can’t catch you will actually go for your house, so I’m really careful about when I go help myself to free wood because I don’t want a cranky beaver to turn around and destroy my house in retaliation.

Inside is coming along, we put down a forge and workbench to start making metal tools but this house is definitely going to only be a temporary one as it’s quite a long way from any metal spawns so trekking through the bush and then lugging heavy metal back isn’t going to work too well.    It’s early days yet, I can’t wait to get out and explore more.


Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in my games each week.

In WoW, I was running around Argus and one of the rares I killed dropped an Egg. I was quite happy to see this as I’ve heard they have mounts in them and I wanted to see what I’d get.

It was a Fel Glow Mana Ray. I’ll never say no to a free mount and I love that he looks like he has a cranky fel face on his back. That should help scare mobs away, if only I could fly him around in Argus hey.

On the Ark front, the baby pony survived!

As big as mum now!

Over the weekend Dec and I were talking about how full the server was getting. Ark limits the people that are allowed on each server to 70 but even though that number seems small it doesn’t take long for that many players to really make their mark. When we started on Scorched Earth it was almost empty and really fun to play on as there was no lag and lots of free space  Over the last few weeks more and more people were joining. The developers only released 2 oceanic servers per map and they are in peak demand. With so many people competing for dino tames and building structures which causes lots of server lag and increasing rubber banding (where you’re doing an action and you’re suddenly snapped back to the location you were a few seconds ago) the server wasn’t quite as fun.

One of the big things in PvE servers that is really annoying is that you can’t build within a certain radius from other players structures so a form of territory marking called pillering emerges as more people play on a server and they put essentially pillars down around their base and as much land as they can which limits the space available to build and just is rather frustrating and also really ugly as you can’t fly 2 spaces without seeing a landscape littered with pillers. PvP servers are much better for that as you can easily destroy other people’s structures as well as your interaction with wild dinos is a lot better as you can pick them up with your own dinos but PvP maps aren’t my thing as you can also be destroyed as easily as your structures.

So I spent a day researching how to set up my own Ark server and then went and made one. Unlike WoW, unofficial Ark servers are supported by the developers,  have thier own place on the official ark forums and you can even access them from the actual Ark launcher.

such original server naming right!

I was ridiculously happy with myself for figuring out how to do this because it meant I had to go work out port forwarding and static IP addresses and learn making batch files and scripts and all things that might be commonplace to some but was a huge learning curve for me and amazingly it finally came together and I have my own unspoiled unpopulated gorgeous server.

Dec and I spent ages just wandering around (and dying to dinos as we were in tourist mode and didn’t make weapons or  armor) just unable to get over how gorgeous the map is without other people. I feel like pinching myself when I think of all the gorgeous locations for bases I won’t have to compete with other people for and all the dinos are mine (and Decs I guess) so I can choose to tame the ones who’s colours I love the most.

My own server brings a few concerns though too, I need to remember to back up regularly and as I’m hosting it on my own PC, there’s no support if the server crashes or gets corrupted, I’ll have to either work it out or start again. But we’ll see as we go along, for now having the entire Island to ourselves with unlimited building possibilities  and no lag is too good to refuse.

I’m going to build all over this map!

The way Ark is intended to be played, is you advance through the maps, ascending at the end of each one by fighting the 3 bosses each map has. To do that you need to tame and breed strong dinos and then you can go to the next map and start again. That’s the new plan for our private Ark, stay on the Island map – breed up a few generations of strong dinos and then hopefully defeat the end bosses and move onto the next map. That should keep me busy for a few months.

And that was my gaming week.  How was yours?



Ark aka farmyard simulator

I decided to tell my raid group the other week that I’m didn’t want to keep raiding and I love the feeling of not having to log in. However.. Naz heard I wasn’t raiding and immediately asked if I’d be a possible fill-in healer in their raid for a few weeks as they had a healer going on holidays. I’ve missed raiding with Naz (also a resto druid) since Misanthropy split and he’s in a guild with our old MT from Misanthropy along with another raider friend from there, so I said if they needed me I’d come along. I’m actually looking forward to maybe getting to play with them again for a bit, we’ll see if I’m needed on Wednesday.

But with no raiding since Wednesday, it’s been an absolute Ark fest.. prepare for incoming pictures of absolute cuteness. I had no idea that I could take a prehistoric dinosaur survival game and turn it into a farming simulator, but I can! Ark has horses! and sheep! and I spent the weekend collecting for my own personal farm.

First up, the Ovi (aka sheep). I’ve wanted one for a while but:

1. The food you need to tame them with is tricky to make as you need Honey to make Sweet Vegetable Cake (how good does that sound) and Honey expires super quickly so you need to have all the materials on hand to make the cake with and,

2. you need to find a sheep before the cake spoils. And they have been rare for me to find.

It just happened that we tamed a Giant Queen Bee this weekend and had our own hive in place (meaning easy to access honey on demand) when someone mentioned in general chat where there was a wild sheep wandering around. It was a mad scramble to gather the mats, make the cake and then rush over hoping that no-one else had got there first..But I did it and the sheep was mine! Now to find another so I can mate them and have lambs.

(btw do you like my hair colour?? I found dye in the game and made the hair similar colour to what mine is IRL. I love it so much, I worked out how to hide my hat so now I can see the pretty purple all the time)

After the sheep taming, it was the saga of the horses. Ever since I saw one ages ago on the Center map, I’ve wanted one but they were really rare on that map. Not rare at all on Scorched Earth so I’ve been working on taming my own.

However I’ve found  I really really suck at keeping horses alive. The gorgeous one above was killed by a rock golem and it’s successor (who I didn’t take a photo of, was killed almost immediately after taming by a boar). Both horse deaths had me in tears which really really shouldn’t happen as they really are fairly fragile (and it’s a computer game) but you know, it made me sad.

