Organised groups.. dipping my paws in

I’m still in a weird position with my WoW mojo. I’m having a ball running around doing things like Archeology and hunting down obscure achievements but I’m starting to feel an urge to be doing organised group type things but not yet motivated enough to go find a proper team so its been the pug life for me.

I popped into a normal Uldir pug last night and it was really fun. We one shot every boss which I wasnt expecting in a pug so that was awesome, right up until Ghuun when the leader of the group said he had to go and the group disbanded. It was a bit late to find another group so I went back to world quests til bed. I picked up two upgrades which puts my ilvl at 359 which is probably high enough for heroics if I can find a group who doesn’t want AOTC linked to get in.

I’ve been starting with mythic plus though the keys I’ve been doing are pretty low, 3s and 4s but I’m  pretty sure with my ilvl I could be healing higher ones, I just need to get out there and try I guess.   I’ve seen loads of groups state they’ll be checking before inviting and  ouch my score on there is pretty low so there’s heaps of room for me to get my butt into dgns and get my score up.

Mythic plus are really fun are on a resto druid again. I need to get my ui fixed up though, I’m missing quite a few weak aura reminders that flash in my face.

I found a great addon which shows me the classes already in the group when I’m  looking in the premade groups list. It gives me a rough idea of what I’ll be facing if I queue up and if I’m brutally honest, lets me know what I prefer to avoid. Blizz’s class balancing is still pretty shitty so there’s some comps that just look like they’d suck to be a part of. I’m also not sure if it’s just me but I really hate healing Demon Hunter tanks. I don’t remember them being so squishy in Legion. Blood dks are my favourites so far.

My two big goals this week is to get Zee revered with Champions of Azeroth as she’s behind on reps and to try to get a few heroic bosses and some more m+  done.


Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 40: Getting to know you.

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier!

This fortnight it’s all about getting to know the blogger (or their main toon) behind the screen.

There’s a list of questions, it’s a bit daunting how long it is but let’s dive in and see what there is.

1. How do you drink your tea?  I’m a massive fan of Earl Grey and I usually have it with no milk or no sugar so the flavour pops. But if I’m really feeling like a comfort drink, I’ll make a really stong cup  with sugar and milk.

2. Favourite Dessert? I love all desserts but if I have to pick one, Tiramisu.

3. Favourite Season and Why?  Autumn. The chill has come into the air making it perfect snuggle weather with woolly blankets and cosy scarves. Leaves are falling from the trees and windy days are amazing.

4. What cheers you up?  Videos of animals being silly. I  have a good friend that I send cute animal pics/vids to if he’s having a down day and he does the same for me. Never underestimate the power of cute baby animals.

5. Dogs or Cats?  In all my time, I’ve only ever owned one dog and multiple cats so I guess it’s cats all the way. My life is currently supervised by two gorgeous moggies. They take it in turns to fight over a spot on my lap when I’m playing WoW,  never mind how much of an inconvenience it is to me. The loser generally sits just to the side of my desk shooting dirty looks in my direction.

6. Dream Holiday?  I’ve always wanted to go on a week, or longer, horse riding trek, preferably somewhere mountainous.

7. How many kids do you want? I have 2 and that’s pretty perfect for me.

8. Favourite weather?  Sunny day, but not hot, around 22 deg with  mostly blue skies but a tiny bit of white wispy clouds in the sky is perfect.

9. Last Meal?  An amazing burger with chips. I’d make it my life mission try all the burgers I can. The last one I had was a macadamia, zucchini and brie burger. I’m not a vegetarian but it was amazing.

10. 24 hours anywhere, any year? I want to know how and why Stonehenge was actually built; 24 hours during construction should   answer my questions.

11. Ghostly adventures? Hmm I’d  go to a big castle and pretend it was mine… sort of like what I do in WoW with Stromgarde Keep

12. Family ancestry?  My family originally comes from Scotland and it’s somewhere I intend to go and visit but haven’t got there yet.

