The end of our raiding week..7/10

The end of  our raiding week saw us with 2 new bosses down. We started with Tel’arn, who we had been having trouble with last week. We had been getting overrun with flowers but we got that under control this week and he went down fairly easily compared to the attempts that we had on him last week.


Then we headed to Tichondrius as our 7th boss to progress on. I’m pretty sure he took us less attempts than Tel’arn to get down, it wasn’t nearly as difficult a fight as I was anticipating. I really liked Tich’s fight, managing blowing up the Brand of Argus, hiding behind pillars and chasing bats for their purple orbs of mana return kept the fight really interesting.


Twice recorded our Tich kill. He pointed out my mini-heart attack at the end as I was trying to move over to the Carrion plague side with Brand on me and trying to get the dps there to move apart so we didn’t accidentally blow it up. Trav misunderstood what I wanted and decided to come stand with me…

We had a spontaneous ring-in with Neuro coming to raid with us this week. His guild had an unexpected tragedy so the guild was taking some time out from their raid schedule and Neuro came along with us so we could help distract him a little. Despite the circumstances of why he was there, it was awesome having Neuro back in our raid. He used to raid with us for a long while but went off to do more mythic raiding when Deadline took a break from raiding in WoD. He’s now stepped back from pushing mythics as much and is a member in Frostwolves with Navi. While I know he’s enjoying raiding where he is,  I’m pretty sure quite a few of us have missed him being with us, I know I have.

For our normal Nighthold run on Thursday we were steamrolling through the bosses and we really didn’t need 3 healers so I swapped over to Boomy for the night. It was really fun and I spent most of the night trying to copy what Neuro was casting. He really nicely put some time aside on Sunday to spend time with me on the training dummies running me through how to play a boomy this expansion.

For the first time in a long while I really enjoy how boomy feels to play so I’ve been doing a few dgns to get used to the spec off the training dummies. I can kill trash really well with Starfall spam, though I don’t keep those numbers up so high on the boss fights. I need to put a lot more time into this spec so I can go dps in our raids as eventually we’re going to be over-healing it again, just like we ended up doing in EN. z-can-trash

It would be great if I can really enjoy boomy this expac, I truly didn’t like the way it felt to play last expansion so I rarely touched it but so far it feels a lot different. I see that 7.2 is bringing new Druid spell animations which look pretty amazing. I am a bit sad to see the ring of purple glitter going from the base of Starfall, I really loved that effect, it was so pretty. But the actual falling stars look better in the new version. And OMG how amazing does Efflo look now, I love the new rune look and the wild flowers that sprout in it are way better looking than the solitary mushroom and flat flowers. But nothing beats the changes to Tranquility, the new casting animation is gorgeous (fingers crossed it looks as good when it’s a Troll casting).

Photos borrowed from mmo-champion.

There’s a full video over at MMO Champion’s Twitch channel.. here.. if you want to see all the new spell animations.

It’s a good time to be a Druid!



Friday Night Pug Raid.. Absolute Win! and a New Mount

I finally got my Snowfeather Hatchling pet up to the point where I had to go and kill Ursoc with it, so I decided to pug into a group rather than go through LFR as it’d give me more AP.. I swear I’m an AP junkie at the moment.

I found a guild heroic EN run through the group finder and signed up but didn’t pay much attention to what realm it was. When I jumped on their discord I was really surprised to hear mostly New Zealand and Australian accents. The guild was from Jubei-thos which is an oceanic realm so it instantly felt really comfortable.

It was a really fun raid with super friendly people and I was healing with a Shaman from the guild that was running the raid, and we kept having competitions to see who could outheal the other.  He started streaming the raid from Dragons onwards so I watched along as we raided. I’m was super excited to find a new streamer to watch.. if you want to check it out. Language warning though.


Toco came online for right as we got to Xavius and snagged himself an invite by using the new bnet function to request an invite through me which I didn’t even realise he could do. So then both the Shammy and I were on discord screaming about Toco outhealing us both.Turns out Toco was listening to us shout about his healing via the stream lol.


I picked up a nice amount of AP from the raid and ended up with 2 new bnet friends, the Shammy and a really funny Mage, maybe I’ll end up pugging some more with them. I do love when pugs turn out so much better than expected!

