Sparkle Dragon

I usually make it a thing on Tuesday nights to run a few toons through Mogu’shan Vaults for the weekly chance of collecting the Elegon Mount; Reins of the Astral Dragon. I’ve run enough toons so far that I’ve pretty much collected every piece of transmog from there so it’s solely for Elegon I go in there now.

I decided I’d start the MV run with my Hunter last Tuesday before reset.  Usually there’s an axe that has Elegon in its title that tricks me each time I look into the loot chest but not this time. This run I had a much better surprise. There was lots of screams of joy as I realised it had really dropped.

My first joyride on it was off to Tempest Keep to see if my mount luck would strike again (nope).

Sparkle dragon puts my mount count at 298, so I’m inching closer to the 300 mark!

Now I need to decide which mount I want to chase after next; It’s probably going to be a toss-up between Ashes of Alar or Rivendare’s pony. Both are fairly quick runs which is handy for a reset night.

Still on my mount wish list is the Blazing Drake from Dragon Soul. Once it drops I’ll get two mounts for the price of one as it’s the last one I need for the Awake the Drakes achievement which gives another drake mount as a reward. I really don’t enjoy the Spine of Deathwing fight, even though it’s not overly difficult anymore, so it makes me think twice usually about just popping in for a quick mount run.

Lucid Nightmare

Today was a public holiday so I had a bit of spare time and decided to put it to use collecting the clues for the Lucid Nightmare mount. The puzzle to solve for the mount is so much easier now some super clever people have worked it all out so I followed this guide.

I never did manage to connect 5 brains in the bejewelled style challenge in Temple of Ahn’Qiraj, which apparently is an instant complete of the game,  however there also seems to be a point system because the game flashed purple  after about 15-20mins of making matches and I could and I got the next clue and move on.

The final challenge was a maze where you had to run through endless identical rooms and find coloured orbs and match them to the same coloured altars. I’d heard horror stories about the final maze taking hours and how you needed to map the rooms and leave the orbs and altars alone until you had made a complete map of the instance so you had landmarks to follow.

I dutifully started map making for about 45mins until I realised I was terrible at making maps and the random teleport that happened a few times threw my map out completely. I decided to stop map making altogether and just picked up the next orb I came to and proceeded to take the right side door in every room and around another 45 mins later I had matched all the orbs with the altars and was done. I did try backtracking with one of the orbs because I knew the matching alter wasn’t too far behind me but I must have hit a teleport room because I didn’t end up finding my way back, so I decided just to keep heading forward every time I found an orb and it worked. Best feeling seeing the last altar and knowing the maze was completed.

I really like the idle animations it has, especially when it raises a hoof and poses.

This was a pretty fun challenge. I’m still in awe of how people can work this out though, the clues were so tricky.  

Wonder what puzzles are in BFA.

I have a cool horsey

I was running through a ton of old raids with Dec today as we’re both on the hunt for transmog to finish off our appearance sets, and we worked our way up to ICC. I was telling him how much I liked Invincible and that it’s one of the few mounts I really want and he assured me that today would be the day it dropped. And guess what..

He was right!

I was basically screaming on discord because I knew he had Invincible already so it was going to be all mine. He was going to wait until his roll timed out for it to hit my bags but gave up tormenting me and clicked pass about half way through.

I couldn’t wait to get outside and learn it so I could have my very own Invincible.

I have loved this mount so much ever since it was part of the mounts I had access to, way back in 2013, when Luxy, Arv and I were playing  on the Tournament Realm. I was determined I was going to get one of my own and now I finally do!

Funny enough I posted here about my top 3 favourite things in the game, and I now finally have all 3. That is a pretty awesome thing to be able to say 🙂

I’m not sure what mount I’ll go hunting for next, so far I’ve been lucky enough to get the Fiery Warhorse and now Invincible, both of which were on the very top of my wish list. It’s going to be a close toss-up between Ashes of Alar from TK or the Swift Zulian Panther from Zul’Gurub.

What a great day!


Kosumoth the procrastinator

I’ve known that Kosumoth can drop either a pet or a mount once you’ve unlocked him as a world quest for ages, but I’ve been putting off going and actually doing it. Now that I’m so close to 250 mounts, I decided it was definitely time I got around to collecting this one.

There’s a bit involved in getting Kosumoth open as a world quest. First you have to go talk to Drak’thul on the Broken Shore enough times until he gets grumpy and only tells you to go away, then you go pick up a relic from a near by cave. The guides said that you had to kill yourself as the cave entrance is covered by rocks, but when I went there I could just walk in. You take the relic back to Drak’thul and he tells you a bit about the whispering he’s hearing and then it’s back to him telling you to go away.