13. What scares you? Elevators… fun fact, my new job is on the 9th floor of a building  and I regularly have to go to offices in other buildings on the 20th and 24th floors.. facing my fears every day should make me a better person,  right??

14. What are you most grateful for? Working in the city I’m surrounded by extremes..  Stores selling the most overpriced luxuries and at the same time I see people sleeping on the streets. I’m so grateful I’m in a position to be able to afford to pay rent and bills and food with enough to spare for luxuries like wow.

15. Dream Job?  One that pays lots of money that I could do from home. More seriously though, I don’t know what would be my dream job because I havent found it yet.

16. Aliens, yes or no? Resounding yes. The universe is too large and too unexplored to believe  that life couldn’t have evolved somewhere else. As to them being little green humanoids that have mastered interstellar travel already, that I don’t know.

17. Favorite Sport. Sportsball? Eww no. If I’m going to watch sport it’d be something like ice skating.

18. How do you relax after a long day. Video games and Netflix. 2 monitors mean I can do both at once and sometimes with wine. Perfect night!

19. If you could meet anyone? Hmm I don’t know, there’s many people I’d like to meet but I’ve always wanted to be able to go back in time and find all the people who made new discoveries in cooking techniques. How did someone work out to separate the yolk and white in eggs and then beat the egg whites until they turned all stiff for meringues?

20. If you had to be a teacher, what would you teach? Medieval English history.

21. Describe your perfect day. Breakfast of waffles at my favourite cafe, slow walk home through the walking trails catching Pokemon and then uninterrupted WoW until bedtime.

22. Describe yourself in one sentence.  I try to be kind but sometimes I’m too impulsive and impatient for my own good.

23. Who makes you laugh the most.  Animals being derpy like this gorgeous baby magpie.

24. What superpower. Time travel.

25. Favourite animal.  Horses, meerkats and magpies, how can you choose just one?

Biggest accomplishment? Something I’m  happy about, as weird as it sounds, is learning to really enjoy living alone. I used to hate being on my own but I’ve come to actually like it. I get to choose all the things I want, downside is I also have to do all the boring house chores but I get to choose when I do it 🙂

Pics!! Mara started this bit with his pic and it was so great to see the blogger behind the screen so a few others of us decided to do so too.

This is me..


Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 39: What’s on your To-Do List for BFA?

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier!  

It’s early days yet and the to-do list will obviously change a bit as more patches and content comes along but already I’ve got a list of things I want to have done before the next expansion comes along. Not all of the bucket list comes from the current expansion but they are loose ends I want to tie up before we move out of BFA.

  1. Level ally Zee Druid to 120 and get exalted with Proudmore so I can make a Ku lTiran Druid even though the mookin form is the ugliest form I have seen in my life..
  2. Get the Archeology titles – Professor and Headmistress
  3. Go back to Legion and buddy up with Conjurer Margoss and all the fishing friends
  4. Ride all of the Rickety Planks in Vol’dun
  5. Get 100 reps, Zee should be pretty close to 90+ once the reputation changes come in as part of 8.1
  6. Level all the allied races for the 110 achievement
  7.  Buy all the rep/faction pets.. I havent worked out how many tokens I need yet
  8. Collect 1000 pets

That list should keep me going for a while.

I’m not sure if I want to put any raiding goals on here. My raiding mojo isnt back yet and given all the negative class balancing issues so far, the game seems much more fun being played  from a casual point of view so I’ll keep on that path for now.

It’s a small world

Cross realm functionality can really work to make Azeroth feel like one seamless world and I love it.

I was out and about in the northern zones of the Eastern Kingdom looking for a specific location to take some screenshots of spells and I couldn’t quite remember what zone it was in so I asked Cinder for directions.

I was so surprised and delighted when she turned up and we could see each other!!  2 different factions on 2 different realms and it felt like there was no difference between us.

It was a great chance to swap to Zee and take photos together on our main toons while we were in the same space and time.

Such a great feature.



I tried to love you

I really really did try to love my little Priest  and make her my new main class. There’s so much to love about a Priest. Golden flashy wings, sparkly fairy spells and a gorgeous race to dress up in pretty dresses. They look perfect in every way. It’s just there isn’t a spark between us. Which actually makes me sad in  way.