Once I finished in the raid, I started the last quest for the Snowfeather hatchling. It was to defeat 3 world pet battles with the Snowfeather hatchling and 2 undead pets. Thank goodness for multiple alts as I had already done all the pet battles on Z and my Priest. Luckily my DK had a set of the pet battles up (funny enough my Hunter didn’t) so I headed off.

The 3 pet battles I had up were All pets go to heaven, Only pets can prevent forest fires and Rocko. The teams I used:

All Pets go to heavenSnowfeather Hatchling, Unborn Val’kyr, Spectral Spinner
Rocko – Snowfeather Hatchling, Mr. Bigglesworth, Ghostwolf Pup
Only pets can prevent forest fires – Unborn Val’kyr, Snowfeather Hatchling, Creepy Crate

And then it was time to take the hatchling home! The quest was quite heartwrenching when I got him back to his mum but it worked out in the end and I have a new pretty mount. That’s 1/4 down.



Pretty good Friday night on wow tbh 🙂






Raiding and Mythic Plus Dungeons

Last night was night 2 of our usual raid group so we went back in and picked up at Heroic Spellblade and we spent the majority of our raid night on her. Our main problem was we weren’t handling Phases 1 and 3 well at the start. Phase 1 had the Mark of Frost debuff go out on pairs of people and they needed to remove the debuff by running into each other and we had lots of fun and games where people would remove the debuff with the wrong pair, so you’d end up with someone with low stacks and someone with high stacks still left, or people’s health too low to stand the explosion that comes when the debuff is removed.. all those fun and game things which resulted in a lot of dead bodies too early into the fight.  We resorted to actually calling who was paired with who and the Marks started to be a lot less mis-managed. Still incredibly damaging though. I was really glad of Inner Peace for this fight as I could tranq 3 times during it.

I also took Incarnation which I very rarely take in raids but found it worked really well as a mini-cd during phase 2 where the fire ads were up. I had Trav our balance druid, innervate me during it so I could throw out instant mana-free regrowths, and the huge benefit of a balance druid innervate is that it comes along with a 10% haste buff for the duration of innervate! My innervate doesn’t include that little bonus.

Phase 3 was a lot of running away from purple bouncing balls and I was so glad of 2 monks, because we chained my tranq and their revivals through it. If we didn’t have mobile cooldowns for that phase I think it would have been much harder. I couldn’t imagine having to stand still and cast Divine Hymn like our priests do.

We had decided we’d stay on her until 10pm and then go look at another boss if we weren’t making headway and luckily she died right on 10pm. Half the raid went afk after it for a break so the screenshot below is just the ones that stayed around 🙂


Then it was onto Krosus, who was so much easier. I had notes that our cooldowns would be used for Slam and for the Orbs that have to be ran out but I found that the orbs didn’t need any cds as long as it was run away enough and that Slam really did need cooldowns but we didn’t have enough to cover them all so we started soaking a few of the early slams so we’d have them up for the later ones when they seemed to get more damaging. I went back to cultivation so our shadow priest started stealing Trav’s innervate for the haste. I’m thinking about trying Incarnation again for next week because I could work using it into covering the slams that we were soaking.

Again no photo for Krosus, apparently if there’s no boss body, I forget about taking photos.  We had one pull on Star Augus because it was basically end of raid by the time we cleared trash to him and pretty much the entire raid exploded on one of his abilities. I think we all need to read up on the heroic version of that fight before we go look at him again.

I used our normal lock to go back into the and poke around and take more screenshots without any mobs to get in the way. I do love this raid so much. I’d seriously want to live there if I was able.

Then I went and ran a couple of Mythic Pluses with guildies. With the easier affix’s (Sanguine and Overflowing) I really wanted to do a few higher ones this week, so we did a Darkheart Thicket 13 and then Eye 14. I am seriously in love with Mythic pluses, they are such a challenge that also require you to think outside the box to get through and around pulls to make that timer.  Darkheart Thicket, we just made the timer in and got one chest out of there. It wasn’t too bad but the cats that jumped on me were nearly a one shot, every ability was pretty damaging.

Normally I run cultivation and germination in dungeons but I decided that we’d be up against some pretty strong and long boss fights as the 3rd affix was Tyrannical,  which meant increased boss health and damage dealt.  so I decided to try out incarnation. I’m actually really glad I did as it came in really handy as a mini cd on packs of mobs as well as all the bosses.