Orb clicking time. I swear without the co-ords and in same cases, pictures of the cave entrances, there’s no way I would have ever stumbled across all the spots. How do people find these?

Thanks Wowhead 🙂

Once I found the way into the caves, some of them were really pretty and in a few of them, the orb was really well hidden. Dec came along to a few of the caves with me, and for a couple of the orbs I would have been searching for ages if he didn’t helpfully mark them for me. The underwater ship one was a maze, I was swimming around there for ages until I found it had a couple of levels. After trying to jam myself through a tiny crack in part of the ship, I decided I must be heading in the wrong direction and tried to head back to the main part, only to find I popped out in an underwater cave where the orb was.


One you’ve clicked all the orbs in the right order, you go back to Drak’thul and talk to him again and then Kosumoth is available as a world quest.

Luckily the reward this week was for the mount so I could grab it straight away.

It’s a pretty cool mount and will be great for underwater, but one thing it doesn’t give you is water breathing..




Riddler’s Mind-Worm

A few days ago my twitter feed blew up with people talking about the new mount that was obtainable after finding and reading a series of pages that were hidden around the world. After raid on Thursday I went with Dec from my guild,  to collect it for myself.

I am so seriously impressed by the people from the WoW Secret Finding Discord who managed to work out how to find this mount, because without the guide, there’s no way I would have managed to have worked out the incredibly vague clues, let alone even have seen the pages out in the world in the first place.

The Clues


Clue 1

Clue 2

Clue 3

Clue 4

Clue 5

I realised I missed a pic of the 6th Clue from Well of Eternity dgn.

Clue 7

Clue 8

Clue 8 leads you to Westfall where you can find:

This mount puts me at 246/250.. now to find another 4 for the next mount collecting achievement.

Finding all my alts for the Love Dgn

It’s so good that the level to queue for the Love is in the air festival dungeon has been dropped to 16. It’s opened up a whole new set of toons for me to take through for more chances at the super rare Rocket mount.

I’m rather impatient though so I’ve decided to keep it to mostly tanks/heals for the fast queues, though tonight I was super lucky and one of the people I met through doing the EN raids with the Saurfang guild was bored and on a tank toon so came along with me for a few dgns.. super appreciated. Hopefully I can return the favour and queue some of his alts.

So I started going through the realms I have toons on and holy crap I have a lot of alts. All in various different stages of of levelling. Maybe finishing some of them off should be a priority of mine. I worked out I have:


Healers Tanks
Illari 20 Druid Eleara 110 Dk
Zeirah 23 Druid Livanthia 62 DK
Ivari 43 Paladin Meerah 100 Warrior
Zeirah 102 Druid Bellmara 83 DK
Falu 92 Priest Zhii 98 Monk
Zeera 110 Druid
Talarial 110 Priest
Trisella 33 Priest
Zalai 75 Monk

What’s not on the list is all the realms that have just dps toons, apparently I have a fondness for hunters because I have about 4 of them, all under 60 dotted around US realms.

I was considering getting my 100+ toons their healing or tanking weapons and that would open up a couple more but to be honest 14 toons is probably overkill as it is ;p

The next two weeks will be alt fortnight it appears.

Friday Night Pug Raid.. Absolute Win! and a New Mount

I finally got my Snowfeather Hatchling pet up to the point where I had to go and kill Ursoc with it, so I decided to pug into a group rather than go through LFR as it’d give me more AP.. I swear I’m an AP junkie at the moment.

I found a guild heroic EN run through the group finder and signed up but didn’t pay much attention to what realm it was. When I jumped on their discord I was really surprised to hear mostly New Zealand and Australian accents. The guild was from Jubei-thos which is an oceanic realm so it instantly felt really comfortable.

It was a really fun raid with super friendly people and I was healing with a Shaman from the guild that was running the raid, and we kept having competitions to see who could outheal the other.  He started streaming the raid from Dragons onwards so I watched along as we raided. I’m was super excited to find a new streamer to watch.. if you want to check it out. Language warning though.


Toco came online for right as we got to Xavius and snagged himself an invite by using the new bnet function to request an invite through me which I didn’t even realise he could do. So then both the Shammy and I were on discord screaming about Toco outhealing us both.Turns out Toco was listening to us shout about his healing via the stream lol.


I picked up a nice amount of AP from the raid and ended up with 2 new bnet friends, the Shammy and a really funny Mage, maybe I’ll end up pugging some more with them. I do love when pugs turn out so much better than expected!

Once I finished in the raid, I started the last quest for the Snowfeather hatchling. It was to defeat 3 world pet battles with the Snowfeather hatchling and 2 undead pets. Thank goodness for multiple alts as I had already done all the pet battles on Z and my Priest. Luckily my DK had a set of the pet battles up (funny enough my Hunter didn’t) so I headed off.

