All 12 Class Halls done, Legion Goal finished!

The one overriding goal I’ve had for this expansion was to get the Feat of Strength for levelling all 12 toons to 110 and finishing their class hall. I’m starting to have a sneaking suspicion that achievements are the main reason I play this game and a Feat of Strength is an achievement on steroids.

I didn’t get this done in the fastest time, but since so much of the early parts of the expansion were pretty much completely focused on the Druid and the grind of AP and Rep, I’m still happy with getting it done in the year.

My absolute favourite campaign, even after seeing them all is still the Death Knight one. I really loved the slightly insane route it took, trying to raise the greatest alliance hero into a death knight by storming into the Paladin order hall and trying to raise Tirion. Still the best scene is getting to strangle Lady Liadrin. I have a dark sense of humor it seems.

Funny enough, the Rogue campaign was the last I completed and took 2nd place in my list of favourite campaigns. It was really spy like, I got sent to Stormwind to spy on the SI:7 and investigate the murder of an agent and ultimately expose a demon masquerading as the head of the SI:7. Part of the real fun of this quest line though was it sent me to the real Stormwind City at the very end, not a phased version. So as a Horde character having to stealth through the city filled with Alliance that added a big thrill and feel of actually being a sneaky spy infiltrating the enemy.

Interesting enough, the Druid one was pretty close to being my least favourite. It just felt quite boring at the time and a lot more talking rather than action. It was the first one I did and it was the one most gated by time and levels so it was really disjointed when I was doing the different parts, so once my 2nd druid hits 110 I’ll try to do her campaign in one go so I can see the story uninterrupted.

Along the way I also found a few classes that I really enjoy playing and didn’t think I would. Warlock is number one, she is really fun to play even if I still suck at dps on one of the most op classes at the moment and… Rogue. One of my least liked classes previously. Even from a healer perspective, I hate healing rogues over any other class, they’re such squishy little things but levelling and finishing the class quest showed me the fun side of the class so I’d like to put a bit more time into my Rogue and see if I actually like her after a bit more time at max level.

Now that I’ve got the biggest part of my Legion To-Do list done, I’m starting to think of what I need to finish to make Legion feel complete for me. So far the list of what else I want to do is:

  1. Class mounts for all to be done. (Mage, Warrior and Rogue left)
  2. Finish all the profession quest lines and get all the professions to 800 (alch, inscript, herb are only ones done so far)
  3. Run each toon through the NH and ToS raid finder as much as possible to get the raid finder transmogs, (normal, heroic and mythic can be done  in later expansions)
  4. Try the Chromie scenario at least once
  5. Go start the Pet Dgns before 7.3 comes out bringing a much larger version of the family familiar achievement.
  6. Fishing legendary is still on the bucket list and I’ve hardly touched it. Must go spend some time on the water.



Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

Well it was a week of being busy in both WoW and the Blizz universe. I went and did 15 games in Heroes of the Storm with Wingy for the Primal Flamesaber. I really don’t mind Heroes of the Storm as a game, though even at level 30 I still don’t feel confident  enough to want to play with real people, so I was really glad that we just did our matches against the AI.


And I dug and dug and dug and got a beautiful new archeology mount. I really like spectral models and this one is no exception, he is just so gorgeous.


I finally finished the Balance of Power questline. I was wondering why everyone in the raid group was getting their achievements and I wasn’t until I realised that one of the quests in my quest log that  I had been ignoring for weeks was from the quest chain.

The achievement unlocks some really lovely skins for the artifact weapons.

I can’t wait until I get the skin for doing 100 dgns with a hidden appearance and then I can start using the Balance of Power skin for Resto. The colourway I like the most comes from doing a mythic 15 in time but it’s blue and finding a transmog to match it might be a bit tricky because I don’t have any blue dresses for a leather wearer.

There was a world quest in mythic COS at the same time that the emissaries were for Nightfallen so Twice and I popped in there to make it count as one of the emissary quests,  and we randomly got an achievement for overhearing the conversation between Elisande and the final boss. I don’t know why I’m only getting it now, I’ve done that dgn so many times. But it’s one achievement off the list of dgn ones for Legion hero so I don’t mind. Now that we can duo mythic dgns, hopefully we can finish some achievements off and work towards the mount.


Twice’s comment relates to his glaives – I really really like that appearance but he’s telling me they come from the balance of power questline. I doubt my DH will be in Nighthold anytime soon so probably won’t get them.