The key upgraded to Eye 14 so we decided to give that a try as well. I was a bit nervous as the last Eye I tried was a 12 and it was pretty crap,  though we had wildly different affixes this time. It was actually not too bad, and we worked out way through to the last boss without too many troubles but then we got to the last boss. As the other 4 were melee, the Arcane Bomb debuff targeted me constantly and I screwed up taking it out to  a safe place so I died on the first two attempts. It meant we were just out of the timer which was not a nice feeling knowing if I hadn’t screwed up we would have made it.  On the third attempt I rifled through my bag and threw on a different combo of gear to change my stats to try to get more healing pumping out and was incredibly careful with taking Arcane Bomb out and we killed it.


Dys looted a crit/haste ring which he didn’t want so kindly passed to me as I’m trying to increase my crit over haste for raids so any crit gear is welcome.

I’m ridiculously impressed by the amount of healing I put out on that one fight, but it also shows just how much damage was going out on everyone. I’ve started using Cenarian Ward quite a while before the pull, it lasts 30 seconds on a person then damage turns it into a heal so if I pre-cast it really early it’ll be up again not too long into the fight which helps with getting the max amount of hots onto the tank per fight.  And something I haven’t tried yet but really need to look at is using bear form and frenzied regeneration as it returns a lot of damage I take as healing so I can quickly heal up any big hits I take. It’s part of the Guardian affinity toolbox and something I haven’t been using at all, mainly taking Guardian simply for the damage reduction.

Next step is to actually beat the 14 timer and then I’ll be one step closer to getting into 15s. Since there’s an achieve for 15, that’s pretty much my focus. I’m so impressed by the people out there that are already running 20s, I can’t imagine how they’re getting through it, at 14 one mistake is pretty much a one-shot. I really hope I’ll be healing numbers like that by the end of the expansion.


Nighthold, our first foray

I didn’t think I was that excited about a new raid but I found it really hard to concentrate most of yesterday because I kept thinking about what we might see that night, so maybe I was a lot more excited than I realised.

We decided that we’d go in on Heroic and progress as far as we could and if need be we’d turn it to normal. We ended up staying on heroic all night, and we’ve added in an extra raid tonight to go in on normal.


The first 3 bosses are set order so we went to Skorpyron first. I really like the way the raid is laid out. We start out by sneaking in through the sewers and each boss we kill lets us progress higher and higher. It’s a lot like Throne of Thunder in that regards, and actually the 3rd boss reminded me a little of Primordius in the way we trailed around the outside of his room avoiding pools he dropped.


We had the full 6 healers online which was too many as we only had 21 in the raid. I asked Monkfest to go dps and found out that he is happy dpsing as he mostly went healer for his old guild. He’s actually a really good dps so I’m glad he doesn’t mind being the swing healer as I was a bit worried he was getting annoyed being asked to swap all the time. That’s one concern solved.


One of the main things I noticed with this fight was the damage was nowhere near as high as I was expecting on heroic. I know I screwed up at one point and didn’t hide behind the crystals for Shockwave which meant I got thrown back into the outer ring and spawned adds, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one, but even with extra adds come in, we still got him down really easily.

I decided that I’d run Inner Peace for the night as the reduced tranq time would help with incidental  damage that we might take learning the fights. With so many healers Germination isn’t really that useful as most of the extra rejuv converts into overheal. The talent change tomes have been really nerfed in mat costs so changing talents from now on won’t be such a pain.

The 2nd boss, Chronomatic Anomaly was just hectic. I knew there were waves of  Temporal Orbs to avoid but I don’t think I did a very good job. I was expecting a lot bigger gaps between the lines. Luckily the damage wasn’t too much, it probably will be on Mythic, so I’m going to have to figure out exactly how I need to slip through the gaps or see if there is actually a bigger gap somewhere.


I love the colours of this ooze guy, he reminded me of the rainbow you get on an oilslick. I know there’s a few slime pets but I’m pretty sure there aren’t any with this colouring, it would be cool if there was a pet with his colourway hiding away.


The 3rd  boss, Trilliax was really awesome. I absolutely love that as part of his fight he throws actual cakes out that people need to run over and absorb. Every time Z ran over one, she got  a huge slice of cake in her hand, I’m going to have to try to get a screenshot of that.