I can’t put my finger on why I havent gelled with my priest. A Holy Priest is hands down the most beautiful healer in the game.

I really thought I’d love my Priest so much. She has the most gorgeous transmogs and spell animations and her healing toolkit is phenomenal. Guardian angel wings is amazing, especially talented into a 1min cd and her big direct heals are lovely but after playing as a Priest non stop since BFA went live, it still feels clunky to me.

When I found myself hesitating to queue for dgns and turning down raid invites, I wondered what was wrong but I shrugged it off thinking I was just tired from the first couple of weeks in a  new job and getting used to the daily commute to the city. Then I started to level Zee and dgns felt natural and zipping around the world as a kitty was really fun so I found more excuses to run away to play with her. Healing my first sets of mythics as a Druid really made me realise just how much I missed healing with  her.

I don’t think my Druid is a stronger healer but I feel way more confident on my Druid and there’s a whole lot more to her that just makes me smile playing her. I absolutely adore getting to stealth around , especially if I feel like taking shortcuts through mob heavy areas and don’t want to get in combat. Stag form is so cute, no matter which faction I’m on both models look great.

Along with deciding that I really want to be playing a Druid way more, it pretty much went hand in hand with not wanting to be maining an Alliance at the moment. So Zee packed up her bags and went back to being a Horde girl. It meant a bit of a name change, but it’s close enough to what it was so I don’t mind the ending. She’s still Zee to me.

I love seeing her gorgeous Troll face again. If Trolls didn’t have the incredibly ugly feet, they would be my perfect toon.

I missed my pretty little painted Cat too. Troll cats are so cute.

Look at her little paws!

Having a 120 on Horde already, meant all the flight paths and ready for War achievement were already in place so it wasn’t a huge step back though I had to go back and quest to reopen Kul Tiras.

I really do want to see the rest of the Ally story and open up Kul Tiran Druids, so I’ll level my other Ally Druid to see the Alliance story and have a pretty Night Elf again.

I think I finally answered the questionof what class and what faction I want to be.

Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 38: How do you level in Battle for Azeroth?

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier!  

I took a completely different style to levelling in BFA than any other expansion. Normally I’d group up with a bunch of friends and we’d run through the quests and  queue dgn  but this time I really wanted to see the story so I decided to quest by myself so I could read as much or as little of the quest texts and poke around sightseeing and it was by far the best choice I’ve made.

I had a ball actually reading quests and finishing off each quest line and zone achievements before moving to the next.  I had taken a few days off from work so I didn’t have to rush I picked up every side quest I came past but im still surprised by how many I find now that i missed. I do want to go back and finish all the little ones ive missed before BFA ends.

I felt I was levelling really slowly since I was taking my time but I reached 120 on the Thursday night after release so it was actually quite fast. I only popped into dgns when the story brought me to them because I didn’t want to see spoilers for the quest lines.

My ally levelling was a lot more fractured because there’s been huge gaps while I’m been on my Horde doing the main story and then world quests and gearing on my Horde girl.  I was determined to see the Ally story in full, just like Horde so I picked up every quest and fully completed a zone before going to the next

While it felt a little strange at the start not being in a group, I actually had a lot more fun questing this way and I’ll be doing the same next time too.

BFA – Alliance levelling

Zee’s journey to 120 was pretty fractured because Talarial hitting 120 first meant  she had all the playtime running dgns and doing world quests for rep most nights leaving little time to level but Zee finally got there.

While the Alliance story was quite enjoyable, overall it certainly didn’t have the impact on me that the Horde side did and felt almost underwhelming in comparison.

On Horde side the events were on a global scale with threats of Old Gods and sneaky dangerous deals on the side with powerful forces. The final cut scene for Horde had me on the edge of my seat impatient for the patches to roll out so I could see the effect that the events would have on the world. In contrast the  Alliance side flet like it wss very small scale and localised.. There were references to Azshara and her interference which could have been presented as a major event but it seemed to just be brushed over and was quite subtle.