My Demon Hunter hit 110 with a full week of February to go! zidari-lvl-110

Now I have to choose a new class to level, I think it might be the Mage for March.

The love dgn run has been fantastic for catching up with friends quickly. I jumped into a few queues with Cinder the other night when she logged onto some horde characters. Another year down and no mount but there’s always next year!z-and-cinder

Twice created a new video for Nighthold:The Movie.  It’s such a beautiful raid, I love watching his videos  because I get to see so much that I miss during the actual fights. I am so blown away by  the Star Augur fight! I honestly have never looked out of his platform before watching the video tonight, so the 3 different planets we go and visit were brand new to me.

I can’t get over the planet taken over by the old gods and covered in void tendrils. Imagine if we could go see a world like that. And now, the fight also makes a lot of sense why we go through different phases, they line up with the 3 different planets we visit.

Seriously though this raid has got to be the most beautiful one in the game and Twice has taken some gorgeous shots of it. Well worth watching 🙂

And that was my random week in WoW. How was yours?

Demon Hunter month

I decided that since I have 8 toons left to level and there are 10 months left in the year, I’d pick one a month and level it up. So I should get all 12 to 110 by the end of the year (if I don’t get sidetracked).  I planned on leveling my Shaman for the first one as she was my highest at 104 and I really want to try restoration shaman healing but as I was looking at the loading screen I had a sudden urge to level my Demon Hunter instead.

I love my Demon Hunter’s model with her tattoos and horns but I wish there were more glaives in the game for transmogging. Glaives look awesome on her back and  I don’t think I’ll transmog into any other weapon type.

And how awesome are those wings! They’re a bit tattered but I absolutely adore getting to glide around the place.  I may have spent a long time jumping off Dal simply to glide down to the Island.


I had levelled her to 100 and got her into Dalaran really early into Legion but had left her there for the past 5 months without looking at her again. So when I logged onto her, I had to choose a weapon, I had been planning on picking the tank weapon but then changed my mind (I’m sensing a trend here) and went with the dps one. The weapon questline was pretty fun but I didn’t really pay that much attention to it because I spent most of it trying to remember what buttons to hit. I basically just had to go kill a big demon who had taken the glavies I was supposed to have, which I eventually did without too many deaths, a lot less than my mage if I’m honest.


I loved getting my class hall opened because it’s a spaceship.. which makes me the captain! I love the fantasy of having my very own spaceship.


The planets are simply gorgeous!dh-order-hall-2

One thing I really liked about opening up the Order hall was it didn’t go on as much as the other halls about how I’m the best of the best of Demon Hunters and was a lot more team focused.


Once I got the ship running, it was levelling time. I decided to start in Highmountain because that’s my favourite zone scenery wise but my least favourite navigational zone and I wanted to see if being able to glide about would make the zone more fun, and it was!. No more having to navigate my way down mountains or hope that displacer beast doesn’t fail me, I can just glide off. And the amount of time you cut off when gliding off Thunder Totem towards your next quest location is awesome. After being on her a bit, I found she’s really surivivable, I spawn these little health orbs around the place when mobs die which tend to keep me pretty high health, and she has stuns and interrupts and if all else fails, I fel rush away and throw my glaives at the mobs. I think she’ll probably turn out to be fun to level up. I know I’m enjoying her heaps at the moment.

I downloaded the conslegion levelling addon to see if it made levelling faster and it did seem to make Highmountain go quite quickly. It has one really handy feature that it puts a big box on my screen and tells me briefly what I should be doing in the area i.e. “Kill Hawks, Collect Rabbits”, really good for someone like me who tends to forget what the quest is the second I close the quest window. It also auto accepts and auto hands in quests which saves so much time. I just have to keep remembering to turn that off when I go collect a class order hall mission so I actually know what’s going on.

I was planning on going to Stormheim once I finished Highmountain but when I popped back to my ship to grab the next quest zone, I got a quest to go collect 100 demon blood so I decided to combine that with choosing Azsuna as my next location as it’s full of demons.  I also picked up herbalism and mining on her, she may as well help supply my other professions with mats as she levels.

She’s up to 104 now so she’s caught up to my Shaman in levels and now I don’t feel too bad that I changed my order around. This month will be Demon Hunter levelling month. Let’s see if I have a 110 Demon Hunter by end of Feb.


Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

So this week consisted of mostly running all my toons through ICC, Ulduar and Trial of the Crusader for the last pets I needed for Raiding with Leashes IV. This one achievement has held my attention for pretty much the week. It might have been quicker had I realised that the last pet I needed, Drudge Ghoul, only dropped from normal versions of ICC as I was taking all the toons I could through 25H to combine Invincible farming with pet hunting.

I ended up taking 8 alts through there on a mix of normal and heroic  and it finally dropped for my Warrior who was also going to be my last alt for the week. Very lucky.


That meant I got the achievement  and the quest to go pet battle Algalon and then I finally had Stardust! What a gorgeous bunny.

algalon-the-pet-tamer stardust

I decided to go get my Pally her artifact weapon, mostly because I’m an absolute terrible Paladin and the artifacts are so OP that it meant I’d be able to fly through ICC even faster.

I really liked the Ashbringer story line and I was so excited to see my order hall. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s a little disconcerting to have Lady Liadrin following me though, I have an absolute Paladin crush on her and there’s no way I should be her boss. She’s probably just humoring me or something.

I did a bit more on my DK’s order hall campagin and got to go free Koltira from Sylvanas. He’s been stuck down in her dgn for quite a few years now. wowscrnshot_112816_232105

This would have been such a great screenshot if she had taken her clown coloured anniversary tabard off for it. Oh well, she still looks awesome. I absolutely love playing a blood dk. She’s so fun compared to all my other squishy toons. She just wades into the middle of everything and attacks constantly until everything’s dead. Love it!! Blood dk would actually be my most favourite class to play out of all of my alts.


Z’s been planting her Druid flowers looking for the restoration artifact hidden appearance. It hasn’t popped up yet, but she did get a Nightmare Lasher from it. Almost, actually probably more, exciting tbh.


On the subject of Z, I love this screenshot of her in Vault of the Wardens. We ran through a level 12 Mythic Plus tonight which was much easier than it should have been as the first 2 affixs were Sanguine and Overflowing.

Sanguine just means you move the mobs out of the pools that drop when other mobs die and Overflowing, which is a healing absorb shield put on and taken off by healing, is completely negated by a druid’s healing style. We didn’t quite make the timer but it still wasn’t anywhere near as hard as I would think a 12 should normally be. I’m looking forward to my cache tomorrow as the item that will be in there should be around the level of a mythic EN piece.


I also brought my level 98 Monk into the Broken Isles. At 98 she got the quest to go start the Legion questline. I was feeling exceptionally squishy as Windwalker so she’s going to be a Brewmaster for a bit. I’m about to faction change her and bring her back to the Horde to level. Levelling as Alliance on a mostly Horde populated PVP server is not my idea of fun.


I love that her order hall is back on the Wandering Isle. Server shutdown came about not long after she got to it, so I’ll have a good explore around it tomorrow and go get her Brewmaster artifact.


And that was my random week in WoW. How was yours?





First alt to 110

I chose my hunter as my first alt to get to 110 solely because she is also my alchemist and I really wanted access to making my own flasks/pots whenever I wanted.

Levelling her was probably easier than levelling Z as she was pure dps and could put all her points into her bow as I was levelling. She’s marksmanship so she can have Alleria’s weapon and because I didn’t really like the sound of what Beastmastery is now, with the emphasis more on controlling pets. Though I will get her the BM weapon and try it out.

I swapped a lot between having a pet or running solo. Without the pet, her dps is definitely higher but with the pet, I didn’t have mobs hitting me in the face as my pet would hold their attention. And I really love having a pet to come around the world with me as a companion. 110-hunter-1

I didn’t enjoy levelling in Highmountain with her though. On Z it was fine, if I got stumped on  how to make my way down a mountain or I wanted the fast way, then I would just throw her off the cliff and displacer beast at the last moment to land safely (well, most of the time it was safely) on the ground. I found disengage wasn’t as reliable for shortcutting and I’d still take fall damage and usually die.

The only time I truly got cross levelling her was when I had to go into Neltharian’s lair for an alchemy quest and had been in a dgn queue for 40mins (wow.. I am so spoilt with healer queue timers). I was levelling in Stormheim and I died in a place where you can only grapple hook up to get your body.. and apparently grapple hook doesn’t work when dead. So I took rez sickeness and not 2 seconds later my dgn popped. I didn’t want to go into a dgn with a 10min rez sickness debuff so cancelled  and logged off her in disgust.