As part of his mechanics he would run to the centre of the room and then put a beam out that he slowly moved around the room and then after a bit he changed the direction it was moving. I really liked that bit as it turned into a bit of a dance. I was trying to pick if it was random when he swapped directions or after a set rotation but I couldn’t decide.  Killing Trilliax gave an achievement for downing the first 3 bosses. Achievements are always lovely!


It was on this boss that Kub asked if we were taking screenshots for my blog because I had completely forgot so we have a proper screenshot of all us. God I love that my guild is so patient with all the rigmarole I put them through for this blog.


The last boss we saw for the night was Spellblade Aluriel. She pats around the terrace area so it made sense to make her the 4th so we didn’t have to dodge around her. The raid started to get really pretty around here and look more like Suramar City proper. I can’t wait to see the rest of it  and then when it’s finally clear I can take a stroll through and look around and see all the little details I haven’t had time to see.

Aglea and I had combined our Angry Assignment notes as the start of the night; he had done dps  notes and I put in healing ones and I had been tinkering with them throughout the night, adding and removing bits and pieces depending on what the fight actually looked like. On this boss particularly,  I kept tweaking where we were using cooldowns.  There were quite a few parts I was expecting “light” raid damage and it really needed CDs to cover.

This fight has a huge emphasis on add management and debuff management. It didn’t take too long to get people to know where to go depending if they had the Frost or Fire debuff on them but putting the adds close enough to each other to be easily dps’d down but not so close that they buffed each other took a few attempts. Then we were consistently getting to the 3rd phase were it was just a big game of dodge-ball with her Arcane Orbs. We had lost  Drew, our other Druid to a black out, so Monk came back to healing with us. I was really glad of my tranq and 2 revivals  as we could chain them and still move. We ended up getting her to 18% on our last attempt before raid night was over.

Hopefully with the normal run tonight we get to do a clear through. It’s not an official raid night though so I’m not sure how many will turn up. Our next Heroic raid night is on Sunday so hopefully I’ll have more pictures then 🙂



And Ursoc makes 3

Tonight was first raid after the Christmas break and we had the full roster of people log on so we headed straight into Mythic EN. We didn’t have the cleanest of starts but we got Nyth and then Elerethe down fairly quickly and went to look at the 3rd boss we had chosen for progression, Ursoc.

I swear I must have been still been in Christmas mode because my ability to stay alive in any fight tonight was ridiculous. Including on both Nyth and Ele which are technically farm bosses (well maybe not Ele as this was only our 2nd kill).

And I was fully responsible for wiping the raid twice in our progression attempts on Ursoc, both when I had focus gaze and Ursoc charged at me. The first time I blinked to the left of the ranged group so the momentum debuff that comes as part of the charge didn’t hit anyone which results in massive raid wide damage, and then the 2nd time when I blinked perfectly behind the range group so they all took the charge.. except I was meant to be behind the melee group as the entire ranged group still had the momentum debuff. I was really cross at myself. Luckily I got focused a third time in our kill and pulled it off perfectly and there was no wipe but then I managed to die for ages in our actual kill attempt, which is a really horrible feeling. Brez came off cd literally at 2% of his health left so at least I was alive for the kill.

I was honestly expecting to spend probably a couple of nights working on him but it ended up being our 3rd mythic kill in a surprisingly short number of attempts.

We 5 healed it with 2 druids, 2 monks and a priest. Having 5 meant we could cover most of the roars and charges with cool downs especially with a 2min cooldown on my tranquility instead of 3min with Inner Peace.  I had asked all the healers to get Angry Assignments for this week as it makes it much easier to put a visual note on everyone’s UI of what order to use their cooldowns in, it also stops me having to call every cd which frees me up from watching timers as much.


We did find that the cds on Roar 3 and 5 were really not needed, even as mana savers, so we stopped using them. I’ll take those notes out for next week. Next raid night is Sunday and we’re going to be down a few so I’m not sure if we’ll be pushing another mythic but I should probably get onto researching healing strats for Dragons and Il’gynoth just in case.

After Ursoc died we went over to Heroic ToV and cleared Odyn and Guarm. Amazingly I stayed alive on Odyn and did good healing numbers but managed to screw my colour up on Guarm and spent most of the kill dead.