So next time I went and tamed 2 at once,  just in case I got another killed, and would you believe what happened…

They mated and made a baby.

The foal is absolutely gorgeous but while it’s in the baby/juvenile stage has a tiny food bar which doesn’t stop needing to be filled and there’s a high chance that overnight his food will run out (unless I decide to get up in the middle of the night) and he’ll starve. (No tears Zee, you know it’s coming). If that happens, I’ll try again with the breeding next weekend but I’ll start them really early in the morning so I have all day and evening to get it through the baby stage of constant feeds.

Jerboa cuteness overload! I’ve tamed tons of these little guys because they come in heaps of different colourways and I want to catch them all.

I decided to try to be a little bit fancy in my building and found a tutorial for a octagon shape (built completely out of square tiles), it looked awesome when I got the floor laid down.

but when it came time to put a roof on and build a house inside it, it just didn’t work. Walls for structures work by snapping to the floor, and because the floor went in multiple directions to fit in the shape, snapping wasn’t possible. So instead of my grand plans of a large impressive greenhouse for crops, I ended up with a little version, but I got all 4 crop types in and they are giving enough vegetables for taming and cake making so it works in the end.

And.. I’m very glad these two guys are friendly! They’re a little intimidating even still. They turn their heads to watch you when you walk past but I love taking them out when I go exploring because there’s not much that they can’t take on.

Except for those rock golems I mentioned earlier, those are scary scary mobs as not much kills them! Luckily they run slow and have a tiny aggro drop range so you can usually escape.

Can you tell I’m still having fun?

Stepping back from raiding?

I have such a short attention span I’ve decided. A few months ago all I wanted to do was raid mythic but a few changes in guild and in the way Druid feels to me and now the last thing I want to do is spend multiple hours locked inside Tomb.

I’m just not feeling the love for my Druid atm. Between changes to  spell stances that see my toon forced into the most unnatural, ugly poses for 6-8mins at a time, and an entire tier of gear that is considered useless by the majority of druids, forcing me to essentially run the previous tier raid to *hope* for higher and higher warforging to keep my ilvl relatively current with the rest of my team and I’m just not feeling the love at the moment.

No idea if I want to just float around the world doing old stuff. WoW to me is raiding, if I’m not doing mythic raiding is there a point in chasing AP or upgrades? Will I feel differently about my Druid in a bit and then kick myself for not keeping her current? Do I want to finally learn to play boomy (hah I’ve been saying that for 6 years) or do I want to give another healer class a whirl? As ugly as the changes to Druid animations were, the changes to Priest were simply stunning.

All the choices out there, guess I need to settle to something.

Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in games each week.  I’ve changed the tag line to games, since there’s not a lot of WoW.

In WoW, we’re making  headway on Mythic Maiden. On our first night we got her to 44% after lots of wipes at 95% and above. That fight is really punishing if you mess up your colours and orbs and the new mechanic means you need to have people of both colours on the same side so there’s a lot of dodging and near misses.

After reading about Pebbles and Dog over at Coffee, Cakes and Crits.. I went looking and  also found a Pebble in Dalaran, so now I can go get Dog when I remember to head out that way.


Ark has skins! You can get different skins for yourself and your dinos for completing various achievements. I love seeing the witches hat on one of the fiercest dinos in the game.

And the Desert Map is still simply glorious. I’m drawn much more to it than to the green tropical map. Maybe it’s more familiar and like home living in dry and dusty Australia.


And that was my week. How was yours?



Ark vs Argus

It’s actually not that much of a competition at the moment to be honest. Argus brings annoying decisions like do I drop a 940 relic for a 930 because the Concordance 66 (5 concordance and billions and billions of AP away)  is better etc etc and Ark brings Dinosaurs.

I’m finding I’m really not bored in Ark yet as there’s always another building I want to make, or a dino to tame.

In one evening I managed to kill 3 dolphins in 1/2 hour all to unwise choices around piranhas. I got really upset at the start but then decided after that,  since they take about 6 mins to take (as opposed to hours like some dinos), to think of them as one time use pets and if they survive an outing it’s a bonus.

Ark has 4 different maps, similar to expansions as they each bring new areas and new dinosaurs. Since the game went live I’ve been playing on The Center map which is basically a series of tropical islands. A great feature of Ark is the ability to transfer your toons onto other maps with no cost (if only server xfers on WoW were free). The only restrictions being you can’t transfer between official and unofficial maps or pve and pvp maps.

I decided to pop my toon over to the new map, Scorched Earth which is a desert map.

It’s absolutely gorgeous but really hard because it comes with really limited water sources and fun climatic events like electrical storms, heatwaves and sandstorms. Sandstorms really freak me out though because you can’t fly during them and if grounded in dangerous locations it’s pretty scary especially as visibility is almost zero.

It does have the cutest weather warning system you can imagine though. Tamable little Jerboas make different warning sounds for the different storms that periodically come and you carry them on your shoulders.

The desert has really pretty plants and flying mounts.

I’m actually starting to wonder if I can really be bothered with keeping up with a regular raiding schedule atm because having to be online on WoW when I really don’t feel like logging off Ark is starting to be frustrating but then again only 3 bosses to go in ToS and it’s nice to be so far through.

Finally! 6/9M

There were a lot and a lot and a lot of wipes on this boss. In the last week most of our wipes have all been sub 5%  so it was actually a relief when this boss died.

If I’m really honest I was sort of hoping this would mean an early night and more time to play Ark but we went straight onto the Maiden fight.. and I have 0 idea of that fight on Mythic.

Time to watch some videos.