Next alt to 110 will most likely be my priest. She’s my enchanter and is already making Z a lot of gold selling basic enchants on the auction house. She’s a holy/shadow priest and the healing alt I’d probably like to take into the alt raids that we’re talking about having. Though given how ridiculously easy it is to do good dps on my hunter without really trying, it might be nice to have a role change in the alt runs and stick with her. Maybe I’ll get them both alt raid ready.

I really want the Feat of Strength for completing all the class order hall campaigns so there’s 10 more alts to get to 110. I’ll probably get them to 110 and then start the quest lines rather than do it as I’m levelling.

Blog Challenge – Saddest Quests

Another shared topic with Cinder and I. You can find Cinder’s post here.

Where do you even begin with this topic though?  The whole time I was levelling there was sad quest after sad quest. It felt like an extended episode of Game of Thrones, the way characters I was attached to were being killed off.  And that’s not even including the Broken Isles scenario. I knew about Varian’s loss when I started the scenario but I had no idea we’d lose Tirion and Vol’jin along the way. That should have been an indicator that this was going to be an expac of pure emotions.

I’m going to go ahead and guess that Cinder and I are probably going to have some of same choices for this topic, mostly because while levelling we were talking about the quests that were making us cry.  Sometimes the conversations would be delayed a couple of days while we waited for the other to get to that particular one so we could exclaim to each other about it.

This post does contain spoilers of quests in various zones. Hopefully it doesn’t spoil anyone’s questing experience if you aren’t up to this quest yet.



The first one I came across is  Ysera’s story. You start out working with her in Val’sharah but along the way she gets corrupted by Xavius. I’ll just add in that her model looks absolutely gorgeous when corrupted.


For the final quest in this chain you need to pacify her as she is attacking the Temple of Elune. The whole time I was doing this quest on Z I was sure that I’d get her health down  and then she’d be cured or captured. But no :(.  This was a huge shock, I really didn’t think that we’d have to kill her.


The scene at the end though is gorgeous where she turns into a body of stars. And.. I didn’t get a screenshot of it, not even on my hunter alt that I took through specifically to get photos of this quest /sigh. That will have to wait until I take another alt through.

Warbrave Oro

As part of the quests to unify the tribes in Highmountain, one of the quest lines introduces you to Warbrave Oro and you work with him in a few small quest chains. The final one leads you and Oro to confront Dargrul and his Drogbar in Bitestone Enclave.

Unfortunately Oro and the rest of the Highmountain Tauren get impaled on stone spikes.



I really wasn’t expecting this to happen, and was pretty unimpressed. It really doesn’t take me too long to get attached to NPCs and after helping Oro a few times, this was a particularly sad ending to his story.


This is probably the quest that hit me harddest. I actually had a friend who knows me really well, whisper me when she saw me  in Stormheim to tell me not to get too attached to the wild moonkins. I have to say, her advice didn’t help in the slightest. I’d say it took me exactly 2 seconds to fall in love with the Ravenbears.


You follow the Frightened Ravenbear back to his cave to meet his Chief. sad-quests-cukkaw-2

And then you run around and take care of a few of the dragons that are terrorising them as well as gathering up feathers and antlers for a ritual. Once you’ve brought it all back, you go and join in and dance with them. I was grinning like an absolute idiot the whole time I was dancing with them. Which made what come next even worse. cukkawsad-quests-cukkaw-3


I took a lot of delight in killing Nithogg, as pure and utter revenge for Cukkaw and the rest of the Ravenbears, once he went live as a world boss.nithogg-revenge

There were so many more quests that I came across that were just so sad but most of them I didn’t screenshot as I didn’t realise just how much they would make me feel until the end of the chain. Suramar especially is an absolute hotspot for heart wrenching quests. At one particular point it felt like every Nightborne NPC I was helping was getting killed off around me.

The story telling in this expansion is absolutely phenomenal and I cannot wait for each patch to come out to advance the story, though I hope there are some happier endings ahead of us.



My first week in Legion

Syrco, put up a post about her first week in wow and asked how everyone was finding Legion, so I thought I’d answer here rather than in a comment.

The first week has absolutely flown by. I’ve been 110 on Zee for long enough to start getting into end content and oh wow, there is so much to do.