Deadline assign a group to a side and then whatever colour comes up first on that side is the colour you go to for the rest of the fight, which means if you have multiple pulls, you can end up taking a different colour each pull. The other guild I’ve been raiding with assigns groups to a colour and you stay in that colour no matter how many times you pull the boss. I like that strat so much better as you know you’re always going to be X colour no matter how many times you pull the boss. It’s just one less thing to think about. Anyway we wiped on Guarm, and on the 2nd attempt, I took the first colour on my assigned side and then completely lost my head and on the second time he breathed out the colours, I went to my previous pull’s colour. Insta death. So I spent the rest of the fight on the floor very very angry with myself.

I’m super happy with the mythic kill because we’re finally killing bosses yay but it was well and truly tainted with my stupid screw ups. Let’s hope next week is a better week.

Rades/Twice who plays as a Demon Hunter now was recording a couple of our kills tonight and uploaded our videos for Elerethe and Ursoc. I never realised until I watched them just how much he zips around the place as a DH. The videos look really good though, it’s awesome seeing the same fight from someone else’s perspective.



2 new progression bosses, I’ll take that as a Christmas present!

Raiding is going really well, we seem to be setting in with all the new people and getting to know each other. The feel of the raid team is a little different with so many new personalities but so far nothing too jarring so hopefully it keeps going that way. The only thing that is concerning me a little  is that our new tank has a tendency (in my opinion) to sound snappy quickly at times. But this could really just be my perception, I know when dispels don’t go out on Helya fast enough, I can sound snappy which I don’t mean to, so it very could just be the same sort of thing. Other than that he is really good and brings quite helpful strategies and advice to sticking points.

We headed into Heroic ToV first  on Wednesday and cleared through Odyn and Guarm pretty easily. The nerfs don’t feel overly noticeable, but both died really quickly and cleanly compared to a few weeks ago so they are probably helping a fair bit. Both fights are much easier though with larger raid sizes. Then we decided to go look at Helya. We haven’t even attempted her before so can’t say how the nerfs felt but we killed her which was awesome. Even nerfed, the kill wasn’t the cleanest and I was dead through bad placement of where to run my final corruption orb. Kills when you’re dead suck, but a kill is a kill in the end yay.


Then we went over to EN. We actually had to sit a dps to be able to drop down to Mythics. We have about 6 healers now but haven’t had to choose which ones to make go dps or sit as at least 2 have consistently been away since we picked up all the new people. Once all 6 are back on after Christmas, sitting healers is probably something I’m going to have to consider as most fights seem to recommend 4 healers.

Mythic Nythendra dies so easily now, it’s funny to look back at how difficult she was when she’s an easy one shot now. The 2nd boss we went to was Elerethe. We were really close to killing her last week, wiping at about 6% so it only took a couple of pulls for her to die this week. I really like this fight, especially as the damage comes in really predictable places so it’s easy to line healing cooldowns up with.


Completely forgot to get a guild photo of the mythic kill.

The next boss we’re going to look at will be Ursoc but with Christmas and New Years falling on raid nights for the next 2 weeks I’m not sure how much raiding will be done.

I’m not particularly happy with my druid healing at the moment. I really struggle with mana a lot but after having a really good look at my logs from the other night I can see that I’m casting a lot more regrowths than I’m getting clearcasting procs. Like nearly double on Elerethe. I really need to be swapping those non clearcasting regrowths out for rejuvenations or even wild growth. I was looking at the logs at a lot of druids that were healing more than I was for that fight and was surprised by the amount of rejuv’s they as a whole were putting down compared to me and wondering how they had the mana/time, until I started noticing how many hardcast regrowths I’ve been using. I’m also wondering if I really need to be moving efflorescence as much as I do and if more rejuv’s would cover the same amount of healing for less mana on movement heavy fights like Elerethe and Helya particularly.

I really need to play around with my gear a bit more too. The majority of my gear that has haste on it, also has mastery so even in raids I’ve been running a fairly heavy haste/mastery build so I really need to start pulling out more crit gear and see if that helps. If I’m not putting 3-4 hots per person (as what my mastery needs to actually kick in), I need the 1-2 hots they’re getting to have a better crit chance. I think a lot of the crit gear in my bags has versatility on it though so I’ll be dropping slightly in haste and bringing up a not so useful stat which is why I’ve resisted swapping the gear out. I guess only trying it will show if it’s beneficial or not. I really think training myself not to regrowth outside of clearcasting will give me the biggest results though, as I should have more mana to play with.


