Druid Order Hall Tier Racks Complete

Ever since I realised that the armor racks in the order halls could be completed and display the head and shoulders of Tier 1 though 10, I’ve been working on getting Zee’s sets completed. It did help having 2 100+ druids; if a piece didn’t drop I could go try again but it’s still taken quite a few weeks for the RNG to be in my favour and collect all the pieces for the 10 sets.

Tier 1 – Cenarion Raiment
Molton Core

Tier 2 – Stormrage Raiment
 Blackwing Lair,  Molton Core

Tier 2.5 Genesis Raiment
All pieces come from quests in Temple of Ahn’Qiraj

Tier 4 – Malorne Raiment
Gruuls Lair, Karazhan, Magtheridon’s Lair

Tier 5 – Nordrassil Harness
Serpentshrine Cavern, The Eye

Tier 6 – Thunderheart Harness
Black Temple, Hyjal Summit

Tier 7 – Dreamwalker Battlegear

Tier 8 – Nightsong Battlegear
Ulduar, Vendor in Dalaran

Tier 9 – Runetotem’s Battlegear (H), Malfurion’s Battlegear (A)
Trial of the Crusader

Tier 10  Lasherweave Battlegear
Icecrown Citadel

Out of all the sets, my favourite is the Thunderheart set as a whole, though there are pieces I like from each set. I didn’t actually realise until writing this post that there were two different appearances for Tier 9 depending on which faction you are. I much prefer the Alliance Malfurion’s set over the Horde version. The top is a separate piece to the pants so I can see lots of transmogs for my alliance leatherwearers that use that top.

This was a really fun collection to complete, even if frustrating waiting for the right drops. I think now the Druid set is complete I might pick another class and start their collection.


Demon Hunter month

I decided that since I have 8 toons left to level and there are 10 months left in the year, I’d pick one a month and level it up. So I should get all 12 to 110 by the end of the year (if I don’t get sidetracked).  I planned on leveling my Shaman for the first one as she was my highest at 104 and I really want to try restoration shaman healing but as I was looking at the loading screen I had a sudden urge to level my Demon Hunter instead.

I love my Demon Hunter’s model with her tattoos and horns but I wish there were more glaives in the game for transmogging. Glaives look awesome on her back and  I don’t think I’ll transmog into any other weapon type.

And how awesome are those wings! They’re a bit tattered but I absolutely adore getting to glide around the place.  I may have spent a long time jumping off Dal simply to glide down to the Island.


I had levelled her to 100 and got her into Dalaran really early into Legion but had left her there for the past 5 months without looking at her again. So when I logged onto her, I had to choose a weapon, I had been planning on picking the tank weapon but then changed my mind (I’m sensing a trend here) and went with the dps one. The weapon questline was pretty fun but I didn’t really pay that much attention to it because I spent most of it trying to remember what buttons to hit. I basically just had to go kill a big demon who had taken the glavies I was supposed to have, which I eventually did without too many deaths, a lot less than my mage if I’m honest.


I loved getting my class hall opened because it’s a spaceship.. which makes me the captain! I love the fantasy of having my very own spaceship.


The planets are simply gorgeous!dh-order-hall-2

One thing I really liked about opening up the Order hall was it didn’t go on as much as the other halls about how I’m the best of the best of Demon Hunters and was a lot more team focused.


Once I got the ship running, it was levelling time. I decided to start in Highmountain because that’s my favourite zone scenery wise but my least favourite navigational zone and I wanted to see if being able to glide about would make the zone more fun, and it was!. No more having to navigate my way down mountains or hope that displacer beast doesn’t fail me, I can just glide off. And the amount of time you cut off when gliding off Thunder Totem towards your next quest location is awesome. After being on her a bit, I found she’s really surivivable, I spawn these little health orbs around the place when mobs die which tend to keep me pretty high health, and she has stuns and interrupts and if all else fails, I fel rush away and throw my glaives at the mobs. I think she’ll probably turn out to be fun to level up. I know I’m enjoying her heaps at the moment.

I downloaded the conslegion levelling addon to see if it made levelling faster and it did seem to make Highmountain go quite quickly. It has one really handy feature that it puts a big box on my screen and tells me briefly what I should be doing in the area i.e. “Kill Hawks, Collect Rabbits”, really good for someone like me who tends to forget what the quest is the second I close the quest window. It also auto accepts and auto hands in quests which saves so much time. I just have to keep remembering to turn that off when I go collect a class order hall mission so I actually know what’s going on.