Onto the actual levelling though. I started with Tiragarde Sound as I figured it would be a good  place to start helping the people of Kul Tiras and gain their trust for the Alliance.  I kept warmode off because there was way too many Horde running around doing their world quests by the time I started questing. Between being very rested and the extra exp for picking flowers along the way, I was levelling way faster than my priest anyway.

I went to Drustvar next, solely because I love the  dark witchy zone and I didn’t want to hit 120 during it and interrupt the levelling questing flow. This zone was amazingly good and pretty dark for a WoW zone.

Witches popping around the place were the stereotypical old hags mostly.

But I really loved the Wicker constructs.  I was overjoyed to find I could assemble a wicker pup of my very own.

Abby Lewis is one creepy little human. She genuinely seemed worried for her cat’s wellbeing until she sacrificed him for a nasty tea party.

I also found this really cool portrait in Drustvar. If you stay and look at it long enough, a skull appears under the face, and then vanishes again. Things like that being added into WoW are really quite cool.

Around the 117 mark the scaling started to take effect and in  feral I was getting my butt kicked. I found it faster to go into tank spec around this level. A neat trick I found that lasted right up to 120 was to attack a mob a level 110-112 had started on as it seemed to stay scaled to their level not mine.

I went to Stormsong last, and reached 120 on the second story chapter. This zone was the most fragmented for me because I did take a break to go farm world quests for a few nights after hitting 120 and then came back to levelling once I’d done enough quests to get better gear. I was pretty unimpressed with the Brendam village quest hub where the Horde attacks. Horde had nothing in their quest line to suggest we invaded Ally lands and its feels like an artificial “lets keep the Alliance hating the Horde” interjection than actually really necessary to the story line.

Stormsong was a mix of folksy helpful neighbour quests, collect the wood, gather the flour and eat the cookies!

And right at the end a teaser that Azshara is out and about meddling with the sailors and fleet of the Kul Tiran.

Overall, while I enjoyed levelling Alliance to see the story, it really didn’t leave the impression on me that the Horde side did. The zones are gorgeous with the little houses and farming hamlets in the hills but I don’t feel that’s enough to make up for the relatively bland narrative.

Looking in from both sides, it feels like two completely different world views is at play. Horde are facing threats that are going to rock Azeroth to her very core and Alliance are milking goats and shearing sheep.

I went onto finish the final scenario to find and reunite Jaina with her mother. I’m glad she wasnt fully forgotten about because after coming to Boralus and the inital scenario with her she’s pretty much not mentioned again. Out of sight out of mind I guess.

I’m sounding incredibly negative about the whole Alliance side I know, and the Jaina ending didn’t do much to change my mind. It was touching and well done seeing Jaina finally face  her demons and her mother forgive her, but come on, this is the woman that’s touted as one of the strongest mages in history. It feels lacking to relegate her to the role of poor damsel that needs rescuing. I would personally have like to see us rescue her earlier and get her out and kicking butt with us similar to how Princess Talanji plays a large role for the Horde.

All up though, the Alliance lands are gorgeous and the questing was fun. I’m glad I could see both sides and now its time to wait for the next patch to bring out more story!

Tucker’s Toys in Boralus

Tucker’s Toys in Boralus is a tiny little gem of a toy store with 2 little details that make it a great place to visit and explore.

The first reason is on the top floor where a little Clockwork Rocket Bot is wandering around. If you bring out your pet Rocket Bot, you can spark a Bot war.

Most of the time, the shop Rocket Bot won the fight, but a few times both Bots knocked themselves out at the same time.

The second reason is to watch a really cute scene play out. I noticed a Kul Tiran lady come in and load up her arms with a couple of soft toys and head out of the shop.  

I decided to walk with her for a bit to see where she was taking her new toys, though I was fully expecting her to probably despawn not too far from the shop.

I was really surprised when instead of vanishing, she entered a house and climbed the stairs to the next level.