Thinking about Innervate as a raid cooldown and not a mana saver

I have to admit since I realised that you could self-cast Innervate on yourself I have been operating under the assumption that it gives me a bit of a mana saver and throwing it on myself on long fights on CD. It’s free healing for 10secs and while I can’t usually can’t burst out a ton of healing in 10secs  I can use it to move efflo, cast a wild growth and squeeze in a couple of hard cast regrowths, all of which are fairly mana expensive heals.

But then I read this post over at Raid Advice and I realised that Innervate in a raid setting can be thought about in a whole new light. If it’s placed onto a class that can burst out the heals if they don’t need to be concerned about mana costs, it can actually make a really effective raid cool down.  It’s been playing on my mind so I had a talk with  Elandrix, our holy priest before raid a few days ago and asked him to think about what sort of healing he could do if he had 10 secs to go absolutely crazy in and I decided to try this  the other night on Cenarius.

On Cenarius when the corrupted drakes get to 50% they start a large pulse aoe and it seemed like a good idea to line it up with that. With Innervate on a 2min cd, we used it really early and then again later into the fight. His healing while Innervate was active was  amazing, it was far exceeding what I thought we might get out of it and basically worked as well as, or better than me putting down a proper raid cd like tranq.

We have 3 druids in the raid group, 2 resto’s and a balance druid so that would basically give us 3 Innervates to play with. Looking at the logs though, I can see our other druid self-casts innervate on cd as well, so it may take a bit of discussion to see if he’s happy to pass it out but given the massive spike in Elandrix’s healing, it’s really beneficial and we have a range of other healers that we can try it on in different settings.

I forgot to tell our Raid Leader about my healing strat trial and he got a bit concerned about my constant calls to Elan that I had Innervated him (we’ll work on a weak aura to keep vent more clear of something that can be easily tracked) and started to question Elan’s mana issues until I let him know what we were trying.

I’m really glad I came across that post. Though, now that I want to start playing with Incarnation and the way self-casting Innervate can allow me to cast instant mana-free regrowths while it’s up it, it might be a bit of a juggling act. That’ll all come down to if Tree is actually viable at times or if I’m better sticking with other talents on the same line which alternate between Prosperity + SoTF for the buffed aoe heals  or Cultivation for a  nice extra hot on really damaging fights.


Heroic Emerald Nightmare as a Resto Druid – Bosses 1 – 3

We’re progressing through EN at a pretty steady rate, given we only raid 2 night a week and we’re sitting at 5/7H so far. I’m really looking forward to next week when we have two full nights on heroics as last night was our last time in Normal. We delayed starting full time heroic progression so we could all finish the quest handed to us by Malfurion. We’ve been working on Wednesdays as normal clear and as many heroic bosses as we can get through before end of raid and then Sunday has been progression.

Raiding only 2 nights is a bit of a pain because it is only a short time (we raid 7.30pm to 11pm ST) and when we have a few people leave early (not always the same people) it cuts down on our chance to keep going for that last half hour. I think I’d really like to be raiding 3 nights a week but a lot of people can’t make that schedule. Unfortunately there’s also very much a we’re a casual raid team attitude that comes out at times which seems to give people the  leeway to muck around, or take their time on things, or turn up unprepared (food/flasks) which is a little frustrating. We are a casual raid team/guild but it shouldn’t be an excuse to do the above.

The below talent list is more of a reminder for me to remember what talents/gear I take on the fights. I’m well aware that some of the healing talents I’m taking at the moment, aren’t the most recommended but they suit my healing style and resources I have at the moment. Not sure about other druids, but I’m really feeling mana pinched in some of the fights.


This is a relatively easy fight with movement that can be minimized most of the time so Efflo can be used to it’s full potential. I love the dance you can do with Rot patches on the floor when Nyth is in her sleeping phase. They don’t all get pulled into her at the same rate so you can move between the patches and all damage can be avoided if done correctly. Mmost of the damage on this fight is avoidable so it’s a fairly easy healing boss.