I was planning on going to Stormheim once I finished Highmountain but when I popped back to my ship to grab the next quest zone, I got a quest to go collect 100 demon blood so I decided to combine that with choosing Azsuna as my next location as it’s full of demons.  I also picked up herbalism and mining on her, she may as well help supply my other professions with mats as she levels.

She’s up to 104 now so she’s caught up to my Shaman in levels and now I don’t feel too bad that I changed my order around. This month will be Demon Hunter levelling month. Let’s see if I have a 110 Demon Hunter by end of Feb.


Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

So this week consisted of mostly running all my toons through ICC, Ulduar and Trial of the Crusader for the last pets I needed for Raiding with Leashes IV. This one achievement has held my attention for pretty much the week. It might have been quicker had I realised that the last pet I needed, Drudge Ghoul, only dropped from normal versions of ICC as I was taking all the toons I could through 25H to combine Invincible farming with pet hunting.

I ended up taking 8 alts through there on a mix of normal and heroic  and it finally dropped for my Warrior who was also going to be my last alt for the week. Very lucky.


That meant I got the achievement  and the quest to go pet battle Algalon and then I finally had Stardust! What a gorgeous bunny.

algalon-the-pet-tamer stardust

I decided to go get my Pally her artifact weapon, mostly because I’m an absolute terrible Paladin and the artifacts are so OP that it meant I’d be able to fly through ICC even faster.

I really liked the Ashbringer story line and I was so excited to see my order hall. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s a little disconcerting to have Lady Liadrin following me though, I have an absolute Paladin crush on her and there’s no way I should be her boss. She’s probably just humoring me or something.

I did a bit more on my DK’s order hall campagin and got to go free Koltira from Sylvanas. He’s been stuck down in her dgn for quite a few years now. wowscrnshot_112816_232105

This would have been such a great screenshot if she had taken her clown coloured anniversary tabard off for it. Oh well, she still looks awesome. I absolutely love playing a blood dk. She’s so fun compared to all my other squishy toons. She just wades into the middle of everything and attacks constantly until everything’s dead. Love it!! Blood dk would actually be my most favourite class to play out of all of my alts.


Z’s been planting her Druid flowers looking for the restoration artifact hidden appearance. It hasn’t popped up yet, but she did get a Nightmare Lasher from it. Almost, actually probably more, exciting tbh.


On the subject of Z, I love this screenshot of her in Vault of the Wardens. We ran through a level 12 Mythic Plus tonight which was much easier than it should have been as the first 2 affixs were Sanguine and Overflowing.

Sanguine just means you move the mobs out of the pools that drop when other mobs die and Overflowing, which is a healing absorb shield put on and taken off by healing, is completely negated by a druid’s healing style. We didn’t quite make the timer but it still wasn’t anywhere near as hard as I would think a 12 should normally be. I’m looking forward to my cache tomorrow as the item that will be in there should be around the level of a mythic EN piece.


I also brought my level 98 Monk into the Broken Isles. At 98 she got the quest to go start the Legion questline. I was feeling exceptionally squishy as Windwalker so she’s going to be a Brewmaster for a bit. I’m about to faction change her and bring her back to the Horde to level. Levelling as Alliance on a mostly Horde populated PVP server is not my idea of fun.


I love that her order hall is back on the Wandering Isle. Server shutdown came about not long after she got to it, so I’ll have a good explore around it tomorrow and go get her Brewmaster artifact.


And that was my random week in WoW. How was yours?





Filling the Order Hall Armor Stands – Druid Tier 4

I’ve had Z in so many old raids this weekend trying to collect tier pieces for her armor stands and she got really with tier 4 tokens and managed to collect the full Malorne set in one go.

tier-4-armor-standTier 4 comes from BC Raids :

  • Gruuls Lair – Shoulder, Legs
  • Magtherian’s Lair – Chest
  • Karazhan – Head, Hands

The tokens get handed in Shattrath with either the Aldor or Scryers, depending on which faction you’re friendly with. Z hasn’t opened up either reputation so I just went to the Aldor npc,Asuur.  When handing in the tier tokens, you need to make sure you chose pieces that all have the same set bonus.

Once I turned in all the tokens and returned to my class hall, the armor still wasn’t showing on my stand.  I had a bit of worry about that but once the 2hr period where you can sell the armor back to the vendor for a refund was up, I relogged and it was showing!

I had a terrible realisation once Tier 4 was showing on its stand, there’s an armor stand there for Tier 3. The tier you can’t get in the game anymore, apart from the black market auction house.