Walking over to the bed, she paused by the edge, and then really quickly her arms emptied…

And the toys appeared on the bed!

This was a really fun to watch play out and it’s sparked my curiosity about the other citizens of Boralus. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for any other NPCs that are out and about with a purpose.

Mag’har Orc unlocked

I’ve been watching my Honorbound rep creep up and up as my priest has been slowly working through all the world quests over on Kul Tiras. I  finally hit Exalted so it was off to make a Mag’har Orc.

The first couple of scenarios, to kill an echo of Gul’dan and an Echo of Warlord  weren’t too bad. I did them as disc spec and there wasn’t much too much damage I had to worry about and though the fights took a bit of time, the bosses died quite easily.

Garrosh was a whole other story, skipping out of the way of his nearly fatal whirlwind and avoiding the decidedly fatal iron stars took a bit of negotiatin to get right. After a few deaths, I tried Shadow but didn’t find it much better so went back to disc.

I swapped a few talents around. Taking Halo meant I could damage him even when I had run quite far away to get out of his whirlwind range and Shining Force meant I had a pushback when he got too close. Fear worked really well for every 2nd or so Whirlwind, it only breaks to damage so I’d fear him as he was casting whirlwind and he’d run away caught in it. Left alone, Garrosh would be caught in the fear for the full duration and it completely negated  whirlwind as he’d come out of it and start casting the iron stars mechanic. The break while he was feared gave me a chance to make sure I wasn’t about to be in the path of the balls of death.

Once through his little room of pain, it was off to an instanced Draenor. I have to admit I completely lost track of the story here because it just didn’t make sense. It was all about the lightforged Draenei being baddies which completely retcons  history and I didn’t like it one bit so stopped paying attention. I also know there’s a big spoiler/retcon with the new Maghar Warlord and the little tweaks to the past history Blizz are making now feels weird.

But, after all that I got my Mag’har!


My personal feeling on the allied races is that it’s a load of baloney that you need to raise a rep to exalted and do the unlock scenario on an independent 110 then level a brand new level 20 toon all the way to 110 to get a set of armor that can only be used on that particular race. Its feels like an irrelevant gating system. Why not tie the armor to the unlock achievement  so race changing is possible, surely the majority of players have the max level toons they want to play by now so going back to level 90-100 levels feels like a thinly veiled means of keeping players paying the monthly sub.

Having said that, levelling my orc is something to do here and there I guess, though I haven’t decided on where or how she wants to level yet. Without the fel blood she doesn’t have the desperate blood lust needs to sate and despite being welcomed by Sylvanas, Azeroth is not Draenor and she doesn’t feel the loyalty necessary to follow her orders and mindlessly go and kill races she hasn’t met yet so she has some big decisions on how she wants to make her way in this new world.

How are you going with the new races?

Crazy Cat Heaven

I’ve been in heaven so far in this expansion because there are so many pets that can be interacted with, so when I read that there was a whole house of pattable cats up in Boralus, I made a beeline for it.

Catherine Morgan is the Crazy Cat Lady, though she tells you it didn’t start out like that.

It started with three cats. Three cats! That seemed reasonable!
But then a friend moved away and needed to rehome her cat. Then I found a sad-looking stray on the street. A neighbour passed away. One had kittens. A couple just… showed up!
I love each and every one of them. I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world!

I was on discord with Hip and Drew, two guildies from Deadline and they were both quite underwhelmed by my discovery and weren’t anywhere near interested enough in learning all the cat’s names. They just haven’t discovered the joy of being able to interact with the cutest kitties yet. I’ll keep trying to help them with this.

I spent a ridiculously long time in this house, everywhere I looked I could see a cat that I hadn’t seen before. 

Catherine’s house also has another secret, Scuba Pepe! You can click on him through the fish tank and then your Pepe has a chance to turn up wearing his scuba mask from then on.

If you want to head up to Catherine’s house, you’ll find her in the rather posh sounding suburb of Upper Borough, just above Unity Square in Boralus.

Boralus has so many hidden gems, I think I’ll be spending a lot of time here finding them all.