  • Cenarian Ward – extra hot. Since I take SoTF, prosperity could be useful here to reduce the cd of Swiftmend by 5secs but I do like the extra hot.
  • Displacer Beast – this talent never changes, the mobility is too useful
  • Guardian Affinity – nice for the 10% passive damage reduction
  • Typhoon – I generally never spec out of this as resto, I use to it push mobs away from me and back towards someone who can take care of killing them
  • Soul of the Forest – buffs the next heal with haste
  • Spring Blossoms – adds extra healing to anyone healed by my Efflo. In this fight with the limited movement Efflo is down long enough for the extra healing to be of use
  • Flourish – timed with a SoTF buffed Wild Growth just about to expire gives a free buffed wild growth.


This is a real movement heavy, aoe damage heavy fight. We’re constantly running around on this fight to either go stand on his butt to help absorb his charge when he sends out Focusing Gaze, or running in to stack for Roaring Cacophony, then running away from Miasma. The movement and the heavy aoe puts my mana under a lot of strain in this fight.


  • Cenarian Ward
  • Displacer Beast
  • Guardian Affinity
  • Typhoon
  • Cultivation – puts an extra hot on a person with rejuv when their health drops below 60%. Rejuv on people as barreling impact is about to hit, means this procs on a lot of people
  • Inner Peace. We move too often for Efflo to be moved every time or it strains my mana too much and by putting tranq on a 2min timer means it can be used for the heavy damage from barreling impact twice giving us the change to heal with less healers = more dps on Ursoc as he’s a fairly steep dps check. Our healing order for raid cds is:
    • Soak,  Soak, Tranq, Divine Hymn, Aura Mastery, Healing Tide Totem, then  tranq’s up again and can be used to smooth out the last few seconds of the fight.
    • When we have two resto druids we change the order a bit to soak, tranq, soak, tranq, divine hymn, aura mast, tranq, tranq. The extra tranq means this fight is much smoother when Drew is in the raid too.
  • Flourish – used to buff all my hots on people as much as possible

Dragons of Nightmare

I really like this fight, the mechanics of not wanting to get 2 sets of dragon debuffs on each person means we split the raid into two distinct groups and keep them more than 40yards apart so it means I’m focusing on a much smaller group. Last night I only had 8 people in my range so it felt much more like dungeon healing then raid healing.

One thing I’ve done is set up Vuhdo to make the Defiled Vines debuff on affected people turn their panel bright red to make it really stand out from other debuffs so I know who is a dispel priority.

Nothing really stood out for me on this fight about needing to change talents for. I have a feeling I might have actually done last night’s fight with Inner Peace because I forgot to change it after Ursoc.


  • Cenarian Ward
  • Displacer Beast
  • Guardian Affinity
  • Typhoon
  • Spring Blossoms
  • SoTF
  • Flourish

That covers the heroic bosses we did last night. I’ll write reminders for me for the rest of the bosses on Sunday night after we do them and I make a choice on what I feel is better for me. Comments are welcome  😀



Emerald Nightmare – First Night

I have been so excited all week that raids were starting back again this week and last night we finally got to go in and have a look at the Emerald Nightmare for the first time.  The raid itself is perfect for a druid. It’s all druid themed, even if it is corrupted druids, and a really pretty raid. It’s all purples and reds and pinks, a far cry from the fel colours of HFC.

It was great seeing the main core back together (minus a few really missed faces who have either moved to different realms/factions or stopped playing altogether) and there were tons of new (to me, a lot are friends of other raiders who have come and joined us) faces. Raids are always awesome with so many people in the one place. I’ve always said I’m lucky with my guild, everyone is pretty awesome and we mix well, which given the range of personalities that come with such a large group, is a feat in itself.


The healer line up is fairly different from Warlords but luckily for me, Drew who used to heal with me on his priest is still there but  now raiding on his druid! Which is awesome as I have someone to chat Resto Druid secret stuff with.


It’s been ages since I’ve healed with another Resto druid and we look like we’re in a good place healing wise this expac 🙂

We decided to start on Heroic Nythendra to see how the fights would go. It was awesome fighting a dragon again. I really like raids with dragons, and dragons in general, so it’s soo good to have them back as raid bosses.

We originally tried keeping groups together but it turned out relatively messy. As soon as a person got Rot on them, everyone in 8 yards would also take a tick as well, no matter how fast they ran it away,  and the dot stacks on people really quickly started adding up. We spread everyone out around the room and the fight got a lot tidier with less extra dot damage to heal through on people and it meant there was more room to see the exploding bugs that came out during Heart of the Swarm phase.


