I have a Goat

I was running through some bounties last night and I heard the little treasure goblin giggle. So I tracked him down and it was a sort I hadn’t seen before, a Menagerist Goblin.  I was a bit excited at the name.. Immediately linking it to menagerie and really hoped that meant it might have something to do with pets.. and it did!

I’m now the owner of a strange little goat called Lady Morthanlu that brandishes a bone as a weapon and randomly stands up on it’s hind legs.



Goat pet

The goblin has a chance to drop 19 different pets and will only drop a pet that the player(s) do not have.

It was only added in this new patch (2.4.1) so while there’s reports of it being a rare goblin, hopefully as the season goes on I’ll have a chance to see more of them and collect the other pets.

Eeek.. Time Flies

Holy Heck it’s been way too long since I’ve updated. So my plans of weekly blog posts went out the window around the middle of March.. right about the time my real life hit some massive changes.  The boyfriend and I, after a turbulent 3 years which included a couple of nasty breakups and reconciliations, decided that we just weren’t going to work out and I moved out.It sounds so civilised now but it’s been a pretty bad couple of months. But time heals or blunts a lot of things and with the love of some amazing friends (you know who you are!) I have to say I’m in a way happier place both mentally and physically. I love my new house! I can decorate it how I want, and enjoy Z time without walking on eggshells and life is really good right now.. (Crosses fingers  and hope that I’m not tempting fate by that comment).

Gaming wise.. I’m still not over my Skyrim obsession. The news of Legion’s release date actually made me think more about what I wanted to finish in Skyrim before I throw myself back into Azeroth. Guess the Skyrim bug is still hitting hard.

I had to change companion because I lost Illia  when a quest made her stay behind and she just never turned up again. I checked all the places I thought she could be… where I found her, my different houses but she just didn’t show up again. The only frustrating part was her inventory was rather full of gear she was storing for me. I ended up grabbing another mage companion from the Mage’s College and he seems really strong, I much prefer playing with another mage companion than any other of the followers.

I’m sitting at level 42 and trying to get as many achievements done as I level. Level cap is 81 but the levelling has seriously slowed down after 40, so I have no idea how long it will take to get to 81.  I managed to hear about Platinum which is a trophy (achievement) you get for getting all 50 trophies  in the game and my completionist side kicked in but so has my ambitious side and now i want to get that in 1 play through. There’s a couple of quests you can mess up and make it impossible to get all the trophies on one character if you chose the wrong options, so I’m being a bit careful and checking guides every now and again.

The game still doesn’t fail to amaze me visually.

amazing sky Blackreach Lakeview Manor

I’ve just started the DLC content which is adding tons of new scenery to the game. I didn’t want to go into new areas before i finished the main dragonborn quest line. I have to make the choice atm between becoming a vampire and killing the vampires. So I’m umming and ahhing over the pros and cons there.

On top of all that.. I also re-discovered my love of Terraria and have been happily digging and building in that game for something different when I feel like I’ve looked at enough Skryim for a while.

In Terraria when you build a house with rooms and fulfil certain conditions like killing bosses or exploring things you get a NPC that comes and lives with you. Most are vendors though the nurse has healing abilities. My character is the little one the ground on the left in the dress. Many bosses drop vanity items you can equip, my favorite is the pharaohs robes which I coloured with multi-coloured dye. I’m playing multiplayer with a friend in this game at moment. His toon is the one shooting out green lasers.. right at me :p

Terraria Small House

The same house after a few hours of game play and building. I had a paint and wallpaper vendor turn up after a while which meant I now have a pretty colourful house. The decorations are souvenirs I’ve collected out and about on exploration to different biomes.. each area is themed so there are many different styles of decorations you can loot.

Terraria House

This is a map of my small world.. The black is places I’ve not yet explored. It’s mostly underground places where you can only get through digging. I’d like to have the full map dug out one day… completionist tendencies coming out again.

Terraria Map


Well that’s my last month and a half wrapped up. With all the big news of a release date for Legion  and lots of Skyrim time, there shouldnt be any shortage of blogging. I’ll try to get back to a regular posting schedule.



As one of those with little patience




Is making me seriously consider transferring off. There is not a single toon I want to spend time levelling that I can access.

The practicalities though

– Is the money spent worth being able to spend my limited wow time (now I’m working) playing

– Will I be able to transfer back in a fortnight so I can raid with my team or will I be facing the possibility of a still-locked realm and be stuck without a raid team

Given my battlenet last night was full of people saying Yay! in after 6hours of wait time etc etc, I don’t have high hopes of being able to access Z any time soon today.




After digging around on the forums I found some interesting posts

We ran into a few other issues, including a distributed denial of service attack, that resulted in increased latency.

To help correct for this and other issues, we’ve temporarily lowered maximum realm populations. This means there will be high queue times experienced on high-population realms.

We’re continuing to work toward greater realm stability and address the service issues impacting latency. Our current biggest hurdle is the concentration of players in specific areas and zones, and an unexpected effect of that concentration on the realm stability. We’re continuing to maintain a lowered realm population cap to help with the stability, which is resulting in increased queue times.Bashiok 13/11/14


Wonder what the “other issues” were and how temporary the lowered caps are going to be. DDOS or the threat of may be around for quite a while.




A watched launcher updates slowly.

It reminds me of that saying a watched pot never boils, I’m staring at my launcher willing it to update faster because I really want to see 6.0 live before I have to wake up the junior gamers and start my busy day.

