I want to redecorate!

I would absolutely love to have a house that is completely decorated with gaming decor. I swear I spend way way too much time on Pinterest pinning pics of awesome things I want.

So far the closest I’ve got to geeking out my house is  changing all my coffee cups to Pokemon and Star Wars themed ones. But I can dream!

All the pictures are from Pinterest, credit to whoever linked it first. 

Random Tuesday Mutterings

It’s my weekly look back at what I got up to in WoW and I have to say it’s been pretty quiet on the wow front this week. I haven’t even blogged since last Tuesday /gasp.

Wednesday we ran through heroic EN, which doesn’t take any time at all anymore, but we didn’t have 20 online  to progress to mythics so it was a short night.  I’m still working my way through Vikings, so I took advantage of the early night and logged off and watched more episodes. On Thursday I ran around doing a lot of pet battles with the pet bonus week active.

On Friday afternoon, Klor came down for the weekend so there wasn’t any playing over the weekend as I caught up with him, and  it was Blizzcon on Saturday!! So we watched a bit of Blizzcon in the morning and then went out to Dinner with Cinder, Klor, SpazzWesson (Cinder’s co-host on Reins of Azeroth) and Sirius (Spazz’s partner, and amazing artist – she does the art for Reins). I love catching up with wow friends outside of the game and it was a really good night.

Then Sunday I popped onto wow in the evening for raid and we actually had 20 people so we looked at Mythic Nythendra. We didn’t get her down which was disappointing but hopefully we’ll have 20 again for raid on Wednesday.

Monday was more pet battling. I got the Direbeak Hatchling which was the last of the four I needed and , with the pet bonus I made sure I leveled all the hatchlings to 25.


I also spent a ton of time in my Garrison as Squirt was the pet battle and her fight gives a lot of experience to a levelling pet, so I raised a lot of pets to 25. I’m going to miss the pet bonus now it’s finished for the week. There’s heaps of Legion pets I haven’t caught yet so I might put some time aside and take a levelling toon around the zones to pick up the missing pets on the weekend.

I didn’t get through much other content at all this week, I took my hunter through one mythic plus right at the end of the week and Z didn’t even get a look in. I did get Dreamweavers to Exalted which gave me 55 Reps on Z, only 5 to go for her Beloved Title now. Darkmoon faire is up until Sunday so I should take advantage of the plus 10% to rep buff.


I did find that there’s an amazing look for Travel Form down in Suramar. When I realised that our kitty form had changed, I never even thought to look at the other forms. I love travel form so much, the runes on the armor fade in and out and just looks awesome.


And I found a wedding going on Azsuna. It’s right near the Stormfeather world quest so not sure how I missed it before but it was really cool to see. Apart from when a stupid alliance hunter came and killed the bride and groom while I was taking photos so I had to wait for them all to respawn. I attacked the hunter out of revenge which was nice.

And that’s another week in wow wrapped up. How was your week in wow?

Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge – Introversion/Extroversion.. are all Z’s created equal?

Pirate’s Day

It was Pirates Day in WoW the other day. It  coincides with International Talk Like a Pirate Day which happens in the other game I play.

There was a new toy added this year so I had to pop down and pick it up. The Slightly-Chewed Insult Book lets you shout pirate themed insults at friend and foe every 30 mins. 


And now Brewfest is on and I’m pretty sure Z still needs a few Brewfest achievements and mounts so I’ll need to squeeze that in between mythic+ dungeon runs, herbing and fishing, levelling my hunter and having guests pop in on me for the next week. I’ve decided the only way to fit it all in is with late nights, early mornings and tons of coffee.

Let’s see how it goes!

Battlepets of a different sort – Pokemon Go with friends

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately with Pokemon Go and trying to catch them all. More for the cuteness factor of the pets rather than wanting to battle other people really. After talking to Cinder and Thor, who are also into catching the little monsters, we decided to meet up in the city this morning and have coffee, cupcakes and a catch up.

Where I live and work is pretty much a barren wasteland for Pokemon, so going into the city was a real eye-opener.. there were pokestops (most with lures) covering my map no matter where I looked and I managed to pick up a ton of new little guys to fill out my pokedex. I’m still a really low level but in the couple of hours we were out, I went from lvl 9 to 12 and collected a heap of pokemon I hadn’t seen.

Love the name of the nearest pokestop we were next to.

Funny Pokestop

As for those cupcakes, I think I’ll be making a special trip back in for another round. They were absolutely awesome and in the most amazing flavours including Bubblegum Marshallow, Croquembouche, Cookies n’ Cream and Hot Cocoa.


The shopping centre  we met at was pretty awesome, when it was being built rather than demolish the 19th century Shot Factory which was once the tallest building in Melbourne that was on the site, the designers worked the entire factory into the middle of the centre including an enormous dome to cover it all.