I really liked this fight and the mechanics were pretty cool  but true to form, the game decided to give me a heroic ring (yay) with perfect stats for a Feral kitty (not so yay). I’m really sensing a theme here, for quite a while my feral spec was higher ilvl than resto with amazing upgrades on agility trinkets and feral relics.



Klor took a lot of the photos of our kill shots( thank you!) as I’m still having trouble getting Z’s camera to zoom out far enough. No idea what’s going on there but I’ll have to look into this. Big thanks to my patient guild that lined up after each boss for screenshots. The trials for raiders in a guild with a blogger is real!

After killing her on heroic, we flicked it back to normal to clear through it and see the fights and 850 loot is still an upgrade for pretty much everyone in there.

Once you kill Nythendra you run up a pathway to a section with 4 portals and can choose the order of the next few bosses. We decided to go:




Dragons of the Nightmare





Elerethe Renferal


Being first raid night, we were expecting a ton of disconnects and we were right. I was really lucky I was really stable the first boss but it went downhill from there.. By the end of the night I was getting super sick of dcin’g mid-fight and then having to reload as soon as I got in as Vuh-do vanishes on a dc and I need to reload UI to get it back. The dc’s meant there was a lot of non-healing time for me /sigh. Let’s hope Sunday is a smoother night.

Being 1/7H and 5/7N on the first night of raiding even with the constant dc’s is pretty awesome, hopefully we keep going well throughout the rest of this raid tier:)


Seriously, how pretty is the scenery, even trash fights are gorgeous! en

I’m pretty sure Klor was having daydreams of getting to tame another Dinosaur when we came across this little cutie.

All up, it was a great night and I can’t wait until Sunday to go back and clear normal and start on heroic’s. Fingers crossed we’ll end up raiding mythically this expac as well. I’ve already decided I’m not going to pull Z out of Deadline to go chase mythic like I did in the lull last expac, but it would be nice to challenge ourselves and work on the higher level.






Dungeon Arrival in Style!

Boating into a dungeon, that’s one way to make a pretty memorable arrival.


I’ve had Z down in Suramar questing her heart out as the last two mythics she’s needed to do are gated behind Rep and Quest progression with the Nightfallen. To unlock them you need to have 8000 into Honored and finished the Statecraft story line in Good Suramaritan.

The first one we went into was Court of Stars. This dgn is absolutely gorgeous. It’s just like an instanced version of Suramar City.  There’s one really interesting fight where you get a disguise and need to go track down a specific guest by asking questions of other guests and then working out which person you’re looking for based on their answers. It was a pretty novel mechanic.

I loved how Z looked as a Nightbourne. Those shoulders are simply stunning. I wonder if they are obtainable for a cloth toon.

z-as-a-nightborne    mythic-court-of-stars

Don’t look too hard at my bars, I really need to tidy them up before raid starts.. I can see  multiples of the same icons there. What on earth do I need 2 for?  I need to clean that up

Then we headed into The Arcway. This was wasn’t anywhere near as pretty  but the fights were interesting. Though generally on the first run though of a dgn my attention is usually on watching my green health bars and my feet. It always takes 2 or 3 run throughs before I start to look around me and actually see what the boss looks like.

The one thing I remember most is watching the complete lack of cooldown usage  by the DK tank that pugged in with us. I’ve got pretty spoilt running most of the mythics in a  guild group with Allucia as DK tank. He tends to keep his shield on and Vampiric Blood is used relatively liberally at times. I put the icon on vuhdo so I could track his use of it so I don’t overlap my defensive cooldowns on him and I’ve got used to seeing it in times when he’s taking damage.  I was really bemused to see the tank getting hammered in The Arcway (that dgn hits hard) and never a single use of Vampiric Blood. I’m left scratching my head at why some tanks won’t use the tools they’ve been given.


I’ve come to a bit of a halt on Suramar city questlines though as the next set don’t open up until you’re 7000/21000 and Z is currently at about 3.5k into Revered. The Nightfallen world quests that you open up in Suramar give fairly good rep though so I’m making sure I do them as often as I see them come up, I really want to see the rest of the stories that are in the zone.

One of the best things with progressing the storyline is how your base in Meredil slowly changes with more NPCS and they bring different furniture and knicknacks with them. The place is getting more and more crowded each time I’m there.  There’s a bank and mailbox down there now making it actually more usable than my class hall.

Tonight my guild is doing our first new raid which I am so excited about!