Through just questing in the zones, I hit friendly with all the factions which opened up world quests in every zone.  I’ve finished all the quests for each zone for the meta apart from Suramar, I’m still questing down there in between world quests and dungeons. After exploring through all  the zones I still can’t pick a favourite, all the zones are simply stunning and each has parts I absolutely love.

Suramar zone in general is gorgeous and Suramar City really quickly hit the top of my prettiest places in wow list. The only downside is I have to be masked to be in there without drawing aggro from everyone, otherwise I probably would never leave. I’m going to do a full post on how beautiful the city is later, once I’ve fully explored it and poked my nose into every corner of the place.

WoWScrnShot_090316_180133 WoWScrnShot_090316_180702

I’ve been having the worst luck with Zee’s gear and she got stuck with green questing shoulders and a pendant, holding her ilvl at 808 for ages. We made a guild group as Allucia and I were still under 810, so we walked into heroics with  Klor, Money and Twice to get around having to be 810 to queue.  I upgraded quite a few pieces (still not shoulders) and we were able to start queuing heroics. Currently I’m sitting at 817, so if I can dump the green shoulders my ilvl should jump up quite a bit. We’ve been asked to be at 825 minimum by the 20th for raiding, so fingers crossed Z’s dismal luck will break and I’ll change the shoulders. If all else fails I might try to round up a full guild group of leather wearers and chain dgns with them, one of us should be bound to get shoulders to drop.

Towards the end of Warlords I changed Zee’s professions from JC and Inscription to Inscription and Herbing. I had the idea that herbing would be more useful as I could feed my alchemist herbs to make Zee’s pots and flasks.. not realising that gem slots on gear were no longer rare and now Zee has gear full of gem sockets and no gems.

I could buy them but I really hate buying things I can make, so my DK, who has JC/Mining, came into Legion and opened up her class hall so she can get out and about and start mining to get the ore for gems. I’m not sure if it will actually help me in the short term as she’ll need to be leveled a bit to get access to patterns and professions quests, and spending  time on her is time not spent on Z getting more and more artifact power, but we’ll see how it goes. I may have to not be cheap and just buy the gems I need for the first few months.


I also decided to bring my alchemist over, so she went and opened up her class hall and got her artifact weapon. I was so excited to see one of the artifcats was Alleria Windrunner’s weapon , so she immediately chose that one and all the related quests hint about Alleria coming back.


Alleria’s back story is one that I’m super interested in, so I really can’t wait to see how the hunter story progresses.  I spoke to a pally friend, who’s as into lore as I am, about Alleria and she mentioned she had come across something that mentions Turalyon has sent a message.. So I really want to bring my Paladin across to open up that bit of lore. But again, alts are probably going to have to work around Zee for the first few months.

I was really curious about the unexplored island at the south of Suramar so wandered down and found it’s the Tomb of Sargeras.

The whole island is full of demons with ridiculously huge health pools, so I skirted round the edges and picked up the flight path and went back to questing in less scary places.

I keep having to pinch myself to get over how amazing this game is. I’m not the only one, Cinder posted a Legion love post as well. I’m sure this content will keep me occupied and immersed for a really long time and coming relatively soon is the new Karazhan dgn which I am ridiculously excited to see.



Levelling Again

This was the first expansion since MOP that I haven’t had time off from work to level in, so levelling had to be conducted around real life which made it go a little slower than I would have liked. But I also wanted to take my time and do all the zones and explore as I levelled.


Levelling and questing through the Zones was really fun. I started in Val’sharah which I thought would be my favourite given how gorgeous the zone is  and so druid based. The quests were so well done, but the main quest line was absolutely heartbreaking. Comparing notes with Cinder after we both finished the zones, we both agreed the ending had us in tears. (It’s too early to go into full spoilers).

I’m utterly in love with the Dreamrunners, they look like unicorns and I really want one as a mount. There are a quite a few recolours of this model throughout the zones but I love the green and white version the most.

Val Unicorns

I moved from Val’ into Highmountain. Twice kept telling me it was his favourite zone so I thought I’d go check it out though I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it as much as Val.  I think, despite how druidy Val’ is, that I actually liked Highmountain more.  I took more screenshots of the sky here than in any other zone.