I think the thing I’m most excited about is the toybox. It offers both the chance to clear out my bags, access items on all my toons that only 1 or 2 have been lucky enough to find and a challenge in hunting down all the items to fill in the blank spots all in one go.

Looking back at my progress over the course of MoP now that WoD is just around the corner and I’m pretty happy with where I am. My to-do list is still there but I think if I’m perfectly honest, even if I don’t complete a single thing on the list I’m actually pretty content. There were a ton of things I didn’t complete, even knowing that they were going away forever still couldn’t motivate me enough to get up to the temple of doom, aka Proving Grounds. Maybe I’ll have more motivation to see it through in WoD. There might be a twinge of regret in a few months that there is a title I can’t get, because I do like my titles, but in reality there’s a ton of things I can’ t get in the game and there’s a ton of things I can do. I know which I’d prefer to be dwelling on.

I stirred Z to brush off her boomy set the other day and cleared through to rank 8 of Brawler’s guild but to be perfectly honest the pain to pleasure ratio was not tipped in the favour of continuing through rank 9 and 10 even with the lure of the mount at 10 so that’s something that remained unfinished and so be it. It didn’t factor in my existence for months so I can’t be overly unhappy about something going away that I didn’t try in the first place.

The cloak going away, I’m still in two minds about this one. I do wonder why they are taking it away, perhaps there is some post somewhere explaining the reasoning but I’ve missed it. But since I’ve got it on my main and an alt I’m not overly fussed as well. I do have a very dedicated friend in wow who has got the cloak on all his 10 90s but me, well I’m just lazy and two was good enough.

Ok, gotta fly, the launcher is updated. See you on the flip side of pretty toons, tons of bag space and a flaming red portal.






Blizzcon – a community united

Ok so its 1am and instead of sleeping I’m laying here thinking of World of Warcraft and what an amazing game it is because of the way it creates and maintains its own community.

My day started around 6am this morning when I got up in time to see the opening ceremony of Blizzcon 2013 and I was eagerly scanning the crowd when the camera panned over them because I knew so many people who I talk with through their blogs and twitter feeds were attending today, ignore the fact I have no idea what they look like irl, it was exciting to see faces and wonder if they are Navi or Matty etc.

Then the really exciting bit started; as I’m watching Blizzcon, tweets start to pop up and OMG I recognised Batinna‘s name; wow her blogging is great but seeing her name on TV (I had my computer tower attached to the TV so I could lie on the couch and watch at the same time)… she’s now famous as Mr and Mrs Wow put it. So from then on it was one eye on TV, one eye on the twitter feed coming in on my phone (man I’d be lost without technology hey). And it was so fun seeing people tweet about what I was watching at the same time.

Is there anything else like it in the world.. hint the answer should be no… seriously what an amazing event to bring together people who are so passionate about this game. I can’t wait to read over the next few days all the thoughts that people are having about what Blizzcon has revealed and add my thoughts out there in wowland.

Ok,  1am sentimentality over, I need to go to sleep so I can get up at 5am to watch the Live Raid tomorrow morning.

Night all.

Happy Blizzcon

Exploring in Rift a little

I’ve been dabbling in a bit of Rift lately. It’s a Free 2 Play  MMO and it’s surprisingly pretty good. It’s a little similar to WoW but it has enough changes to make it feel like a brand new game.

The graphics are beautiful and really detailed.

rift mage

My baby mage

There are four classes you can play; Mage, Warrior, Cleric and Rogue but each class has so many different specs that you can talent into that it feels like there is a massive variety of classes to choose from.

So far I’ve been playing around on a Mage who is specced into a talent choice that allows her to heal by dealing damage. If I was going to compare it to wow I’d have to say it’s a combination of druid and disc priest. I also get a companion on that class so she has a tanking pet with her all the time which makes questing really fun.

The other class I’ve tried out is a Rogue but I’ve taken talents/roles that make her essentially a hunter.

rift 2

This is the class I’m playing the most but she’s still quite low,currently she’s around level 26. With level cap being at 6o, there’s a ton of playing to go.

  rift 4

Despite being a F2P I’m pretty surprised how little there seems to be a push to buy credits with real money. Earing money is fairly easy so you’re able to buy mounts and bags relatively easily though I’m sure there are a ton of things I could spend real money on to buy.

Some of the best things that I’ve wished to see in wow are in this game

  • ability to hide pieces of armor, especially shoulders!
  • crafting from your bank and handing in quest items that are in your bank
  • any quest item you have to pick up in the world go into a separate inventory so you don’t have bags cluttered up with items

One really fun thing this game has, you get a small gift one a day when you log on. It’s not usually that much of a big deal, usually containing an artificat (similar to an archeology piece in wow) but there is always the chance it will contain a rare item from the store. I love the surprise of getting a gift each day, Christmas every day!

One thing that does amuse me to no end though is the ongoing general channel discussions about Rift vs WoW. Some people get so passionate about how bad WoW is; hence why they are on Rift, I just have to laugh at them. I adore WoW but it’s really nice to be able to appreciate and play something else now and again. You certainly don’t have to fall into the one or the other camp that I see the discussions revolving around.

Rift also has dynamic world events that randomly pop up meaning each time you go through a zone you can find something new.

rift 3

This is a really pretty and fun game and I can see it taking my attention for a while as I explore the new world I’ve found myself in.