The 3 pet battles I had up were All pets go to heaven, Only pets can prevent forest fires and Rocko. The teams I used:

All Pets go to heavenSnowfeather Hatchling, Unborn Val’kyr, Spectral Spinner
Rocko – Snowfeather Hatchling, Mr. Bigglesworth, Ghostwolf Pup
Only pets can prevent forest fires – Unborn Val’kyr, Snowfeather Hatchling, Creepy Crate

And then it was time to take the hatchling home! The quest was quite heartwrenching when I got him back to his mum but it worked out in the end and I have a new pretty mount. That’s 1/4 down.



Pretty good Friday night on wow tbh 🙂






One night in Karazhan

I went into Karazhan the day it was released and cleared through and then I hadn’t got around to going back in. And I probably wouldn’t have except I was reading on the Resto Druid discord just how good Drape of Shame from the Maiden of Virtue was and I started talking about needing to go in there.

When I logged on last night, Elandrix said we should look at  getting a Karazhan run together so it ended up being Twice (wonder how confusing it is for the new people in our guild that Twice still gets called Twice despite changing to Rades, his DH), Elandrix on his pally and two newer members of our guild, Muns and Dys. I shouldn’t call them new really, it’s been quite a few weeks now they’ve been in the guild but outside of raiding I haven’t really been around them too much, so they’re still newish to me 🙂

Everyone in there, besides me, had been doing Kara pretty constantly so it was a super easy run. Dys was tanking on his druid (he’s normally a warrior tank in our raids) and I’ll put Druids up there as one of my favourite tanks to heal, their health is rather constant, not ridiculously spiky like a Demon Hunter.

We started out with a Nightbane run which was really fun, the guys gave me lots of tips along the way, E normally heals so he was telling me things to look out for. The Nightbane fight was really fun, there were 2 debuffs that went out on people. 1 did damage to the group on its expiry based on the amount of health the debuffed person still had, so I had to not heal that person, and they had drop their health as low as possible without dying to limit the group damage. The 2nd debuff spawned skeletons when it was dispelled so you had to heal through it as long as possible, which wasn’t too bad either.  I really like fights like that because they give healers something extra to look out for rather than just healing up damage.  I got the achievement too but completely forgot to screenshot it.

I was soo excited that the Smoldering Ember Wyrm dropped for me (it helped that the other 4 already had it lol) so I got a gorgeous new dragon mount!




I should be a Tauren, you get an extra sized mount!

The rest of the run went really smoothly, and way way quicker than I was expecting. E got a Drape of Shame from the Maiden as his loot and he really nicely traded it over so that was one thing off my wish list and when we got to the Mana Wyrm boss that dropped the mana return trinket he turned his spec to holy for an extra chance. It didn’t drop for anyone in the run but then.. I managed to bonus roll it! So that was the other thing off my wish list. I can’t believe I got both things I really wanted and a mount too! Such an awesome run.

I remembered this time to go find Medivh. He had some really good advice.


Then we went and did Court of Starts since E had a decent key. It went really well apart from the one trash pull that just exploded and with bolstering we ended up a mob with 400mil health. It was fun running with a mix of older and newer guild members, it’s really good that we seem to gel pretty well. It was a pretty good Friday night 😀

Experiment 12-B

Look who decided to show up in the loot box after Ultraxion in Dragon Soul!

12-B 2

12-B 4

I popped into Dragon Soul with Twice  the other night for some more ach hunting and the mount dropped from Ultraxion. I was really lucky and won the roll so Experiment 12-B got to come home with me.

12-B 1

Now we’ll have a reason to go back after all the achs are done, to get another to drop for Twice and I’m still looking for the Blazing Drake from there to finish off Awake the Drakes.


Glory of the Hellfire Raider

Along with all the older ach’s I’ve been working on, my guild has been working on a more current one, Glory of the Hellfire Raider. We popped back in last night to pick up the last few achievements we needed. When the ach popped up half way through I was really surprised as I didn’t actually realise we were so close to finishing. But  we had done some of the later bosses last week

Pro Toss Non Lethal Enforcer ach

For completing this achievement, the reward is the Infernal Direwolf. Despite not being a big fan of wolf mounts.  I actually don’t mind this one, the colour is really pretty.

WoWScrnShot_080716_225951Infernal Wolf

It’s great we finished this one in the current expansion. I still have a few to go for Glory of the Draenor raider which is the achs for Highmaul and BRF, so hopefully there will be enough interest around in the guild still, otherwise that might be one I come back and do next expansion.

And just because my guild love to remind me that I haven’t got Ashes of Alar yet.. see them all in their glory.

Guild of Ashes of Alar