From Highmountain in to Azsuna, as I had professions quests to hand in. (All my screenshots of this zone are still in my screenshots folder – I’ll update later). The starting section was really reminiscent of the starting zone for Demon Hunters and it wasn’t as pretty with the area all ruined by demons. But once I moved out into the Zone more, it just got prettier and prettier. It honestly got to the point where each zone was better than the last. I wonder if it would have felt like that if I had started in a different order.

Finishing Azsuna’s quests put me at 108 and I was really wondering if Stormheim would have enough quests to get me to 110. But questing through Stormheim there were more than enough quests and it was a pretty fun zone. I had been levelling as boomy from 102 with the Boomy artifact weapon but all the power and relics had been pumped into my resto weapon.  Coming into  Stormheim I really started to notice a big increase in how long it was taking me to kill mobs.  I started to wonder how I’d kill my way through the zone based on just how long the first couple of quests were taking.

I decided to flick back into Resto spec with Balance affinity so I had access to a couple more dps spells and almost immediately noticed that killing mobs took quite less time and I was able to pull multiple mobs because my heals were strong enough to keep me alive while my dots and direct spells, interweaved with heals, took the mobs health away.  I thought I was going crazy imagining that resto could be faster to kill in so I whispered Cinder to see how she was doing and we actually found we were both noticing the same issues. I don’t want to have to choose to split my artifact points between my OS and my Main Spec but at the moment it really feels like my OS is just going to be too weak to effectively do world quests if I don’t get some points and traits into the weapon.

I had been leaving queing for dgns until I got the zone quest to go in there. The dgns look really amazing. I love the Eye of Azsara dgn, getting to be on the beach for the majority of the fights is really different.  I dinged 110 handing in the quest for this dgn.


I ended up hitting 110 fairly late into the night so I pretty much only just poked my nose in Sauramar and started the lead in for the Nightfallen quests before I logged off. The Nightfallen are the last rep I have to get to friendly to be able to start world quests, so hopefully I’ll finish their quests tonight and can go see what being 110 is all about.

All up the levelling was really well done, I think I probably enjoyed questing through these zones a lot more than questing through Draenor – and that questing experience was really amazing.

I am looking forward to levelling my Shaman next though as dps. I was going to put her as resto but given how frustrating it was on Z to level as dps without empowering her dps weapon, I’m going to let the Shammy have her dps weapon first.



Last Class to 100 for WoD

 My warrior dinged 100 last night, it’s still amazing to me that I leveled a Warrior and in probably the shortest time of all my alts to get to 100.

I stalled a bit in leveling her once I hit Warlords, as the 8th Hordie through the area this expac, all the quests and zones were a bit too familiar and between 94 and 96 just seemed to drag on. I kept finding excuses to log onto Z and run old raids instead of levelling.

I did start out trying to level almost solely through WoD dungeons but the exp really wasn’t that great. I was lucky that BT and Twice, a guildie from Deadline, both still had low level warlords toons and came and qued a few dgns with me which made running multiple dgns more interesting but tbh the early ones just weren’t that exciting. Up to 97 I only had access to 3, Slag Mines, Iron Docks and Auch. Actually I didn’t find Slag Mines that bad, I had fun trying to round-up as many groups of ogres as I could per pull.

Once I got to 97 though I ended up stopping questing and running dgns and used a couple of the big experience elixirs and turned into a treasure hunter and bonus objective completer only. Doing just that,  she hit 100 really quickly, and as a bonus most of the strength treasures she picked up upgraded to Epic so I had gear to replace my outdated heirlooms at 100.

Merrah - Lvl 100

I started Khadger’s quest for the ring, though there’s no way I could even think about completing it in the next month but the initial 640ilvl ring was a massive upgrade from the 605 I had on. I had been dreading Skyreach, knowing I’d have to do it eventually but it was incredibly easy and half the mechanics I don’t really like.. as a tank I could almost basically ignore them. A brand new tank is way more fun to play than a brand new healer.

I had to take her through Silver proving grounds to get into heroics which was easy enough so I decided to stay and get gold as well. I’d like to see if I can get endless on her, something I haven’t bothered to get on Z.

Tank Gold Proving Grounds

One thing I didn’t think about though, until I asked Hip and Twice to do a guild dgn with me though (talking constantly through bnet chat takes away the feeling of being away from everyone).. is she’s on another realm. If I want to level her up after Z in Legion, I won’t be seeing my guildies that much and any runs I do won’t be guild runs. I’m almost tempted to use the 11th slot I’ll be getting on Barth to boost a warrior and put a demon hunter on another realm.