All up it was a really fun day and awesome to catch up with two of my wow friends 🙂



Eeek.. Time Flies

Holy Heck it’s been way too long since I’ve updated. So my plans of weekly blog posts went out the window around the middle of March.. right about the time my real life hit some massive changes.  The boyfriend and I, after a turbulent 3 years which included a couple of nasty breakups and reconciliations, decided that we just weren’t going to work out and I moved out.It sounds so civilised now but it’s been a pretty bad couple of months. But time heals or blunts a lot of things and with the love of some amazing friends (you know who you are!) I have to say I’m in a way happier place both mentally and physically. I love my new house! I can decorate it how I want, and enjoy Z time without walking on eggshells and life is really good right now.. (Crosses fingers  and hope that I’m not tempting fate by that comment).

Gaming wise.. I’m still not over my Skyrim obsession. The news of Legion’s release date actually made me think more about what I wanted to finish in Skyrim before I throw myself back into Azeroth. Guess the Skyrim bug is still hitting hard.

I had to change companion because I lost Illia  when a quest made her stay behind and she just never turned up again. I checked all the places I thought she could be… where I found her, my different houses but she just didn’t show up again. The only frustrating part was her inventory was rather full of gear she was storing for me. I ended up grabbing another mage companion from the Mage’s College and he seems really strong, I much prefer playing with another mage companion than any other of the followers.

I’m sitting at level 42 and trying to get as many achievements done as I level. Level cap is 81 but the levelling has seriously slowed down after 40, so I have no idea how long it will take to get to 81.  I managed to hear about Platinum which is a trophy (achievement) you get for getting all 50 trophies  in the game and my completionist side kicked in but so has my ambitious side and now i want to get that in 1 play through. There’s a couple of quests you can mess up and make it impossible to get all the trophies on one character if you chose the wrong options, so I’m being a bit careful and checking guides every now and again.

The game still doesn’t fail to amaze me visually.

amazing sky Blackreach Lakeview Manor

I’ve just started the DLC content which is adding tons of new scenery to the game. I didn’t want to go into new areas before i finished the main dragonborn quest line. I have to make the choice atm between becoming a vampire and killing the vampires. So I’m umming and ahhing over the pros and cons there.

On top of all that.. I also re-discovered my love of Terraria and have been happily digging and building in that game for something different when I feel like I’ve looked at enough Skryim for a while.

In Terraria when you build a house with rooms and fulfil certain conditions like killing bosses or exploring things you get a NPC that comes and lives with you. Most are vendors though the nurse has healing abilities. My character is the little one the ground on the left in the dress. Many bosses drop vanity items you can equip, my favorite is the pharaohs robes which I coloured with multi-coloured dye. I’m playing multiplayer with a friend in this game at moment. His toon is the one shooting out green lasers.. right at me :p

Terraria Small House

The same house after a few hours of game play and building. I had a paint and wallpaper vendor turn up after a while which meant I now have a pretty colourful house. The decorations are souvenirs I’ve collected out and about on exploration to different biomes.. each area is themed so there are many different styles of decorations you can loot.

Terraria House

This is a map of my small world.. The black is places I’ve not yet explored. It’s mostly underground places where you can only get through digging. I’d like to have the full map dug out one day… completionist tendencies coming out again.

Terraria Map


Well that’s my last month and a half wrapped up. With all the big news of a release date for Legion  and lots of Skyrim time, there shouldnt be any shortage of blogging. I’ll try to get back to a regular posting schedule.



Zee the Explorer IRL

Wow, where has the time gone. I can’t believe Father Winterveil is here and actually nearly gone.

The biggest thing I’ve been up to lately was when I went overseas for a holiday to New Zealand in November. It was absolutely amazing exploring around the North Island and sightseeing my heart out. We started at the top of the Island in Auckland and drove across and down the Island for a fortnight and flew out of Wellington at the very bottom of the Island.

It really was an absolutely beautiful country to visit. Coming from Australia where it’s really brown and dry,  I couldn’t get over how green everywhere was.

We drove right past Mt Taranaki which was the most beautiful snow covered mountain. It was strange seeing all the snow on the mountain on a beautiful sunny day.


I made sure that we popped into the Hobbiton Set Tour. Seeing the hobbit holes up close was great! They are super cute. The tour includes lots of stories about how the movie is made which was  really fascinating to hear.


One of the most fascinating things I saw though was the thermal springs. New Zealand has a great deal of geo-thermal activity and there are heaps of places where there are natural thermal springs.  One of the places we went to was Hot Water Beach where at low tide you can dig in the sand and warm water (boiling in parts) comes up through the sand. It was lovely.

We even found boiling hot streams just dotted through the countryside. We were driving along and started to notice patches of steam rising from the ground. We stopped at one really big patch and found it was a natural hot spring stream.


We stopped at the thermal pools that the stream fed into for a swim. The pools were so hot, much hotter than what a normal bath I would have was, but it was amazing and so relaxing swimming around in the hot water. The next day my hair was so soft. I think if I lived near there I’d be bathing every day.

In Wellington the last thing tourist activity we did was to go to Weta Workshop,  the company that does all the physical props for heaps of movies and TV shows including Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.

Not unsurprisingly the hobbit influence is pretty strong throughout the country.   There are some really beautiful Hobbit art pieces at Wellington Airport,  Gollum and Gandalf.


Even though I saw so much, there is plenty of places I really want to go back and see and I never saw any of the South Island so I’m going to go back as soon as possible.