Filling the order hall armor stands

One  of my favourite aspects of Skyrim is having my own house with armor stands that I can display my favourite armors on, so having this implemented in wow is actually so awesome. So far, Z’s customized her house in her order hall  with only 1 completed armor set and that lonely set is making me really want to go collect more pieces.



So with that I mind I actually looked at what’s needed to get the sets to show. I don’t physically need to have the pieces at the same time, so pieces I’ve collected in the past and sold/destroyed will count but because I don’t remember what I have collected in the past, I’m just going to keep all the pieces I collect from now on in void storage and maybe I’ll get lucky and complete sets on the stands before all the pieces drop (hopefully that makes sense).

There are some requirements that make it bit trickier – all the pieces have to be from the same spec set, so I know there’s a ton of old content tokens I’ve turned in and I haven’t worried about whether the piece I got was for feral/boomkin/resto etc because the appearance was all the same. So moving forward I’ll make sure all tokens are redeemed for resto tier.

The tier sets also have to come from the lowest level versions, so the tokens need to come from 10-man normal raid version. At least this part will make the transmog runs a bit faster.  And even though only shoulders and head shows on the stands, you have to collected ALL the pieces that go with that tier set.

Tier Sets..

Tier 1 – 8 pieces
Molten Core (waist and wrists are from trash)

Tier 2 – 8 pieces
Molten Core, Black Wing Lair

Tier 2.5 – 5 pieces
Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ40) (quest rewards from dragons right after the first boss)

Tier 4 – 5 pieces
Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair, Magtheridon’s Lair

Tier 5 – 5 pieces
Tempest Keep, Serpentshrine Cavern

Tier 6 – 8 pieces
Hyjal Summit, Black Temple, Sunwell Plateau

Tier 7 – 5 pieces 
Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum

Tier 8 – 5 pieces
Ulduar 10-man

Tier 9 – 5 pieces
Trial of the Champion (Vendor)

Tier 10 – 5 pieces 
Icecrown Citadel (Vendor)

I’ve had this idea in the back of my mind for ages to make one weekend a raid weekend where I take a toon and run through all the old raids in the game in order just to see them all. That idea would tie in really well with starting to fill up the armor stands.

How awesome is the Legion App

I really couldn’t imagine how the Legion App would work but as soon as it went live the other day, I downloaded it and it’s the best thing, though it really makes me want to be at home playing when I see all the world quests I could be doing.



I’ve found it’s a bit buggy for me swapping between work and home internet though. At home it works fine on my wi-fi and remembers my login settings. But at work, I need to work off mobile data and it needs my login details and authenticator code each time. It’s not a big problem really and seems to be a common issue for Oceanic Android users so it might be fixed in time.

It’s made managing the 4 long mission quests I’ve needed for my order hall campaign easier, though with the Travel Form Perk I researched, each one was only 6 hours long, not 12, so they are pushing through quickly.


I’m a little behind opening up my order hall campaign as I abandoned a stage of the quest due to a full quest log and forgot completely where I left it off. Turns out it  was out in the wilds of Val’S but it’s been collected and Zee’s back on her quest chain now.

Have you played with the App?

A Feat of Strength for Alting About

Gnomecore  brought to my attention that there is going to be a Feat of Strength for completing 12 different Class Order Campaigns: A Legendary Campaign. This is one I’m really looking forward to. An achievement for bringing up a ton of alts is awesome and guarantees I’ll have them all leveled by the end of the expac.

So far this expansion I’ve reached 100 on 9 toons (8 classes) with the 10th now sitting at 91, so barring some exceptional circumstance she’ll be at 100 by expac end as well. The Rogue and Monk are both sub-100 though so they’ll need to be leveled a lot more to get them up to starting Legion.

At the moment this is the list of toons that will be the ones that I’m intending to take to end level. I have their counterparts on Alliance but most are not 100 over there so doubt they’ll be leveled before these ones are.

  1. Druid – Zeera (H)
  2. Mage – Jazria (H)
  3. Hunter – Elkina (H)
  4. Shaman – Totzie (H)
  5. DK – Eleara (H)
  6. Warrior – Meerah (H)
  7. Rogue – Keladora (H)
  8. Paladin – Amarlia (H)
  9. Monk – Zhii  (A) (possibly Zalai (H) if I was to level her to 100 before I get around to levelling Zhii)
  10. Warlock – Arzira (H)
  11. Priest – Talarial (H)
  12. Demon Hunter –  (TBD)

I can’t wait to see all the different order hall campaigns and collect the different artifact weapons. I wonder after starting to level all these toons if the same enthusiasm will be there.. be interesting to see what my blog post in a year or two will look like