I haven’t looked at what class changes Legion is bringing for Prot Warrior. Hopefully she’ll still be as fun to play after the patch goes onto the live realms tonight.


More Tanking Adventures

I really enjoyed seeing the Cata Dgns again. I can’t really say zones as I started in Hyjal, did a couple of quests while quing for dgns and then basically skipped all the way to Twilight Highlands where Hip really kindly took me through the Arena, qued for a few more dgns and hit level 85 and that was the end of my time in the Cata zones.

Cata Arena - Merrah and Hip

The Cata dgns was great though. One thing I’ve seen is how different each run can be depending on the different groups I get. When I zoned into The Stonecore for the first time, the 4 people there were already halfway through and had been waiting a while for a tank and  all were so happy when I zoned in that it was a really friendly run. It was  nice, even if their confidence was simply at seeing a tank role – they no idea of how I was going to be, but we finished the run  easily. They asked me to stay and spam a few dgns with them. They were a fantastic group so I was happy to stay with them for quite a while. At one point in Blackrock Caverns the hunter pulled all the mobs in a room and apologised so much until I said it was fine the mobs had to die anyway. They were so sweet that I didn’t get cross at them for pulling everything but the damage was so high that I really didn’t mind, things were just exploding and the healer was good enough even with the extra damage.

Then I took a break and the first new dgn I zoned into was Lost City of Tol`vir in Uldum (One of my favourite Cata dgns). And the healer was a pita. He got pissed I wanted to kill the 2nd quest mob after the 1st boss (there’s one on each side of the boss). He ran down to the next section and sat there calling me and the other dps nubs because we didn’t know the way to the next section and even when I said we’re killing the quest mobs (yay for my self-healing abilities as he refused to move back to us) he just bitched that we could come back later and that we had to go back that way anyway. No idea what the heck he meant by that because you don’t come back that way after killing the boss unless its to turn in quests and he wasn’t on the quest so he didn’t have to go back there anyway.

Then we get to the turn off to go to the crocodile boss and he didn’t want to do that one, more comments about me not knowing the way through the dgn  /sigh. So I just led the dps around the trash and we took the boss while he eventually caught up still complaining. When we got to the 3rd boss  2 dps died from standing on the ground DOT under the boss  so we killed it slowly. At this point the healer did have a point about not being able to heal through stupid but as the 2 that died weren’t in heirlooms I wasn’t going to be a prick as they could very well be seeing the dgn and even the game for the first time and just said there’s a dot under that boss, be aware for next time.

He refused to rez them and one of the toons who had died, a DK, zoned in before my mass rez went off so had a  run back. I was standing at the top  of the platform in front of the last boss waiting for the DK  because he  wasn’t far by then and he was fairly good on dps when the mouthy healer pulls the boss with penance and then complains about how long it’s taking to kill and that the healer had to attack mobs to get things dying.

I eventually told him that had he not pulled without a person we’d be killing much faster and to back off.. and he was off on a tirade about nub tanks, nub dps, blah blah.. I just called him a dick and left it at that and with a parting shot he dropped group. Once we killed the boss, I immediately requed with 2 of the dps and was in Vortex Pinnacle when a lvl 1 hunter whispers me telling me I’m the shittest tank he’d ever seen, didn’t know my way through dgns and I should go to being a ps or xbox console player and then logged off without waiting for my response to get to him which actually was “lol u so mad”… I can be childish too :D.  I have to find it rather funny that he took the whole thing so over the top to follow me to another realm. Hopefully he cooled off for his next group.

After that I hit 85 and got into MOP dgns. So I tanked my way through Jade Serpent and Stormstout Brewery twice each and Shadowpan Monastery once before it was time for bed, finishing up at 87.

I know I’m definitely not the greatest tank, but I don’t think I’m truly terrible. I possibly can use more of my utility cd’s more often but I rarely die, use all my personal dam red cds at lot,  interrupt a crap ton (do leveling dps not know about interrupting /sigh) and generally have all the mobs beating on my face and no one elses.  I’m pretty sure with more practice I’d pick up the finer points. I was thinking of asking some tanky friends to  come with me and give me some pointers if they feel I’m messing up but that’s so nerve wracking  – having my ability put under the microscope. But it’s a great role and almost as fun as healing so I might suck it up and just ask for feedback to become better.